Awards Galore

Buses, and other good things, often come in threes. So it’s been for me over the past few days when, quite astonishingly, I’ve been given three different blog awards.

First up is the 7×7 Link Award, bestowed upon me by the lovely Meg of Meg Travels.

Meg, as her blog name suggests, does a lot of travelling. Her blog is filled with wonderful words and pictures of all the places she trots off to round the globe. Maybe she’s been somewhere you’ve been or would like to go – why not have a look and see. She’s got a list of places very handily arranged by country (I wish my blog was this well organised).

The second award was the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, gifted from the lovely Nicole of Cauldrons and Cupcakes:

Nicole writes beautifully uplifting and encouraging posts about happiness, positive thinking, spirituality and other worthwhile pursuits, and I always benefit from what she’s written. Like many of her readers, I often feel she’s written a post specifically for me. This reminds me that however different we are, in some essential ways we’re all very alike, which is reassuring and comforting.

Award number 3 is the Kreativ Blogger Award, which I received from the lovely Letizia of Dutch Goes Italian:

Letizia is half Dutch, half Italian, and brings that fascinating mix to her blog. Along with some delicious-looking food and drink, she introduces her readers to the less well-known Italy, rather than highlighting the usual touristy places.  If you’ve never been to Italy, Letizia’s photos will surely inspire you to visit, and if you have been you’ll no doubt want to go back and find all these hidden gems.

All of these awards come with rules, which I really ought to stick to. However, because 3 came along at once, I’ve decided to naughtily combine them and make up my own rules for how to deal with them. For each award I’m supposed to nominate 7 other bloggers, but instead I’m going to nominate 3 for each one, making a total of 9, which isn’t that far off 7 but much more manageable than 21. If this offends your sense of decency and fair play I quite understand and apologise. It’s very unprofessional of me, but ever since I became self-employed last year I’ve felt I could make this sort of God-like decision.

I’m also supposed to provide 7 links to my own post for the first award, give 7 facts you probably don’t know about me for the second one, and tell you 7 interesting things about myself for the third. To make this (to my mind, at least) in some way coherent, I’m going to again do 3, 3 and 3.

Award no.1, the 7×7 Link Award goes to:

And the links to my own posts are:

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award goes to:

Three facts you probably don’t know about me:

  • I can, or at least used to be able to (I haven’t tried it for years, but perhaps it’s like riding a bike) ride a unicycle
  • When I was a child, I wanted to be a gymnast when I grew up
  • I’m such a wreck these days that I can’t even touch my toes without bending my knees

The Kreativ Blogger Award goes to:

Three things about me that might be vaguely interesting:

  • When I draw with my left hand I’m more creative than with my right (I’m right-handed and my left-handed drawings come out a right old mess, but all the same I think they’re more creative)
  • I had a strict religious upbringing and was firmly disciplined as a child. Nowadays this level of strictness would be frowned upon but I think it was the perfect parenting strategy because my mum and dad are my two favourite people in the world.
  • I get seasick virtually every time I go on a boat, but despite this I choose to work at sea because when I’m not being sick I love it.

Thank you to all the wonderful bloggers who cheer my days with their interesting, witty, imaginative and inspiring blogs. There are many more than I’ve mentioned here, but a special thank you to the ones in this post who have brought me lots of happy reading lately.


40 thoughts on “Awards Galore

  1. Congratulations on all your awards, and thank you for the recommendation of The Hazel Tree! I’m glad that I stumbled across your blog – looking forward to more of your engaging reports.

  2. Lorna this blog is fantastic! You deserve these awards and recognition. I can not wait until you release your book on Tearooms in Scotland so I can visit and eat my way around your beautiful country!

    • Thank you very much, that’s really kind. I’ve just posted on your blog but I realise you’re already swimming in such awards yourself! I’m not at all surprised to see that, but I’m delighted to add my name to your list of fans 🙂

  3. Congratulations Lorna and thank you for nominating for the very inspiring blogger award 🙂 this is my first award and so it is really very special. Thanks a bunch!

  4. Lorna, dear, you are so deserving of all of these awards, and I offer my hearty congratulations to you! Also, thank you sincerely for giving me the Kreativ Blogger Award. I am extremely chuffed to receive this, especially when it comes from my favorite blogger. 🙂

    • What a lovely comment Robin, thank you so much! I’m delighted to be able to give you that award, I think your coffee making skills are superb and even though I’m not a huge coffee drinker I always want whatever it is you’ve made.

  5. Congratulations on your awards, which I might say are very well-deserved. Thank you for the mentioning of my blog and the award you have given me. I appreciate your kindness.
    It is lovely to get to know a little bit more about you too.

    • Thank you very much Heather and you’re very welcome. I love reading your blog, I never know what you’re going to post next and it’s always a pleasant surprise. It’s like a bag of pick ‘n’ mix, lots of different sweeties in one place.

  6. Many congratulations – all well-deserved! (And sorry I haven’t done my award-acceptance yet…) How interesting about your very disciplined childhood, and also about your seasickness. Who would have thought?!

    • Thank you very much. There’s no rush for the award acceptance, lots of people choose not to accept it or hand it on, which is understandable because it does involve a fair bit of work. I think if you feel like doing it, it’s nice to be able to thank people for their blogs and perhaps introduce new readers to them, but there shouldn’t be any pressure to do it. The seasickness is a bit unfortunate, but I’ve met ship’s captains and other seagoing personnel who spend more time at sea than I do and still get sick after years in the job.

  7. Congratulations on your many awards…well deserved. Your blog is wonderful…so interesting and engaging. Thank you for awarding Tea With Betty the 7×7 award…I am so honored, yet so new to this blogging world that I am not sure what to do with this award and was swamped with work the last three weeks so am going to now figure out the rules 🙂 … although I like your idea of creating a few of your own. In any case, I love your blog. You are inspiring and continuously remind me of what I just love about tea and tea time. Thank you!!!

    • Thank you so much, that’s really nice of you and I was delighted to be able to pass on the award to you because your blog is great! I heartily recommend making up your own rules for passing the award on!

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