Between Tearooms

When I’m out and about visiting tearooms I usually take a bit of time between establishments to get some exercise. This is partly for general health benefits, partly because I enjoy walking outside in the fresh air, and partly in order to work up an appetite for the next tearoom.

Two days ago it was a lovely day in Perthshire, and I had a pleasant amble in the gently rolling hills to the south of Perth:

One of my favourite trees is Pinus sylvestris, the warmly orange-barked Scots Pine.  Scots Pines in the sunshine always perk me up because they remind me of happy childhood holidays:


14 thoughts on “Between Tearooms

  1. Oh yes indeed. What lovely photos. I could just smell the woods there. Thanks very much for your kind words about my mother-in-law, and also for your blog award! Once I have gathered my wits a bit I will step up to the podium. Have fun having tea!

  2. It’s funny how in Australia we have a Perth here too, no doubt named after its fore fathers in the UK. Incredibly just north of Perth is an incredibly dry, arid, red dust with the typical landscape of the Aussie outback. I know there’s a wine/cheese region somewhere and a sprawling city where the river pops up. So we have about three different topography’s here where Perth is, 🙂

    • I know, whenever I write about Perth I’m aware that for a lot of people the Perth that springs to mind is the Australian one. I would like to visit it one day, everyone I know who’s been there thinks it’s fantastic. By the sounds of things, the name is about all the two have in common! 🙂

  3. Lovely to see a bit of the Perthshire countryside. I was born in Fife but came to Australia when I was sixteen. As a family we used to go to the Perth swimming baths every Sunday morning, really early if I remember rightly!

    • It sounds as if you still have strong links with the motherland, from your blog and the way you write. The main public swimming pool in Perth is quite big, I think it’s probably a new one since you used to go there. I’m really looking forward to doing Fife, it might well be my the next region, because there are a few smashing little tearooms I’m desperate to revisit and write about.

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