Awards in July

Some time ago, two fellow bloggers very kindly gave me awards that I have not yet thanked them for publicly.

Aparna from Midnight Hues Poetry gave me the Versatile Blogger Award and Ashley from Backyard Provence bestowed the Very Inspiring Blogger Award on me. Due to the generous nature of this blogging community, I had already received these awards, but I was most grateful to have them again from two bloggers who have provided me with some excellent reading material.

Today, I received another two awards from Meg at Meg Travels and these two are awards I’ve never had before.

The first one is the Illuminating Blogger Award:

The rules for accepting the award are:

  • to visit the award site Food Stories and leave a comment indicating that I’ve been nominated and by whom
  • to thank the person that nominated me by including a link to their blog
  • to share one random thing about myself
  • to select at least five other bloggers whose illuminating, informative posts I enjoy reading, and nominate them for the award

I’ve visited the Food Stories site and left my comment as instructed, and I heartily recommend a visit to Meg’s blog, which has lots of wonderful photos on it and little stories of her trips and travels around the world. Thank you Meg for this award.

One random fact is that garlic is the only vegetable I can think of that I don’t like.

I find illuminating, informative posts all over the place on the blogosphere and so this list is just a taster of wonderful things, but I’m inclulding these blogs particularly because I frequently feel illuminated, informed and inspired by all of them:

The Hazel Tree

The Naturephile

Writing From Scotland

Journeys to Scotland

Cauldrons and Cupcakes


The second award from Meg is the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award:

For this one I have to again pass the award on to 5 blogs and share 7 things about myself.

The blogs are:

Tea with Betty

Bringing Europe Home

Leanne Cooking For the Family

The Cosy Creative

Make and Bake with Bert 

Seven things about myself:

  • I eat cereal with fruit for my evening meal just about every night
  • I have a weakness for new shampoos
  • I got my first pay packet aged 15, working in a record shop on Saturdays
  • I have a weakness for stationery
  • Earlier this year I started a writing course that was meant to lead to me becoming a published author on completing the course; I’ve only done the first assignment so far, but I’ve published a book, so I’m doing it the wrong way round
  • I have a weakness for second-hand books
  • I would quite like to do a course in French polishing

Just as I was about to publish this post, I received another award from The Charmed Cupcake:

Thank you very much to Angela for that. Her blog has a wonderful subtitle: “Cupcakes are an important part of a balanced diet”. Angela lives in Austria, a country I once visited when I was about 7 years old on a family holiday, and I like the way she introduces herself on her blog; in her words: “People call me Angela, Ange or Angie – whatever suits their personality”. My instinct was to call her Angela, so I don’t know what that says about me, perhaps that I’m rather a formal sort of British person.

The rules for this one are to thank the person who nominated me, tell people 7 things about myself and pass it on to 7 other blogs. Since I’ve just mentioned 7 things for the previous award, I’ll borrow those for that bit of this award and nominate the following blogs:

Idun in Scotland

That Doodling Gal

Cocina de Nihacc

Backyard Provence

Tea Buddy

Ummanaal’s Musings

Midnight Hues Poetry

Thank you to everyone who’s given me these awards, and to all of the nominees for providing great blogs for me to read.


28 thoughts on “Awards in July

  1. Thanks for your kind words about my blog Lorna 😉 and I think from your personality we would get on like a house on fire if we ever met in person & I think it would be fun visiting tearooms with you.

    • Thank you! Just about everyone I know cooks with garlic all the time, it’s a bit of an unsociable thing not to like. As long as I can’t taste it that’s fine but if I can – eeuugghh!

  2. Hello Lorna, thankyou for the nomination,that’s a very fine gesture indeed! I’m really pleased that you still think my blog is worthy of an award, and I must confess I’m terribly flattered that you find it illuminating! I’ve been really slack about accepting awards and I now have three in the bank, so I’ll proudly accept the nomination as an Illuminating blogger and I’ll do a full acceptance of the awards in the near future

  3. Thank you so much Lorna 🙂 I feel very honoured that you nominated me! I will now follow the rules of the award. You’re very kind! Hope your book has been selling well?

  4. Hi Lorna, a lot of blog love there which is fantastic! I’m eager to check out those blogs (dome of which are familiar and others which aren’t.) I didn’t know you are a cereal gal for dinner? How very Willy Wonka of you 😉

    • Thanks Alice, I don’t like milk in the mornings but I do love it on cereal so I swap my day around a bit. I also think milk in the evenings aids restful sleep, so it all makes perfect sense to me!

  5. Thank you Lorna for honoring Tea With Betty the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. How kind of you. I love reading your blog and was fascinated to read that you eat cereal with fruit as your primary evening meal…you are as bad as me with my egg white omelets each morning 🙂 While I love cereal, I just love dinner time and cooking so that is my main meal of the day…I would be better off doing what you do and enjoying a more luxurious afternoon tea then going light for dinner. Thanks for your comments and inspiring blog. Linda

    • Ha ha, I think your egg white omelets are marvellous! I would never have thought I’d find such a thing appealing, being a fan of the yolk, but your post has convinced me I must try it. I was delighted to pass the award on to you Linda, I really enjoy reading your blog! I tend to eat a cooked meal in the middle of the day at lunchtime if I’m home, although if I’m out visiting tearooms it’s more likely to be cakes and sandwiches throughout the day. Either way, by dinner time I feel the call of cereal!

  6. First of all, congratulations on your awards – all well deserved! And secondly, thank you very much for passing one on to me. It’ll take me a wee while to step up to the podium as I’m away for a few days but it’ll be fun when I get a chance.

  7. Thank you very much for the nomination, Lorna – and congratulations on your own awards, they are very well deserved. Keep up the great work and the fantastic tearoom reviews!

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