Jubilee Japes

A few photos in recognition of HM The Queen’s diamond jubilee:

Plant on a Jubilee napkin in Glenmuick Church, Ballater. I looked inside the box labelled ‘Favourite Hymns’ but there was nothing in it.

I was curious to know which mask was the most popular. All I can say is that there appeared to be no Queens and there was a spare pile of Prince Phillips.

Her Majesty getting her locks in order under the dryer for the big day.

Supermarket Tesco’s  festive bunting:

A craft shop in Blairgowrie called The Workbasket has my favourite Jubilee window display. A collection of knitted Royals and all the letters of ‘Congratulations’ knitted. It’s a knitted marvel.

Where else can you see a knitted Archbishop of Canterbury?

Not to mention a knitted corgi


33 thoughts on “Jubilee Japes

  1. How fun… I love corgi’s too (we grew up with two…) We have been watching the festivities in the States.. loved the choir, singing in the rain the other day. Celebrating is a wonderful thing.

    • I agree Linda, I’m not really a royalist, but I do like a bit of pomp now and then to stir the sinews. How funny that you had corgis when you were growing up, I’ve never known of anyone apart from the Queen having them. She has three at the moment, I believe: Molly, Holly and Monty. Apparently one of her previous corgis mated with Princess Anne’s daschund and created a new breed: the dorgi.

  2. Hi,
    Great photos, a lot of celebrations. I did see a bit on TV and it did look like everyone was having fun, a lot of smiling and laughing, I love seeing people enjoying themselves.

    • Thanks Annie, they all made me smile when I saw them. In fact, the Queen under the dryer made me screech with laughter. Not terribly respectful of me, but I couldn’t help it.

  3. love, love, love the knitted Royal Family! that is fantastic. also enjoyed the i heart corgis. excellent. wonderful pictures, Lorna!

  4. What a cute post. Loved the knitted Royal family and corgi. Poor Prince Phillip–not a huge seller and now he is ill.

  5. Love the little doo-dads, Lorna. Saw the Jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace yesterday on TV. Ohhh myyyy! Much as I love all things British (and I don’t mean to offend anyone) but I found it god-awful garish. I think they outdid Las Vegas on this one. I cringed for the Queen (wonder how she felt about Paul Mc’Cartney singing “live and let die”-off key at that). She looked so unhappy and disoriented -after all her hubby is in hospital, poor thing. The audience seemed to have a blast tho…

    • I know, I felt sorry for the Queen too, she didn’t look quite herself, and no wonder with Philip being in hospital, but if there’s one thing you can say about the great lady, she always does her duty. Mr McCartney should, in my opinion, stick to recording in the studio these days, where they can tweak things a bit. His days of singing live should come to an end, because this is not he first time he’s appeared live, flat and out of tune. On the up side, Tom Jones was pitch perfect – not bad for a fellow of 72!

  6. Good Lord, Mr Salmond has made me believe there’d be none of this kind of caper going on north of the border! I love the idea of Her Maj sitting under the dryer 🙂

    • Ha ha, I wonder what he made of it all. I suspect he might well have attended a Jubilee tea on the quiet. Hats off to whoever came up with the idea of that hairdressing window display!

  7. The I LOVE CORGIS button is awesome. Not many people in The States know this group. My husband has one of their vinyl records and often talks about them. I laughed when I saw your photo!

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