Today my dad turned 83.

I have another blog (on Blogger) that I often forget about, but I was reminded about it today and thought I’d do a little post for my dad’s birthday on it. Rather than repeat the post on this blog, you might like to have a look here:

A nice cup of tea

Although I don’t post on my other blog very often, I had it before I joined up with WordPress and there are some other bits of my life on there, including me at work (in theory I work offshore, but it’s more than 6 months since my last contract, and at the moment I can’t do it because of my wrist trouble). It’s so long since I’ve been to work that it feels quite nostalgic looking at the pictures. Here’s a taster:

A nice cup of tea


43 thoughts on “83

  1. Love the photos, both on this post and your other blog! Happy Birthday to your Dad. You must have seen some wonderful sights at sea. What is the island in the background of the second (and possibly first) pic?

    • Thanks Jo, I’ll pass that on to my dad. I do love being at sea, and it’s always nice to get out on deck and see the water and sky. I’m not 100% sure about the first picture but the second one is definitely the Norwegian mainland around Kristiansund. I suspect the first one is of islands off Norway in the same area, I’m pretty sure it is.

  2. Aww your sweet DAD!!! I am going to share your parents with you Lorna – because both mine are gone. I miss them so much. Happy birthday to you dad!! You have an awesome daughter who I knew in another life. I truly believe we are cosmically connected. Good health and good cheer to you on this special birthday!!

    • Thanks Annie, I forget it’s there from week to week. I find WordPress much easier and more satisfying to use but somehow I can’t quite bring myself to delete the Blogger one. Yours is the Dough, Dirt and Dye isn’t it? I had a peek a while ago.

      • I know what you mean. I’ve also found that it’s been much easier to connect and network via WP. Blogger bloggers don’t seem as…friendly! Just my perception. Yes, Dough, Dirt & Dye. Kinda ran out of things to write about!

        • I might be missing something but Blogger doesn’t seem to me to be as well organised for networking. Leaving comments in WP is so much easier and people seem so friendly and keen to interact, as you say. I’m glad I found WP.

    • Thank you Nikky, I’m sorry you had trouble with WordPress, I prefer it and found Blogger harder to understand, but one suits one person and the other suits others, I guess. There are some great blogs on Blogger, too, that’s for sure.

  3. Hi Lorna, happy birthday to your dad, how sweet their bdays are a week apart! I checked your blogspot, awesome photos and I esp loved the poster in that farm tea house! Happiness is definitely a way of life and not the destination! πŸ™‚

  4. A very happy birthday to your Dad, and to your mother next week. They look like good fun – you’re very lucky to have them, and they you.

    And those photos of your adventures at sea are very beautiful. I am NOT a good sailor, but you almost make me kind of imagine what it might be like to want to be on a ship!

    • Thank you Christine, I feel very fortunate to have them. I really enjoy their company and want to make the most of it.
      I’m not a good sailor either, so I sympathise, but thankfully seasickness has a habit of wearing off after a few days…

      • A few DAYS!? Ha ha you make me laugh. I can manage the Minch or the Irish Sea, lying down. But when I look at the little line on the map that connects Aberdeen with the Shetland Islands and says “18 – 36 hours” I feel queasy! I long to go, but I balk when I really consider that journey…

        • I don’t blame you, I would balk at that journey too, that stretch of water can be very choppy. I would advise flying there and hiring a car instead, as there are several car rental companies in Lerwick. I was on a ferry sailing from the Faroes to Scotland a few years ago and as soon as I got on I felt sick. It was a huge boat so I hadn’t expected to, and when I asked for seasickness pills in the shop onboard the girl thought I was being ridiculous. Maybe if I’d never been stuck on a boat for weeks on end I wouldn’t know that seasickness wears off, but I do remember the first time I had it for about 5 days before it showed any signs of abating. After it had gone I wondered what I’d been making all the fuss about.

  5. He’s a sprightly looking 83 – many happy returns to the old fella!

    I had a look at your seafaring pictures on Blogger, fascinating stuff and I’m very envious of your marine lifestyle. I guess there’s not much space in a tearoom blog for tales of ocean going adventure. Pity πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Finn, I think he’s amazing for his age, I sometimes think he’s in much better nick than I am.
      I did wonder if I could sneak some seafaring stuff onto my tearoom blog but maybe I should keep it in the other one. If I do go back to sea I might try to wangle some food related tale out of it so that it can sit comfortably in this blog.

  6. All in all, it looked like a perfect day! I would have “sampled” all the desserts, too! The scenery was also beautiful. A very nice outing… πŸ™‚

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