Tearoom of the Week (9)

Something wonderful happened on Monday the 2nd of April: one of my favourite local tearooms reopened its doors for the season, an event I’d been waiting for all winter.

This tearoom is situated on the outskirts of Perth, on my main route into the city, and many’s the time over the past few months I’ve driven past, longing for it to open again. When the big day finally arrived, on Monday morning, I took two delightful assistants Perthwards to celebrate this marvellous event.

I have been warned on many occasions by my delightful assistants that in my over-the-top enthusiasm for certain tearooms I may be getting people’s hopes up so much that they end up being disappointed when they visit one of my recommendations. I understand this concern, but there are some occasions when I simply cannot help myself. If it’s of any reassurance, when my tearoom guidebook comes out it will be a little more restrained and balanced in its reviews (that’s the plan anyway, but who can tell what will actually happen?), so that hopefully if you read it you won’t be let down. I do apologise in advance to anyone who suffers as a result of my adoration, but when it comes to certain tearooms I feel I have some sort of defence.

If you’ve ever had a relative, friend, partner, pet or pair of shoes that you have felt a deep and fervent love for, you will understand my feelings about this tearoom. Like a proud parent when their child comes first in the egg and spoon race on sports day, stepping through the door of this tearoom the other day briefly felt like the best moment of my life.

A sight for sore eyes: an empty table in this wonderful tearoom:

It being that lovely time of day between breakfast and lunch I selected, from their splendid scone options (on this occasion: plain, fruit, date and cinnamon, and cheese), a date and cinnamon scone. It was almost certainly the best date and cinnamon scone I’ve ever had (at least, since the last one I had here):

What’s more, it had not long ago come out of the oven and was still slightly warm. A universe away from a microwaved job. The outside was of perfect crispness, while the inside was as fluffy and light as you could possibly want, and the datiness and cinnamoniness made it nothing short of heaven on a plate:

To accompany this marvellous creation I had a pot of excellent tea, which lovely assistant no.2 joined me in along with her choice of a fruit scone, while lovely assistant no.1 had a decaf coffee and another date and cinnamon delight.

One of the many things I love about this tearoom is the way the teacups and plates are laid out on the pretty tablecloths ready for my arrival. It’s so welcoming, as if they’ve been expecting me and have popped the required crockery out because they know I’ll be needing a nice cup of tea and a scone when I sit down:

Had I not gone for a scone, I might have had a slice of one of these very tempting looking cakes that were smiling at me in an engaging manner from inside the chiller cabinet:

A thing I always like to see in a tearoom is a ready supply of napkins/serviettes, because you never know when you might need a spare one. Here, we even had a choice of yellow or green, and a most delightful little cow to serve them to us:

This tearoom, as well as being one of my top places for a good scone and a nice cup of tea, has charming service. The lovely ladies (and, occasionally, men) who take the orders are volunteers, and all profits from the tearoom go to a cancer charity. Despite the very reasonable prices, they raise thousands of pounds a year by selling their delicious morsels. By patronising this tearoom, not only can you indulge in superb fare, but by doing so you’re helping to save lives. It is a most excellent win-win situation.

Attached to the tearoom is a small gift shop which sells, amongst other enticing items, the cafe’s own first class cookery book. I mentioned this book in a previous post (see here) because it is currently my favourite recipe book, and I was delighted to see that they were still selling it this year. Delightful assistant no.2 was overjoyed to discover this, as she had been waiting for months to buy a copy for herself.

Seats were set up outside ready to welcome the long warm days of summer (I live in hope), along with a rack of second-hand books, from which I have sometimes found a little gem to take home with me:

As if all of this were not good enough, when I went to pay the bill I discovered that, since we had been one of the first 12 customers of the new season, the coffee was free of charge!

If I could recommend this tearoom more highly I would, but bearing in mind the stark warnings I’ve been getting about my over-enthusiastic approach to such things, I will content myself with saying that this is a jolly nice tearoom and I’m looking forward to many more visits during the coming months.

N.B. There was no Tearoom of the Week last week because the previous one had been in two parts (see Tearoom of the Week (Part One) and Tearoom of the Week (Part Two)), and I decided to have a small break before the next one. I was delighted to be able to make this one TotW (9) though, as I’ve been wanting to highlight it ever since I started this blog. Hurrah!


56 thoughts on “Tearoom of the Week (9)

  1. oh my word Lorna.. hurry up with this book or you will find me driving back and forwards between Perth and Blairgowrie to find this little tearoom gem before too long…!!!

  2. Yet again, I wish I lived closer to Scotland! πŸ™‚ I hope I get to travel there for work sometime then I will get the chance to pop into one of these lovely places!

  3. Love your enthusiasm! I agree, that scone is so perfectly fluffy and (hasn’t been murdered in the microwave ha ha!) As for the charitable cause and motive for the Tearoom, entirely worthy and it’s really nice to hear that there are great ‘finds’ out there who are recognised by folks like yourself! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, I do my best. I feel very privileged to live in a place with so many wonderful people dedicated to serving me teatime delights. They are, like you with all your culinary magic, doing very commendable work.

