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For several weeks now I’ve had shooting and burning pain in my wrists, especially the right one. Sometimes I can’t use my right hand at all, although it’s generally worse at night and in the morning and gets better through the day (no doubt something to do with the painkillers I’m wolfing during waking hours).

I think consumption of cakes also helps, a skill I have yet to master in my sleep. Here’s an example of the sort of medicine I enjoy taking:

My ailment would appear to be a complaint called De Quervain’s syndrome or tendonitis.Β  Initial treatment for it is to wear a support or splint to keep the wrist from moving too much, take anti-inflammatory medication and rest it as much as possible, particularly from doing the things that make it painful. Very sadly for me, one of the main things that makes it worse is typing, and so on doctor’s orders I’m going to type less and sleep more, like this sensible teenager:

(If I haven’t visited your blog or left comments recently, I really am most aggrieved. My particular apologies if I haven’t replied to any comments you’ve left for me on here or on your own blog, I did try to catch up with them today but I may have missed some.)

In order to try and enforce this cessation of typing and blogging, I’m taking my two most delightful assistants down to the south-west of Scotland next week for a holiday. I plan to sample some marvellous tearooms while I’m there, which will eventually appear in all their glory on this blog.

We’ll be staying a very lovely self-catering cottage in Galloway, where we’ve all stayed before, but strangely I can’t find any pictures of it (I’ll have to remedy that next week). Instead, here are a couple of shots from a little camping trip I had in April 2010 a few miles away in the same county. It was just me, my tent and this lovely view:

One of my favourite tearooms anywhere in the world exists in Galloway. On more than one occasion I’ve had what they call the Mata Hari, which is a sticky toffee pudding with ice cream. It’s so absurdly delicious that I suspect any spy might be tempted to trade in state secrets for the recipe:

And so dear readers, thank you for your patience during my convalescence. I will miss you terribly, but I hope to be back before too long, stronger and full of yet more inane witterings about tearooms.


103 thoughts on “R & R

  1. Very sorry to learn of your health problem, i know what you are going through as i suffered badly from the same thing except it was my right elbow joint (tennis Elbow by anothername). Physio said stop using your pc so much and do alot of excercises he gave me using a stretch band. Well after a few months it got better and now i restrict my pc useage and keep up with the excercises. Enjoy you time in galloway and keep us drooling over over those lovely cakes you are about to eat…

    • Thank you very much for that, it’s good to hear about someone else’s experience (especially that it got better eventually!). I’m sorry you had it too, but I’m glad it’s better now. It’s very difficult not to use the computer so much but worth it in this instance. I was thinking that exercising it gently would be really important to maintain strength, so it’s good to have that confirmed, thanks.

  2. I do hope that your wrists start feeling better soon – sounds as if they’re really painful, and I know how frustrated I would feel in that situation. I hope your holiday is a wonderful relaxing break and I look forward to hearing about it. Mmm, that cake looks amazing, by the way!

    • Thank you Jo, I find it really frustrating because I want to get on with my book but I can’t. Hey ho, sometimes you just have to listen to your body, and more than anything I do want them to get better. It’s a lesson in patience! I made the cake for Mother’s Day, it’s coffee and walnut, one of my mum’s favourites.

  3. Hi,
    I am sorry to hear about your wrist, how frustrating that must be for you.
    Sounds like this trip coming up is exactly what you need at the moment, I hope you have a wonderful time.

  4. That’s very much the form I wish all my medicines would take too when I feel poorly! Hope you fell much better soon Lorna and get well πŸ™‚ just think summers on its way to you soon!

  5. I’m so sorry about the pain in your wrists. I know exactly how it is. Thanks God I still manage to type, but can’t hold a pen or a cup or even drive without pain. I mentioned it in my last post on Sunday. I still didn’t ask a doctor about it 😦

    • Oh dear, I’m really sorry to hear that, maybe it would be an idea to see a doctor about it? There’s a test you can do to see if it’d De Quervain’s, if you type that into Google you should find a diagram to show you how to do it.

  6. Sorry to hear that the pain isn’t getting better. I do like your treatment plan though. Cake, a trip, and sleep…Get some rest and I hope you get better. And if you feel like sharing, I love cake!

  7. Your medicine looks yummy! Hope you feel better soon. Oh! I’ve nominated you for β€œThe Versatile Blogger Award” -Faridah

  8. So sorry to hear about your tendonitis! The doctor’s orders to rest your wrist are spot on. I had a typing job that required about 4 hours of typing a day and got tendonitis. The shooting pains kept me awake at night. I bought an ergonomic keyboard and wrapped my wrist with an ace bandage that held my wrist rigid for about two weeks. I could type without moving my wrist at all and that helped. I never got it again after it healed. I hope you mend quickly! Love the photo of your view from the tent. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Julia, I’m so glad your tendonitis healed up. I’ve been making use of strapping round my wrist and that definitely helps, as does ibuprofen gel. It’s difficult to cut down on typing but I think it’s necessary so I just have to be strict with myself.

  9. Have a really wonderful time and I think no typing, plenty of sleep and lots of cake is a great plan. Hope it’s feeling better soon. (no reply necessary, in fact it’s not allowed!)

  10. Sorry to hear about your sore wrists (Too many tearooms to write about, methinks!). But I’m fairly sure a Mata Hari will do wonders to make you feel better!

