Spiced pear scones and a blackbird

It’s a dull dreich morning in my neck of the woods and it occurred to me that spiced pear scones would brighten it up considerably.

I’m having a day at home today, writing and getting odd bits and pieces tidied up, so rather than go in search of such a thing in a tearoom (and what are the chances of me finding exactly what I was after? Quite slim, although I do know of one place in Dunkeld that sometimes features spiced pear scones on the menu), I decided to make some myself. Here’s the result:

I’ve just had one with butter (well, truth be told, Flora spread) and a nice cup of tea.

Pears are, in my opinion, a good addition to scones because they keep the whole thing moist and they melt away in the mouth when cooked (they’re also one of my favourite fruits and, apparently, one of the foodstuffs least likely to cause an allergic reaction). I peeled and chopped one Conference pear into chunks and I was pleased to see it in evidence in the finished article:

At the same time as enjoying my English Breakfast tea and pear scone, I also enjoyed a couple of blogs. If you’re not familiar with them you might like to have a little look. I only came across the first of these today but was very glad to have found it:


I’ve been following the next one for a short while, and am always cheered by the excellent photography:


This morning’s post by Finn (ofย thenaturephile.com) contains several superb photographs of blackbirds, as well as an entertaining drama starring the birds in his garden. I’ve borrowed one of these marvellous photos to give you a taster, but you’ll find plenty more wonderful pictures on the blog itself:


36 thoughts on “Spiced pear scones and a blackbird

  1. Wow, they look amazing, and they are beautifully photographed! I’m going to have to make some scones myself now, possibly blueberry or sultana, and Colin has put in a request for cheese scones. See what you’ve done?! Thank you so much for your mention of my blog – I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    • Thank you very much! I like making cheese scones, they go down very well. Mind you, I also love making sultana scones, and blueberry now and then, too. The scone is such a versatile snack! I hope you manage to satisfy your longing for scones today. It was a pleasure to mention your blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hello Lorna,

    Thankyou for your very kind description of ‘thenaturephile’.

    Those pear scones look utterly delicious! I reckon they’d taste even better with some Lurpak on though ;-). But what does ‘dreich’ mean?

    Best wishes


    • Hi Finn, thank you for your comments. I was hoping I hadn’t breached blogger etiquette by borrowing your photograph! I think you’re right about the Lurpak, but I eat Flora for health reasons (and to make up for all the cakes…). Dreich is a Scottish word used to describe the weather when it’s a bit dull, grey, overcast and possibly drizzling. Sorry about that, I should have added an explanation in the post.

  3. Those scones look so yummy! I wouldn’t have thought of putting pear into a scone but clearly it’s a very good idea.

    I really like Finn’s blackbird as well. Yesterday I was out in the garden and to my surprise one of the blackbirds was having his bath with me right nearby, and he just carried on, though he knew I was there. Lovely.

    • I recommend it! They come out very moist, so using some wholemeal flour as well as ordinary white stuff works well.

      Isn’t Finn’s blackbird wonderful! He has so many great photographs and a really interesting blog. How nice to have the company of your own friendly blackbird, they’re common but beautiful birds, I think.

  4. Hello Lorna,

    I had a very nice comment from Theresa at ‘http://theresagreen.wordpress.com’ about my blackbirds and I thought you might like to see this post too: ‘http://theresagreen.wordpress.com/2012/02/27/blackbird-battles-in-spain/. Very similar behaviour but in Spain.

    Thankyou too to all your readers who left nice comments about my blackbird!

    Best wishes


  5. Hi Finn

    Thank you for posting that, I’ve popped over and had a look at Theresa’s blog and was amazed to read of her six blackbirds all fighting for position.

    I’m delighted that more people have been commenting on your photo! Do you ever submit your photos to wildlife photography competitions?

  6. I am grateful for this wonderful photo of the black bird… My name in French is deMerle…the blackbird….

    I also have a friend who give me pears every fall and NOW I know what to do with them! I have some of them that I spiced from last year (canned) and I wonder if they might also do well in a scone??? So much to enjoy on your blog. Many thanks. Merrill

    • Thank you Merrill, it’s a beautiful shot of a blackbird, isn’t it? How lovely to have the same name in French! I think your spiced pears would be wonderful in scones, that sounds even better than ordinary pears to me.

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