Free food?

I added a SocialVibe widget to my blog, over on the right hand side of this page. If you click on it money is apparently raised for the World Food Programme. Here’s an explanation of how it’s supposed to work, from the WordPress site:

We’ve teamed up with SocialVibe, and now by adding the SocialVibe widget to your blog, you are able to earn donations for the charity of your choice by getting sponsored by a brand that appeals to you.

Each time someone visits your blog and engages with your brand (by rating a video, for example), you’re making a difference. That impact is immediately visible on your badge, i..e., ‘My blog has provided 63 cups of clean water for people in need.’

The money donated comes from your brand, so you and your readers never have to pay a dime. 

I thought this was well worth doing, it costs nothing and it helps those in need, but it would seem that perhaps it’s not all it’s cracked up to be because when I click on it nothing happens. I’m not the only one to have had this problem either (see

If you click it does anything happen? I’ll keep it on here for a while but if it doesn’t work I’ll remove it.

Such a shame as it seemed a good idea.


4 thoughts on “Free food?

  1. When I clicked on “Click Here to Help for Free” the first time it took me to a page thanking me – but when I clicked again, nothing happened. And I noticed that the number did not go up in the counter. It’s a great idea. I hope you can figure out how it works!

    • Thanks for letting me know, that was exactly what happened to me when I clicked it. Apparently it may only work when the charity has a specific campaign running, but that isn’t very helpful because if people try it once and it doesn’t work they’ll lose interest in it. I think I might have to remove it, which is a shame, but if the counter doesn’t go up there doesn’t seem much point in having it there 😦

    • Well, that’s a good question, I assumed it was genuine because WordPress encourage bloggers to add it as a widget but, as you say, the counter doesn’t change when you click. I fear it may be all talk and no substance. Perhaps it worked when they first brought it out, but then they found it wasn’t a feasible proposition if there were endless clickings all over the planet? It does seem surprising that you can apparently click as many times as you like, and someone somewhere shells out hard cash as a result.

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