  11. Yuck, sounds horrible 😦 Get well soon…and in the meantime eat lots of cake! It’s good for the soul!

    I was recently in Glasgow and had the best sticky toffee pudding OF MY LIFE. I still dream about that cake.

  12. I’m so sorry to hear that your wrists are still paining you, and I do hope that a relaxing few weeks off will help with the healing. Happy Holiday!

  13. Oh dear! So sorry to hear that Lorna. I have been wanting to add my comments (I so loved the bunny post – especially all your delightful bunny art) but I have been so busy with work. Life pulls me in many directions when all I want to do is drink tea and chat with my friends. Get revived, dear friend – you will be back bushy-tailed and full of exciting adventures, I know. Thanks for the update. Keep well…

    • Thank you Shona, I know what you mean about work taking over your life, it happens sometimes! As long as you make time for tea every day that’ll keep you going. I had Assam yesterday and thought of you.

  14. I hate that word “tendonitis” it is so hard to shake off! Only goes to show we should spend more time relaxing and drinking tea! Get well!

  15. That cake looks gorgeous! Send me a slice. Sorry about your De Quervain’s. It’s exactly what I had. I’m embarrassed to say that I got it from playing a Guitar Hero demo using the controller instead of a plastic guitar… It took a while, but it’s gone now. πŸ™‚

    DON’T type a response to this. Enjoy your vacation. Galloway looks wonderful and peaceful and the sticky pudding like a dream.

  16. Am so sorry to hear of your pain and hope that your recovery is full and successful. I was discussing you with my sister just yesterday, saying that I missed hearing from you and hoped you were well…she thought that possibly you went on vacation…then got your post…so….hope that take a well deserved rest, don’t respond to messages and heal. I have a wrist brace which helps me immensely when I overdo it…will be sending good wishes your way. All my best…Linda (Tea With Betty)

    • Thank you Linda, I’m using a wrist brace too, and that definitely helps. It’s amazing the way fellow bloggers become a part of your life when they’re people you’ve never met isn’t it? I feel the same, it’s really nice.

    • Thanks Meg, I did have a lovely time although I don’t know that I rested as much as I could have (too much to see – too many tearooms to visit!). I did a lot of driving which wasn’t great for the wrist, but at least I didn’t type, so that was something. I think the break has certainly helped.

  17. So sorry to hear that your wrist is no better. I once suffered from tendonitis in my ankles for quite a long time after wearing ill-fitting shoes. But – it healed and has been absolutely fine for years and years. You’re quite right to take care of yourself.

    I hope you are having a bit nicer weather down in Galloway than we are up in Aberdeen. And I wish you lots of yummy cakes, Mata Haris and all sorts, and of course some excellent cups of tea.

    Remember, your health is your top priority! (Can you get voice-activated software? A writer friend of mine has that after she developed RSI…)

    • Thank you Christine, a very good reminder to put health first. After all, without your health you can’t enjoy all the other things in life. The weather was very good, sunny every day amazingly enough, despite gloomy forecasts! I had lots of cakes and cups of tea I’m glad to say, and some of them will be adorning these pages very soon. My doctor did suggest voice-activated software, but then added that he’d used it and it wasn’t very good, so I won’t invest in that just yet, but thanks for mentioning it, it’s something to bear in mind.

  18. Hello Lorna, sorry to hear about your inflamed wrists, it all sounds mighty uncomfortable. Have you ever tried acupuncture? Some years ago I had golfers elbow (similar to tennis elbow but a different tendon apparently) as a result of incorrect positioning for computer use at work, and after a couple of months of anti-inflammatories, ultrasound and massage, and very little progress, the physio suggested acupuncture. So I gave it a try it and after two sessions I was fixed, so I can heartily recommend the needles. And to stop it recurring I changed the height of my seat so my wrists were correctly aligned for typing, and so far it hasn’t recurred.

    And I’m sure my recovery would have been alot quicker still if I’d been able to indulge myself with the medicinal cakes you’ve pictured above!

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    • Thank you Finn, I’m interested to read your comment. Cheryl (above) also suggested acupuncture, and I’m heartened to hear your stories but also very nervous about the whole business. I am really scared of needles (I have been known to faint when faced with them!) and the thought of acupuncture scares me witless, but if it gets worse I might just consider it. I wonder if they could knock me out first…I’m very glad to hear it cured your problem though.

      • Hello Lorna, good to see you’re up and running again, I hope your tendons have calmed down. The needles aren’t hypodermics, they’re very short and incredibly fine, they only go in a a few mm’s and I couldn’t see or feel it when they were inserted. In my case it was a completely stress free experience.

        • I’m glad to hear it Finn, that is somewhat reassuring. It’s the thought of it that disturbs me more than the actual business, probably. I’m going to try and find out about it because I don’t think the wrists are getting much better on their own.

  19. Feel better soon, dear Lorna. β™₯β™₯β™₯ Take as much time, tea and cake as you need to make a full recovery, and know we’ll all still be here, happily waiting for the Queen of Tearooms to make her grand entrance once more, pain-free and well rested.
    Much love to you

  20. I have missed you. The cakes on this post make me want to rob a bakery. Or, I could just pay. They look so yummy. Take your time getting better. Ice? heat? ibuprofin?

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