Tearoom of the Week 10

“Tearoom of the Week” has been a bit neglected lately, so I thought it was high time I slipped another one in. This tearoom comes to you from the county of Angus.

Angus sits on Scotland’s east coast, with Dundee to the south, Perthshire to the west and Aberdeenshire to the north. If you kept going east out of Angus you’d end up in the North Sea.

This picture was taken bobbing about somewhere in the North Sea last year. I was astonished by the number of gulls sitting on the water so far from land, I don’t know what they were doing there but there were hundreds of them (you might need to click on the picture to enlarge it and see them properly):

This isn’t particularly relevant to the tearoom in question, since it’s not on the coast, I just fancied putting a cool watery picture in because I’m sitting here typing this on a very warm day.

One of the wonderful things about this tearoom is the setting, which is quiet and attractive, surrounded by rolling green hills. Unfortunately I don’t seem to have a photo of the views from the tearoom windows, but this is what it looks like when you arrive. It’s inside an old forge on the right where the window is, and the building on the far left houses a stable (with horse):

Inside, it’s light and airy and has a farmhouse feel, with exposed stone walls, wooden beams, and wooden furniture around the room:

My delightful assistant and I popped in here yesterday for a light luncheon, having just had enormous pancakes at another tearoom not far away. Since we weren’t terribly hungry, we shared egg salad sandwiches:

I think the eggs may have come from some of the free range hens that we saw wandering around the car park. There were some lovely grey stripy ones, which I think were Scots Greys, that were wisely sitting in the shade of a fence:

And there was a very attractive little black one. Its feathers had a greenish sheen that caught the light. It’s not demonstrated brilliantly in this photo, but it had the sort of silky iridescence you see in oil slicks:

After our sandwiches and some cool drinks, we left the car at the tearoom and went for a walk nearby to enjoy the glorious weather and work up an appetite for some spice cake. I had spotted the cake under a glass cloche and was keen to sample it, but I needed to make room by burning up some calories first.

We found a grassy path through some deciduous trees, and the dappled light made it look refreshingly appealing in the heat:

It was indeed very pleasant and peaceful, and by the time we arrived back at the tearoom I found I had a cake-shaped hole inside me.

We ordered a big pot of tea for two, and the spice cake:

I don’t think I’ve ever had this cake before, but as far as I could gather it was a basic sponge with cinnamon and other spices in it. The icing was very nice and spicy too, and I got a jelly sweet into the bargain.

All of the chairs in this tearoom are wooden, but some of them are of delicate design, with prettily frilled cushions on them. These were perhaps my favourites:

As we were leaving the tearoom, a little chap popped up from behind a dry stone wall and thanked us for coming. We thanked him for having us, and I look forward to renewing his acquaintance in the near future:


27 thoughts on “Tearoom of the Week 10

  1. Loved those chickens! The tearooms looked particularly tasty with the spice cake and the egg salad sandwiches!!! I also think that little chap was very friendly & cherubic and I especially loved his cousins in Gnomeo & Juliette too!

    Freshly laid eggs, yes please! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love the dresser in the tearoom, I would love to have a kitchen or separate dining room big enough to fit one in my house!! The gnome is very cute too – all we’ve got is a little rabbit garden ornament…which confuses the actual rabbit!

    • Ha ha, your poor rabbit! The dressers are really nice aren’t they? The tearoom had two, one on either side of the room, plus some very sturdy looking chests of drawers. Solid wooden furniture like that makes me want a big old-fashioned farmhouse style kitchen.

  3. I think I’m suffering from a cupcake-shaped hole – which is why I have a batch of cupcakes baking RIGHT now! Lovely tearoom, Lorna – the inside I think is my favorite so far. Looks so cozy and rustic.

    • You torture me with your tales of cupcake baking! I can only dream of the lovely smells wafting around your kitchen… This is a real gem of a tearoom, I’m delighted that you like it so much, I love it too.

  4. Lovely descriptions – you find charm in things that other people overlook. I love the pic of the shaded path – looks so cool and inviting! The spice cake looks really nice too…

    • Thank you Jo, very kind of you to say so. I think it’s all down to carrying a camera, because it forces me to be more observant when I’m trying to find things to snap. Otherwise I’m generally wandering around in a daze. That shady path was a welcome relief from the burning sun – how often can we say that in Scotland?

  5. What with the lovely airy interior, and the scrumptious looking egg sandwiches, and the colorful hens and the beautiful treelined walk —
    I think this could be my favorite tearoom also!

  6. Looks like such a charming little tearoom. I have had lots of little sandwiches lately at bridal showers for my sister, that look very similar to the ones you have photographed.

    • A small sandwich is a delightful thing, there’s something about them being bite size that makes them taste better, I don’t know why. My brother maintains that triangular food tasted better, too, so these sandwiches have it all!

  7. Oh I just loved this whole post! The horse in the stable (if out of sight), hens, lovely bright tea-room, your refreshing walk, the yummy food… I feel like I’ve just been on an outing. Oh and the deep blue sea to start off with!

    • Thank you Christine, I’m delighted that you feel you’ve joined me on my little outing! I wish I had taken a photo of the horse because it was being given a shower with a hose, but the girl who was trying to wash it seemed to be having a difficult time so I thought photographing her might not go down too well.

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