Tearoom Delights Guidebook

If you haven’t seen my Teacups Press blog post, you might not know this yet but my book, “Tearoom Delights: a little guide to delightful tearooms of Perthshire, Angus and Dundee” is now available!

I picked it up in boxes two days ago from the printer. I’m pleased with it, and happy that it’s come to fruition as I’d hoped. Now I just have to try and shift all these copies…

For the meantime, it’s only available on ebay, or from me directly (by emailing me, Lorna, at teacups@sent.com). Unfortunately I can’t process credit cards at the moment and so the payment options buying from me are cheque (sterling), cash, postal order or bank transfer. You can use a credit card via an ebay account.

Very soon the book will hopefully be available in local bookshops, tourist information offices and tearooms.

A lot of things make me think of my grandparents, and doing this book is one of them. This rather yellowing picture is of me with my grandad, as a tot at the seaside:

I often think of my grandparents, and this grandad in particular because he’s the one I remember best. When I’m feeling stressed by modern day life, and computer challenges in particular, I take some sort of comfort from thinking how much more baffling it would be for my grandad, if he were alive today. He would be astonished by blogging and the internet in general because he died before it all took off, and I sometimes wonder if life was simpler and easier in his day, although I wouldn’t want to give up all the comforts and conveniences of life in 2012. I suppose every generation has its good and bad points, and there is much to be thankful for in this day and age.

Back to the book, something I wish I could show to my grandparents, but am very grateful to be able to share with my parents. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to dedicate a book to them, and now that I’ve been able to do that, I feel very satisfied.

It’s not easy to market your own work, perhaps especially for most Brits who are brought up to believe that blowing one’s own trumpet is to be discouraged. There are other cultures that are more comfortable with the idea of personal success and achievement, but it’s part of the British psyche to downplay things and be self-deprecating. (I have been told that this is a charming aspect of the British character, although I could imagine that some people might find it intensely infuriating, exasperating and possibly quite ridiculous.)

Luckily for me, fellow blogger and Tearoom Delights customer, Christine, has done a lovely post about my book on her blog, Writing from Scotland, and I would like to direct you there for an independent review. The teabag mentioned on her blog varies, incidentally, and if you have a special preference I can offer the following choices:

Earl Grey

Lady Grey

English Breakfast



I hope that no-one receiving a book now is going to be disappointed by the teabag I chose for them, but if you are, please let me know and I will gladly send an alternative.

Here are a few more pictures of the book. This, as you may have gathered, is the front cover:

And this is the back:

This is a wee sketch on page 25:

If you’re thinking that £7, plus postage and packing, is a lot to be spending on a small book about tearooms you might never even visit, you could be right. However, if it helps you to make your decision about whether or not to splash out on a copy, here’s a bit of extra information. £7 will get you:

  • 104 black & white pages with 49 illustrated line drawings/lettering
  • 6 full colour photos on the inside and outside covers
  • a coloured fold-out map on the inside back cover with tearoom locations
  • 23 tearoom reviews with a useful information section for each one
  • a page on local history by my dad
  • a few pages of witterings from me by way of an introduction

If you order it direct from me, you also get a teabag (woohoo!). That’s it really, I hope it’s worth £7 to the kind people who’ve purchased it so far, and to anyone else who parts with their hard earned spondoolicks in the future.


39 thoughts on “Tearoom Delights Guidebook

  1. My goodness, how many copies did you print Lorna? I hope they sell like hot scones! I will get my copy soon. Can’t wait to see what you have put together. You did an awesome job. You are way too modest. Toot it up a bit, girl!!

    • Well, I started out thinking I’d print 200 but somehow the final order went up to 2000, so that’s what I’ve got to shift. I’m sorry I haven’t found a good alternative to ebay yet, I am still looking into it… Thank you for your kind comments, I like the expression to ‘toot it up’!

  2. Well I would like one please, a signed copy of course! 🙂 Perhaps you could email me your bank details and the total inc. p&p?
    I love the pic of you with your grandad, who is (very properly) wearing a shirt and tie to the seaside.
    I share your natural reluctance to boast about your (fantastic) achievement. I had the same problem with our book. I just wanted people to read it and rave about it themselves!
    Would you be happy if I did a little review on The Hazel Tree?
    Congratulations again!

    • Thank you Jo, I never saw my grandfather dressed any other way, but it was a generational thing I suppose. I would be delighted if you did a little review on the Hazel Tree, thank you kindly! I’ll email you now.

  3. What a lovely photo of you and your grandad. I think of my own grandparents nearly every day, even now. Like you, I often wonder what they would make of such-and-such a situation.

