Velvety hot chocolate fix

Following on from my previous post of today (Tea, books and chocolate cake), the second wonderful tearoom yesterday led to me imbibing a most excellent, intensely chocolatey little cup of enhantment. Like a good girl though, I had my savouries first.

They had two tasty soups on offer. I went for carrot and coriander with scrumptious crunchy homemade oatcakes, while my lovely assistant opted for tomato and red pepper with crusty seeded brown bread, both served with little butter triangles:

The bowls were quite large and we both felt very full after our soup, but since we also fancied a hot drink once we’d made a bit of room, we stayed there for some time in the pleasant surroundings digesting our soup and relaxing.

I’m surprised to find that I haven’t actually mentioned this tearoom before, but as I now have the opportunity to welcome you to it and show off some of its treasures, here are a few of the delights you’ll find in this lovely place.

The first thing to mention is that it’s attached to a chocolatier, gift shop and small chocolate museum. In addition to various gifty things, the shop sells an extremely tempting array of chocolate-based treats and if, like me, you enjoy gawping at sweet wonders, the chocolate display counter is a most appealing place to drool:

The small chocolate museum, which lies between the shop and the tearoom, contains information about cocoa, and the history and methods of making it into chocolate. It also features this superb chocolate creation which is, as far as I recall, well over a foot tall:

The tearoom is a beautiful place, nicely lit, with a lovely ambience and lots of things to look at, both on the walls and hanging from the ceiling:

Every table has a unique set of quirky salt and pepper cellars. My particular favourites are the pigs:

Once the soup had settled and we’d enjoyed the condiment sets and various other amusements round about, it was time to take on a hot beverage. My beautiful assistant went for a pot of Fairtrade tea, while I ordered the drink I had been thinking about ever since entering the tearoom: the speciality ‘thick hot chocolate’. As the menu excitedly describes it: “Potent espresso sized shot of chocolate truffle ganache melted down! No additives or thickeners!”

The little shiny bubbles on top made me happy:

I had a glass of cold water to refresh myself with between gloopy sips of thick chocolate, and every single mouthful was a taste sensation:

The cup was very small, but any bigger would have been too much because it was incredibly rich:

It slid in a glistening stream off the spoon:

I got as much out of the cup as I could, but sadly I couldn’t lick all the way to the bottom:


26 thoughts on “Velvety hot chocolate fix

    • It did seem small at first but it turned out to be the perfect size. I had to go and make myself a hot chocolate while I was writing that post after looking at the photos again. I will certainly be back there for another one!

  1. The soup looked wonderful but then you carried on. I was wowed by the hot chocolate – reminds me of one that I had once. It was the most delicious thing ever.

    I love the empty cup at the end to prove you had managed it all. πŸ™‚

  2. Drool… That hot chocolate looks divine. I had one like that in Barcelona that had a hint of chilli to it. Mmmm. Not quite the weather for it in Australia right now, being the height of summer, but I still reckon I’d try! Am SO loving your blog, Lorna πŸ™‚

    • I wonder if it’s a Spanish thing because I had one in Mallorca like this, only thicker, and it’s the ohly other place I’ve had anything like it. I can’t say that hot weather has ever put me off hot chocolate, but perhaps it depends on just how hot it is. Thank you very much for your kind comments! πŸ™‚

  3. So tell me more about this book you have coming out? Is it strictly about tearooms in the UK? or are there recipes & other stuff there as well? We’re thinking about visiting Scotland in the near future & it’d be nice to know where the good places to relax & snack on good stuff πŸ™‚ This place pictured above needs my money & my tongue needs those chocolates!

    • Thank you for your comment. The book is only about tearooms in Scotland, and only one part of Scotland at the moment (I’m doing it quite thoroughly), but I’m hoping to get round the whole country eventually, in a series of small books. It’s mainly about tearooms, I hadn’t thought of putting any recipes in it, but I did think I might put a little bit of information about the areas the book covers, so it might have a few useful touristy facts. As soon as it gets closer to completion (hopefully within the next week or two) I’ll be plugging it on the blog.

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