Marks and Spencer

I don’t know if you have a Marks and Spencer cafe near you, but my closest one is in Perth and it’s somewhere I like to pop into before a bit of shopping, since it’s well placed on the High Street and serves excellent tea and coffee, and superb toasted teacakes. What’s more, they have a ‘buy 9 get 1 free’ drinks offer where you can get one of their cards stamped every time you buy a hot drink, and since I frequent the place I’ve managed to fill a couple of these cards and benefit from the odd hot drink absolutely free of charge, gratis and for nowt. Marvellous!

I wish I had a photo of the teacake but the other day when I went I wasn’t very hungry and just went for tea and a shared piece of fruit cake:

The standard tea on offer is a fairtrade one called Gold Blend, and I have never been disappointed by it – quite the opposite, in fact. When I want a really good cup of tea, I know I’ll get it in Markies, served in a lovely little bulging white china teapot. The saucer comes with a small and meltingly delicious buttery biscuit in it and I like the teacups, which have large handles and very wide tops that allow the tea to cool down to drinkable temperature quite quickly:

The fruit cake, which has slivered almonds on top, is rather nice too:

What’s more, I’ve found the service to be excellent, and I can vouch for the Perth branch being full of friendly, helpful, smiling staff.

Well done Markies, keep up the good work!


10 thoughts on “Marks and Spencer

  1. When my sister and I traveled through Britain (many years ago), we had many a delicious picnic lunch thanks to Marks & Spencer. I wonder if they had cafes then? Looks like a scrumptious snack at any rate!

  2. I’m not sure when the cafes started, but I too have had picnic lunches thanks to Marks and Spencer. They do some lovely salady things, and more veggie/vegan fare than they used to. I’m so glad you experienced Marks and Spencer on your travels, it’s a great British institution.

  3. Wow… Marks & Spencer! When I was little, my mom would always take me to Marks & Spencer (the one in Hong Kong). And, I loved to go around and get all different kinds of biscuits and snacks. Sadly, there wasn’t any cafe. But thanks for bringing back some good memories. I would love to visit Europe one day and go to Marks & Spencer.
    By the way, thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoy reading your blog. 🙂

    • I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the delights of Marks and Spencer. If you do get to Europe some time I strongly recommend a visit to their cafe and, if you need something warm and comforting (as you very possibly will if you come this far north), they do excellent toasted teacakes to go with a wonderful hot beverage of your choice. Until I read your blog I had never seen teabags on little coathangers before, and I’m very glad I’ve seen them 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you have an M&S near to hand, even if it is missing a cafe. Since you live in Gibraltar I wonder if you can answer a question that’s passed through my mind on several occasions: are people often bitten by Barbary apes? I’ve never been to Gib but I have seen lots of pictures of the apes and they look a) tame, and b) fierce. This strikes me as a worrying combination, and I just want to be prepared if I ever do set foot on your lump of rock.

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