Tearoom Delights for sale on ebay

Tearoom Delights for sale on ebay.






28 thoughts on “Tearoom Delights for sale on ebay

  1. This is thrilling news, Lorna! I can’t wait to see your book and share it with my brother and his friends in Scotland. And I’ll look forward to visiting and exploring some of those tearooms, myself. 🙂

      • Of course I’m chuffed! The realization of a dream is a wonderful thing. And when a person with as much charm and talent as you is putting something to print, the world is better for it. 🙂
        I mean that, sincerely.

        • Thank you Robin, you’re right that the realization of a dream is a wonderful thing, but I feel a bit shy of accepting such praise! (It’s jolly nice to get it, all the same!) 🙂

    • Thanks Annie, I was perhaps getting a bit carried away with myself yesterday sticking it on ebay without even having it to sell, but I think when it actually lands on my doorstep I’m going to have a lot of other stuff to do and it’s nice to have got that dealt with, at least.

    • Thanks Jo, you know how this feels! I wasn’t expecting the last minute hitches that have cropped up, but things had perhaps been a bit too easy…still, I have a very good printer who will sort me out.

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