    Perhaps your grandparents are well aware of Tearoom Delights and are blogging away about it in heaven! It’s definitely worth £7 and like Shona I do hope it sells like hot scones. I am looking over my Christmas list….

    • Thank you Christine, it’s really nice that you also think of your grandparents so much. I was thinking today that it’s a shame mine don’t know how often I think of them, but perhaps they do! Perhaps, as you say, they’re blogging away in heaven, telling their chums about their granddaughter’s wee book. I like that idea!

      • Thank you very much Lynette! It is exciting to actually be able to pick the book up and look at it now, after reading it on a screen for so long. I’m glad I put that old photo in. 🙂

        • Just when I was beginning to think it might have fallen into the Atlantic, your charming little book arrived today. Thank you so much! I am so happy to have it. I hope someday to be able to return to Scotland and put it to use!

          • Oh dear, that was a long wait! I’m so sorry it took that long to get to you. The UK Post Office aim to deliver within a week to the USA but I’m afraid it doesn’t always work out quite like that. Still, I’m very glad to hear that it did finally arrive, thank you for letting me know. I hope you might be able to put it to some use one day, as you say. Thanks again for buying a copy! 🙂

  4. Congratulations on your book! How exciting to see them all together like that. I also like the picture of you and your grandfather. I wish you every success with your book.

  5. Hi Lorna, it’s fantastic to see that everything came together in the end. I really love that vintage pic of you and your granddad. I’ve no doubt he’s proud of all you’ve achieved. 🙂 I’m going to get around to the book (I promise) hope you’re enjoying the last of your weekend too!

    • Thank you Alice, it is quite a relief to have it finished and produced. There’s no rush to buy the book, I have rather a lot of copies! That’s the weekend over now, I hope your new week has got off to a good start.

    • Thank you Bertie, so many tearooms and so little time! I hope to make a nice little trip through England later in the year, and will of course be sampling some tearooms!

  6. A friend from Airdrie is coming over to spend a week with us next month. I think I’ll see if she can send you a check and bring me a copy!!! Might be handy for our driving ’round Scotland next year!

  7. Hello again Lorna,

    This is quite the most smile inducing book plug I’ve ever read and you’ve convinced me that I must purchase your book. Please drop me an email and let me know the price inc P+P and where to send a cheque, and I shall be extremely happy to relieve you of a copy and put it to good use when I’m in Scotland.

    I do hope they’re flying off the shelf and you’re already contemplating your second print run 🙂

    PS I think your Grandad would be very excited and proud of your writing and publishing achievements!

    • Thank you so much Finn. I’m not contemplating a second print run just yet, but it’s early days and I’m very pleased with the way it’s going so far. My fellow bloggers have been extremely encouraging and I’m most grateful for that. An email has been dropped your way!

      I like to think of my grandad smiling down at me and feeling quite pleased with his little granddaughter. 🙂

  8. I am so excited for you…and was going to ask if I could order a copy in the U.S. but see that Sweet Posey Dreams ordered through Ebay and she is in Illinois so I should be good to go… you will see my order soon, can’t wait to get it. Again, congratulations, what a fete.

    • Thanks Linda, yes indeed, I’ve had a few successful payments made that way so it seems to work fine. It would be nice to have an alternative for people who don’t have/don’t want to open, an ebay account, but I haven’t worked that out yet. I’d be delighted to send you one! 🙂

  9. A magnificent achievement you must be so proud – I hope the company’s are at least offering free cakes. Still not seeing your posts in my ‘Blog’s I follow feed’ which means I a missing your posts. Have you any idea how hungry I am 🙂

    • Thank you Scott! I am quite pleased with it, but the tragic thing is I can’t accept freebies in case it looks like bribery. I had the same thing with a blog I was following, and it was remedied by typing in my email address to the ‘follow by email’ box. I have no idea why I had to do that for this one blog when all the others worked fine, but it solved the problem. Weird!

      • okay – i’ll try that tonight must dash back – been a little busy recently (I am sure you have seen the News) – I would be very proud to achieve your success and will make a goal -‘to be published’

  10. Oohh, I love your photo with your grandad, so sweet!
    Now, with you book and an article I read today about Edinburgh as a literary city full of monuments to writers and bookshops, I really want to visit Scotland! 🙂

    • Thank you Noemi! Edinburgh does a good job of selling itself as a city of writers. There’s an interesting Writers’ Museum just off the Royal Mile that’s worth a visit, and it was free to get in the last time I went there. There’s also the cafe where J K Rowling wrote her Harry Potter books, not far from the museum. I’m delighted that you want to visit Scotland, and I hope you manage to fulfil that ambition one day! 🙂

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