A delightful holiday home

If you’re ever thinking of having a little self-catering holiday in the south-west of Scotland, and fancy staying in a most comfortable and splendidly well equipped cottage, I can heartily recommend Culmore Bridge Cottages as a first class option.

The truly delightful Jim and Marilyn Sime have built four excellent self-catering bungalows next to their own cottage, in an area of grass and woodland near the sleepy village of Sandhead (about 8 miles south-east of Stranraer), and have taken great care to make them fully accessible with a range of thoughtful design ideas for disabled, as well as able-bodied, guests.

I spent last week there with my two most delightful assistants (as well as a special guest assistant), and we had a marvellous time. We’ve all stayed there before, never want to leave and are always looking forward to our next visit.

Here’s a picture of Rowan Cottage, the house we stayed in. The paintwork was being redone during our stay, which is why it looks a little fuzzy round the edges, but I’m sure that it will be looking tip-top by now with all the black paint round the windows touched up. This was taken halfway through the repainting, with the whitewashing already done and just the window surrounds to finish:

Inside, the house was spacious, well laid out, warm, cosy and comfortable.

The very well equipped kitchen:

With dining area next to it and light streaming in from the French doors that led onto a small decking area outside (outdoor chairs and a table provided for those al frescoΒ moments):

The view from the decking area (there was a road beyond the trees but apart from that peace and tranquility reigned):

There were paths around the demesne, some of which led to ponds full of wildlife, including several species of newt. I’ve seen at least two different species here, including the great crested newt. They like to hide in murky water and lurk amongst foliage so this was the best shot I could get:

The cottage had three lovely relaxing bedrooms (2 doubles and a twin). This was my room, where I did a lot of happy snoozing:

Snoozing opportunities were to be had elsewhere in the house, too, as weary assistant no.2 discovered after breakfast in the lounge one day (well, he is nearly 83 after all, and if you can’t take a nap after breakfast at that age, when can you?):

The lounge led onto the dining area and kitchen, all open plan but very nicely designed so that they felt like separate areas:

While some of us were indulging in a doze, others were perusing improving literature on the subject:

Many delicious tearoom experiences were had on this holiday (of which more to come) but before I get onto that, I will leave you with a health-giving salad (the cucumber was pushed to one edge so as not to offend those who didn’t care for it):


53 thoughts on “A delightful holiday home

  1. I know I’ve said this in the past, but if you ever need another guest assistant, I’m in. I think the 83 year old and I would get along. He could snooze and I would indulge in drinking tea and reading. I would love to hear his stories over dinner. Sounds like a great place!!!!!

  2. Brilliant! It’s amazing what a bit of extra snooze time and sunshine can do for one’s spirits! I too am just returned from holidays and feeling all the better for it! I love the two extra pals you made on your journey being Mr Newt and the snoozy fella with the funny hat & glasses πŸ™‚

  3. I whole-heartedly vouch for Assistant No. 2’s post-breakfast snooze. It is most satisfying. Also the cucumbers pushed to the side of the health-giving salad is very thoughtful. Care always shows up in small things, don’t they? Welcome back! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Shona, there’s nothing like a little snooze now and then through the day. I like a cucumber myself, but delightful assistant no.2 is not a fan. It’s nice to be back, especially with lovely comments like yours! πŸ™‚

  4. Great to see you back, Lorna! The cottage looks perfect, and I’m so impressed with the crested newt as well. I hope your wrists are feeling much better now. And thanks for your kind comments on my blog.

    • Thank you Christine, how kind of you. I was very pleased to see the newt! The wrists are still problematic but I think they benefitted from the lack of typing. It’s always a pleasure reading your blog.

      • I SO need it, I’m collapsing, I can feel it 😦
        Maybe one day, for now i can only dream and wish to only wake up, when it will come true ❀

        • I’m very sorry to hear that, but perhaps doing some of Nicole’s journal activities will bring about the change you desire. I’ve done some of these sorts of exercises in the past and they really have worked – often in ways I wasn’t expecting. The first step to making something happen is thinking and dreaming about it, and far from being a waste of time, it’s an essential part of the process.

    • Thank you Heather, how nice of you to say so. That jumper was my Christmas present to him and I think he’s hardly taken it off since then, he seems to be very happy with it, which is most gratifying.

  5. So glad you had a good time – the cottage looks gorgeous. I hope that the break has done you all a lot of good, and that you’ve come back relaxed.

    • Thank you very much Nicole, I’m so chuffed you nominated me! Very oddly, I received this from someone else and was looking forward to giving it to you but I’ve been too slow off the mark.

  6. Lovely cottage and this is tempting me to go to Scotland soon πŸ™‚
    Went to England a couple of years ago…
    lovely country sides and cottages there too..
    Thank you for sharing!

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