A Renowned Restorative

Tea has widely recognised medicinal qualities.

It is an elixir used to treat multitudinous ailments, working in mysterious and wonderful ways to relieve the mind and body of pain and discomfort, trauma and distress, shock, disturbance and suffering.

When combined with the healing qualities of a slice of cake it can soothe the soul and liberate the spirit from its terrestrial tethers. It tastes jolly nice too.



33 thoughts on “A Renowned Restorative

  1. An elixir…. medicinal properties….. restorative…. what the heck am I depriving myself for? And the cake looks wonderful. I think your book is going to be more of a bible!

  2. Ooooo that cake is making me swoon! Look at that jammy middle and powdery top.Tea and cake go together like love and life. Just the thought of tea and cake makes my heart sing.

  3. Mmm looks good 🙂 That cake looks like a slice I got while on vacation in Germany that had apricot jam in the middle if I’m remembering correctly. Now I’m craving it again!

    • Yum! This one had plum jam but I’m sure apricot would have been a delicious alternative. Dreadful, the way food lingers in the memory just out of physical reach, isn’t it?

    • You won’t be too surprised to hear that I do indeed have an opinion on this! The water has to be boiling, and preferably the teapot warmed, then the tealeaves (or teabags) stirred up and allowed to brew for about 5 minutes. I always squeeze the teabags against the side of the pot before pouring, if I’m using bags rather than leaves. Over to the teacup and it’s cold milk in first, then pour in the tea – bob’s your uncle! There was a TV programme recently that stated that the best length of time for brewing is 7 minutes, in order to get the maximum benefit, but they also said anything anything between 3 and 7 minutes would be a big improvement over the usual 40 seconds the average person brews tea for. My second cup from a teapot would certainly have had more than 7 minutes of brewing time.

      • Hello Lorna, you’re absolutely right, I’m not at all surprised. Indeed I’d expect nothing less!

        I saw the program advising 7 minutes for maximum antioxidant extraction. I drink it black and I usually leave it for 3-4 minutes but since I saw that show I’ve been brewing for 7 and it still tastes good.

        Interesting that you squeeze the bag. That’s something I avoid at all costs as I think it squeezes the tannins out and makes the tea too bitter.

        • I must admit that if I were taking tea black as a rule, I wouldn’t brew it for as long and I wouldn’t squeeze the bag the way I do when I’m taking it with milk (milk seems to cancel out the bitterness). I agree with you, that can make black tea very bitter. My morning cup of Darjeeling is taken black and I only brew it for about a minute (perhaps even less) and squeeze the bag gently, but the reason I don’t brew it for longer is the bitterness issue. I should perhaps try brewing for longer and not squeezing at all, I will try that tomorrow if I remember, thank you for the tip!

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