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If you know any German, you may be aware that the word ‘liebster’ means ‘dearest’ or ‘favourite’ and is pronounced ‘leebster’. If, like me, you’re an ignorant Scot with virtually non-existent German, you might wrongly pronounce the ‘lie’ bit as it sounds in the English word ‘lie’, meaning to ‘be or stay at rest in a horizontal position’.

Confusion is added, for me at least, by the fact that there is a town in Scotland called Lybster, way up in the far north in a region called Caithness, which is pronounced ‘lie-bster’, as in the horizontal resting position.

To finally get to the point of this post, there is also a thing called the Liebster Blog Award:

I recently received one of these Liebster awards from Annie of the excellent An Unrefined Vegan blog, and hazarding a guess that ‘liebster’ was a German word, I consulted my German speaking mother on its meaning, but not knowing how to pronounce it I asked her like this:

Me (mispronouncing and then spelling it out): ‘Liebster, L-i-e-b-s-t-e-r’, what does it mean?.’

My mum: “L-y-b-s-t-e-r, it’s a town in Caithness.’

Me: ‘No, L-i-e’

My mum: ‘It’s definitely spelt with a ‘y”

Me (amused): ‘Yes, but what does L-i-e-b-s-t-e-r mean?’

My mum: ‘Oh, you mean Leeeeebster, well if you don’t pronounce it properly…..’

So, anyway, what is a Liebster award?  I copied this explanation from Annie’s blog:

A Liebster Blog Award is given to talented bloggers who have less than 200* followers. So, in a way the award not only recognizes these bloggers as amazingly gifted in their own right but also as your very own personal favorites.”

Very nice to be picked for one, thank you Annie, but it comes with some responsibility. I now have the  pleasant task of presenting this award to a further 5 blogs of 200 followers or less that I feel deserve to be noticed. This is not an easy task, since I have been reading rather a lot of wonderful blogs since I started my own one a month ago, but after some agonising I’ve picked these 5:

1.     For some reason, I don’t know why, I can’t copy a photo from the first blog, but it really is worth a look:

It’s very simple, with a beautiful photograph of a different vegan breakfast every day. I love seeing what’s on the menu every day and the photos are always exellent.


A really beautifully written blog, I always feel better for reading whatever Christine’s written.


This blog always makes me smile, Nick is so enthusiastic about his photography and takes such amazing shots, sometimes of mundane things that wouldn’t perhaps seem at all noteworthy until you see the way he frames and describes them.


I find this blog thought-provoking and inspiring and I particularly enjoy the creative writing of Flash Fiction, which always has me gripped.


There are so many good photography blogs but Bojo’s portraits, whether of humans or animals, are superb.

So, that’s the Liebster Blog Award. I now have to let each of the above know they’re reward recipients, and then it’s their turn to nominate other bloggers.

*I really don’t know how you find out how many followers a particular blog has. I know my own, and some people have the number of followers displayed on their blog, but for everyone else I have no idea. I mention this in case I ‘m bestowing this award upon anyone who has more than 200 followers and feels miffed. 


19 thoughts on “Dearest Blogs

  1. Congratulations! Well deserved is right. Your blog is delightful. Love the new header photo, and the background is very pretty. I love William Morris! Also, those blogs you chose are wonderful. Can’t wait to get back to them. Thanks for sharing.

    I’m new to this medium, and I’m so lucky to have happened upon your site almost immediately. It came up when I did a search for “piano,” because of the piano in one of the tearooms. Very fortunate!

    • Thank you very much, and I’m lucky that you stumbled across me too, you’re such an encouragement! I was most amused that you found me through ‘piano’. I often hope when I put my tag words in that they’ll draw someone in unwittingly, and now I have proof that it works. Hurrah!

  2. I love your blog as it gives me so many reminders of my childhood. Lybster, for instance was near where my father was born and we used to go there for our summer holidays.

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