Perfect Partners

The tearoom is a gregarious business enterprise. It will happily snuggle up with bookshops, garden centres, farm shops, antique shops, art galleries, post offices and all manner of tourist attractions. I can’t think of any existing venture that wouldn’t be enhanced by the addition of a nice tearoom.

A slightly unusual, but excellent, pairing is that of sweet shop and tearoom, and there is a fine establishment in Arbroath that brings these two delights together under one roof. I’ve mentioned this tearoom before, but it’s high time there were some photos of it.

The sweet shop is very well stocked, with rows of old-fashioned sweets in jars and some particular treats I haven’t seen in any other shop:

The tearoom is generally very busy and it’s worth booking a table in advance if you want to be sure of a seat. This is a rare view of empty tables, but they filled up quickly after I’d taken the photo:

Each place setting has a different napkin ring:

They have all sorts of delicious cakes and scones on offer (including enormous meringues), and they provide excellent lunches from a surprisingly large and varied menu. Unusually for a tearoom, they’re also open for evening meals at the weekends in the winter (and during the week in the summer).

On one of my recent visits I had toasted focaccia with roasted peppers, pesto, olives and feta cheese, which came with a side salad and crisps (aka potato chips):

They serve leaf tea with blue and white china teacups, which come with tea strainers, ready to catch the leaves from the teapot as you pour:


12 thoughts on “Perfect Partners

  1. Ah Lorna, I’ve been there and I totally agree great place. make sure to book. busy even during the week and great selection of food and fine things! Service great too! Would definetely go back. Ps they do a great selection of gluten free cakes as well.

    Have you been to paulas at Farnell, another lovely spot with great service, food and gifts.

    Looking forward to your next suggestion for tea and cake. 😀

  2. Your blog is delightful. It makes me so happy. Sadly I only got to about two tearooms during my four years in England, but I am headed back there soon, and I plan to go to more. They are just so happy, cozy and fun. I love it.

  3. Do you mean the photo at the top of the page? I have to admit, thats my mum’s china and not from a tearoom, but I thought it looked very nice when I had a fruit slice on it the other day. As for the sweets, your wish is my command. Next time I’m up that way I’ll go in and take more pics, thank you for your encouraging comments.

  4. I would love to get into that sweet shop! Whew! I love it. I like to see shelves and displays made as such as it gives so much more character than factory made steel shelving. Nice photos and info!

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