  4. I would not curb your enthusiasm if I were you, Lorna. What comes across is your heartfelt appreciation and sheer joy. If someone feels let down… oh well. That could be more a reflection on the state of their mind, than the tearoom itself. You, on the other hand are sharing your genuine feelings with your readers. I am very much like you. When I discover a restaurant or a recipe, I want to jump up and down and tell the whole world – even the mail man! I know your lovely assistants are trying to protect you, but please go full tilt on the joy, will you? We live vicariously though you. I just ate a date a cinnamon scone this morning and here I am holding up my cup of tea to you – cheers, dear!

    • Thank you Shona dear, you are such a sweetie. I am genuinely very enthusiastic about tearooms, which might seem a bit odd but then it takes all sorts to make a world, doesn’t it? I appreciate your encouragement, and I will endeavour to maintain my joy for as long as I live. Mind you, it’s not difficult with such a marvellous selection of tearooms on offer. I am really quite spoilt for choice and eternally grateful to all the wonderful people who make me so happy with their teas and tasty treats.

  5. That cinnamon date scone looks so fluffy! I like that the cakes are not “perfect” looking. To me, that means they’re made on the spot in small batches, moist, rich, and full of good stuff.

    Just out of curiosity, what’s your favorite go-to every day tea brand and type?

    Thanks for a look at another cozy and friendly tea room. I can see why it is a favorite!

    • I think the cakes are made by a whole load of different people, and I have an idea that they’re donated free of charge. They are excellent, the sort of cakes made by grandmothers who’ve spent their lives baking and are truly experts in the field.

      You’ve given me an idea for a post with your question about tea but to give you the short answer, I would say Twinings is probably my go-to brand. I drink their Darjeeling every morning first thing, and I love their Assam, English Breakfast and Traditional Afternoon teas. I also like Yorkshire tea and I have a few others in the cupboard. I will bore you completey with a whole post dedicated to the subject soon! Thanks!

  6. You combined my two loves in this blog – tea and philanthropy πŸ™‚ If I am ever in your neck of the woods, I would love to get some tea house recommendations from you.

  7. It sounds wonderful…I’m sold and I wish I lived closer. And I understand your dilemma about being too enthusiastic. I struggle with that when writing book and movie reviews. Some of the books and movies I absolutely adore and want everyone to run out and get them. If it helps, I enjoy your passion and respect your opinions.

    • Thank you TBM, I appreciate your fellow feeling. I think if you became one of my delightful assistants we would bore people to death with our combined enthusiasm. Roll on that day! πŸ™‚

  8. You never fail to make me desirous of a sweet treat. You also crack me up some. Perthwards indeed.
    Post some pictures of your lovely assistants?

  9. Don’t curb your enthusiasm at all, because that’s what makes your writing so engaging! Yes, possibly people will be disappointed on occasion – but everyone is different and even the best tearooms may have ‘off’ days too. It is a very personal experience and you can’t speak for everyone. You are encouraging a lot of people to visit new places that they will love, and you’re generating some well-deserved publicity for the tearooms!

    • Thank you Jo, much appreciated. I feel that these wonderful places deserve the praise they get because so many of them do a splendid job and they really do cheer me up. I will take these comments on board and march forward with them to more tearooms!

  10. Hello Lorna,

    I’ve got to concur with Teabuddy and Jo Woolf, please keep the enthusiasm dial turned up to 11! It’s what makes your posts such fun to read. That and all the delicious descriptions and photographs of the confectionery always make me smile.

    I can see why you were anxious for this tearoom to open the shutters again, excellent tea, cakes, AND secondhand books, all for a very good cause too. It ticks all the right boxes.

    • Thank you Finn, I’ve just made my delightful assistant read all the comments to convince her that enthusiasm is a good thing! She has a point but I think I can only be the way I am and people seem to accept that, thankfully. This tearoom is so wonderful I can’t praise it highly enough. I gave my business card to one of the lovely ladies when I visited and I hope she’s managed to read this post to see how much her tearoom is loved.

  11. I can’t stop giggling about the “delightful little cow” who served you your napkins. The date and cinnamon scone you had looks delicious!

  12. Love your blog. Shona feels fortunate to have born on a tea plantation in Assam, can tell you all about tea, although she is quite rightly over-enthusiastic about ASSAM tea! Read her very entertaining blog on it

    • Thank you very much, I know that Shona loves her Assam and I really can’t blame her as it’s certainly one of my favourites too, even without the upbringing. It’s a bit of class in a teacup. I agree that she has a great blog and I do read it, thanks.

  13. I am a 10 year old girl and totally agree they are happy to have children around and are very kind to me. It is in a very nice spot and after i have my cake i`ll go and play in the woods or have a paddle in the stream if it is a nice day!

    • How lovely! There are nice walks next to the tearoom, as you say. I should have mentioned that, thank you for your comment. The cakes really are delicious, aren’t they?

  14. Hi Lorna, very nice to meet you today in the tearoom so wonderfully described.
    I use a website called http://www.blipfoto.com, if you look for photos be gefmayhem you should see lots of cake pictures.
    Personally I describe the cakes as ‘cakes made by grannies’ not perfect but wonderful in their uniqueness – the strawberry tarts are great as well.

    • Hi Geoff, thank you so much for dropping by and leaving a comment. It was great to meet you today, I’ll certainly be checking out blipfoto and having a look for your shots – can’t wait to see the cake pictures!

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