Tearoom of the Week (1)

My very first Tearoom of the Week is one of my favourite tearooms anywhere. I’ve visited this place on numerous occasions, often on my own, but also with family and friends. It’s been in existence for nearly 9 years and in that time has become very popular, so much so that they’ve expanded the floor space and built a bigger kitchen to cope with demand.

I do sometimes have lunch here, or afternoon tea, but my favourite time to visit is late morning, for a big pot of leaf tea and one of their consistently excellent fruit scones:

There are so many good things about this tearoom that I hardly know where to start. You can see from the teacup that they’ve paid attention to detail, with the delightful Highland Stoneware sheep range for tea and coffee cups, saucers and tea plates. They’ve also opted for high quality stainless steel teapots and milk jugs that don’t dribble, and very sturdy tables and chairs. Everything about this place is of excellent quality, and I’m always impressed by how clean and fresh the spacious toilets are, despite the high turnover of visitors all day.

When I first decided to write a book about tearooms, this was one of the ones I had singled out in my mind for special praise. There are many aspects that combine to make a good tearoom, from the quality of the food and drinks, to the service, cleanliness, décor, comfort, menu options, warmth and ambience, and every tearoom has its own little quirks and features. Most tearooms tick at least some of the boxes, but there are a fair number that, in my opinion, have too many down sides to qualify them as ‘tearoom delights’. Happily, there are also many with more pros than cons, and when you find one that ticks virtually every box with a big positive tick, you’ve got yourself a real gem.

As for what you, personally, look for in a tearoom, everyone has their own likes, dislikes and personal preferences, but I feel confident that, should you ever visit this place (and I do hope you will), you can expect high quality in all areas, including very good tea and coffee and consistently delicious freshly baked scones.

Since I would, ultimately, like you to buy my little guide book (or, indeed, encourage your local library to stock it so that you can borrow it), I’m keeping the names and exact locations of tearoom delights secret in these reviews, but I can tell you that this one is in Perthshire and will most definitely be featuring in the book when it comes out.


6 thoughts on “Tearoom of the Week (1)

    • Thanks. I agree, I was just talking about such things with my mum today. We were in Cornwall a couple of years ago and had some truly wonderful cream teas. It would be very easy to become addicted to clotted cream, so was just as well we were only there for a few days!

    • You didn’t miss it, I deliberately kept it under wraps. I’m writing a book about tearooms (which will reveal all) and trying to lure you into buying a copy when it comes out by tempting you with incomplete information on my blog. It’s my idea of a cunning plan!

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