Danish Pastry

Yesterday, I do believe I had the best Danish pastry I’ve ever tasted (I’ve had them in Denmark, where they were pretty good, but this one may have topped even those).

My delightful assistant and I were heading north, in order to rummage around the astonishing second hand complex that is Steptoe’s Yard (I posted about it on my Teacups Press blog here, if you’re interested), and we needed something to sustain us during our exertions.

Slightly off our main route to the second hand shop, in a tiny village or indeed hamlet, is a tearoom I have been trying – and failing – to visit for some time now, ever since fellow blogger and ceramicist, Anne, recommended it to me. I have made various attempts to take lunch there, which have been sadly thwarted for different reasons, but yesterday I finally struck lucky and succeeded in enjoying morning refreshments.

It wasn’t the sunniest of days but, even so, I thought the outside of the tearoom looked very welcoming:

The entrance was pretty marvellous too, with a little porch:

The porch had attractive windows on either side:

The tearoom is run by Danes, who sell Danish designed homewares in the adjoining shop. The tearoom chairs reminded me of Ikea (which, admittedly, is Swedish, not Danish) and I found them very comfortable:

I should perhaps have expected Danish pastries in a tearoom run by Danes, but I might not have anticipated the options. There were cinnamon, berry and custard pastries, and I chose custard. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a fancy napkin in a tearoom:

The pastry had been freshly baked and was still slightly warm. The whole thing was incredibly light and the custard slipped down almost before I knew it. The pastry was tasty, light and utterly delicious. It was a decent size but I wouldn’t have been at all upset if it had been bigger.

My delightful assistant had a berry pastry, with coffee, while I had English Breakfast tea:

Inside the bathroom, there was a commendable supply of loo rolls, and a stack of small hand towels, including three hung up next to the toilet rolls:

There was also a choice of five different coloured liquid soaps, sitting in a wire holder, with instructions to “just squeeze the middle and soap will come out”. I squeezed the light green one in the middle and, right enough, soap came out, straight through a hole in the wire netting:

After enjoying our comestibles, we had a quick look in the shop, which appeared to be doing excellent business with a queue forming at the counter. The displays had been done beautifully, and I especially liked one featuring a small day bed full of teddies relaxing (not perhaps terribly clear in the picture, but the middle of the picture shows a metal bed or sofa lined with fabric and housing a number of stuffed creatures):

I’m delighted that I have finally managed to visit this tearoom, particularly as we took advantage of the special morning deal offering a pastry and a tea/coffee for £3. Unfortunately, this place is not included in my tearoom guidebook, because I didn’t manage to visit it in time, but I will be going back to have lunch there one day, and when I come to run a second edition of the book I hope to add it in.


51 thoughts on “Danish Pastry

    • Ha ha, it doesn’t seem right does it? You haven’t even got the first one yet! There will always be new tearooms popping up and old ones disappearing. I’ll put updates on the blog though, and include this tearoom for you and the other kind people who’ve shelled out for the first edition.

  1. Hi Lorna, how perfect and quaint the entrance is to your new find! I just love that splash of pink throughout. Regarding your Danish it certainly looks amazing and that little snowy cover of icing sugar is perfect. How wonderful you were finally able to visit, enjoy and share the Tearoom with your readers 🙂

    • Thanks Alice, I was so pleased to experience it at long last. It is very pretty from the outside, and indeed inside. The window displays are excellent, I took a few photos but they’re a bit dark because I was shooting into the light. I hope I can bring you a post about lunch there some time, too!

  2. Hi,
    What a lovely layout all very nice, I especially loved the entrance, by the photo it seemed very welcoming, and actually a bit hard to resist not walking in to check out what is inside. 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you were able to successfully enter that charming place, and that you were so deliciously rewarded! The pink trim and the yellow flowers are such a bright and beckoning contrast to the stone, and the extra interior touches are darling. Thanks for including all of those lovely photos (and for smuggling your camera into the loo, as well!). This will be an excellent addition to Guide Book 2! 😉

  4. Lorna, I’m delighted that you managed to get along and enjoy the surroundings and of course the beautifully yummy danish pastries. It is such a special place and I’m pleased you enjoyed it. I hope you found some goodies at Steptoes Yard it has been far too long since I’ve been there and its always a great day out. Looking forward to guide book 2 and perhaps including some Aberdeenshire tearooms in your blogging. best wishes annex

    • Thank you Anne, I tried to go 3 times before but it was either closed or there was a massive waiting list, or the loo wasn’t working…..I wasn’t going to give up though, after popping in and seeing the shop and how beautiful everything is. Thank you very much for recommending it to me, I think it’s a little treasure. Steptoe’s Yard is amazing, I could have bought a truckload of stuff! I hope to get round to Aberdeenshire some time, but there’s just so much of Scotland to cover, I think I could be visiting new tearooms here for the rest of my life!

  5. Hello Lorna, what a lovely place. I must confess to being highly suspicious at your assertion that a UK Danish pastry was better than a Danish one, but it all became clear when it transpired that it was baked by a Dane. And now you’ve given me another reason why I need to visit your part of the world. And the tearoom itself looks absolutely delightful, the Danes really are good at that kind of thing.

    • I knew I was treading on dodgy ground with that assertion, especially if you were going to read it! But, I felt confident enough to say it and, as you say, it was baked by Danes so of course it was marvellous. Now that I think of it, you’re right, I do remember seeing very beautiful window displays in Denmark and being amazed at how pretty and special they looked, but then Danes are known the world over for their design. I think you might like this place, it’s set in lovely countryside with lots of trees and a bird reserve not all that far away.

        • I’ve been thinking about my comment about the best Danish pastry. It was, to my mind, outstandingly good and a million miles away from what places like Tesco call a Danish pastry, but the surroundings and company do contribute to one’s enjoyment of food and so perhaps that’s why I thought this one was better than those I had in Denmark. I hope you will agree about the quality if you visit this place one day.

  6. That pastry is almost too pretty to eat (but of course it must be eaten)! I’m looking forward to “sampling” all the treats when I’m at one of these lovely tearooms 🙂

    • Hi Meg, I think you would enjoy this one, it’s a lovely mix of Scotland and Denmark, and you feel you’ve been transported somewhere else when you step through the door. I’m looking forward to a return visit.

  7. What a beautiful tearoom! And you describe its treats well. If there is one thing I miss here in India, it is good pastries, and your post brought on the cravings 🙂

  8. Lorna, you know I just wanted to lick my screen when I saw that pastry!!! and your photos are so delicious too. I especially like the pink trims and the gorgeous flowers. I really do love your blog ♥♥♥

    • Was it the custard that did it? I can’t resist custard oozing out of a pastry. Thank you for your kind comments Nicole, it is a particularly attractive place, this one, so quite easy to take pretty pictures. I’m quite partial to a bit of your blog too, as it happens! 🙂

    • In that case Nikky, you will appreciate how nice this one was, I think it was up to the standard of the pastries you get in Demnark. A good Danish pastry is a true delight!

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