Capture the Colour

The delightful Meg of Meg Travels has provided me with a little challenge, via the website Travel Supermarket.

Travel Supermarket have launched a competition and are offering prizes to bloggers who share photos that ‘Capture the Colour’. In their own wordsΒ “We’re looking for bloggers to publish a blog post with a photo that captures the following 5 colours – Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red.”

To enter the challenge you ideally publish 5 photographs (you can publish fewer and not be entered for the top prize), one for each colour category, and then nominate 5 bloggers who might like to take part themselves. You are also encouraged to state where the picture was taken and add any other information that might add something of interest, including links to any posts you might have done about the places featured.

Up first is the colour blue and I’ve chosen rather a fine fellow whose blue feathers dazzled me earlier this year in Galloway, Scotland:

A splendid resident of Glenwhan Gardens keeping a beady eye on the punters, Dumfries and Galloway, April 2012

For green I’ve picked what more than one person I’ve shown it to thought was grass. It is, in fact, water seen a long way down from a very tall building in Dubai:

A lake of pea soup in amongst Dubai’s newly built skyscrapers, as viewed from the city’s second tallest building in July 2010

My yellow picture was taken last month in the astonishingly well preserved old village of Culross in Fife, Scotland. Β This building is part of Culross Palace, originally built in the late 16th-early 17th century, which makes this wall about 400 years old. The paint’s looking pretty fresh but I suspect it’s been touched up a few times over the centuries.

Three little windows in a very old and very yellow wall of Culross Palace, Fife, in July 2012

I risked life and limb for the white photo and I chose to feature it, not because there’s all that much white in it but because the white stands out so much against the background. I greatly admire, but am also allergic to, and terrified of, horses so it was with some trepidation that I got this close to one without a fence between me and it. However, it was kind enough not to maim or kill me, both of which I was worried it might well do, and in grateful thanks to it and in celebration of my survival I am posting this picture:

Giant white beast considering whether or not to bite me or trample me to death, eventually deciding not to bother with either, near Anstruther, Fife, August 2012

My final picture is the red one, a photo I published once before in a post called Auchtermuchty. Auchtermuchty is a village in Fife (I’m surprised by how many of these photos originate in Fife, it seems to be a most colourful place) that has several claims to fame. I won’t bore you with them here, but if you’re at all interested you can click on the link above and read all about it.

Cross-eyed lion door knocker in Auchtermuchty, Fife, February 2012, possibly given this disturbringly insane look to make travelling salesmen/Jehovah’s Witnesses think twice about bothering the inhabitants.

The 5 blogs I’m nominating for this challenge are:

Cauldrons and Cupcakes

Writing from Scotland

Girl in a food frenzy


Moments Clicked

If you’d like to find out more about the challenge, and perhaps even take part, please visit


43 thoughts on “Capture the Colour

  1. I would give you the prize right off the bat, Lorna. I’m sure these are exactly what they are looking for. i think they are marvelous. The colors are vibrant and well done on the pictures. Congrats on getting so close to the horse and I have to say that I think I would have been quite afraid to get that close to a peacock.

  2. Gorgeous selection of photos Lorna! Love the green water! And the fairy tale quality of the ‘white’ shot of that handsome beast πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Madhu, that green water seems to be quite popular! The horse is quite fairy tale-like, I hadn’t really thought of it in those terms that but now that you mention it I think that’s exactly right.

  3. The view from the Dubai skyscraper looks almost unreal, and I think the green water adds to the effect. Why was it so green?! What a contrast with the building in Culross. Love the peacock, he looks like he had an eye on your camera!

    • Thank you Jo, I really don’t know why it was so green. Unfortunately I only saw it from high up so I didn’t get the chance to investigate. I don’t know if it was deliberately made that colour by a lining, or by something in the water. I think I assumed it was some growth or other but maybe not. It’s a mystery! That peacock did have his eye on me, or perhaps my camera, I felt very much as if I was being watched closely.

    • Thank you Robin! Despite the terrible cacophany of peacocks, I am very drawn to their magnificent feathers. You’re absolutely right about the horse, I hadn’t noticed that until you pointed it out, but it’s so true!

    • Thank you Lucinda, that’s a perceptive comment because I dithered a bit about what to choose. I’ve seen some of the other entries and they knock mine into a cocked hat, they’re amazing, but I enjoyed it and that’s the main thing.

  4. Hi Lorna, gorgeous photos and I especially loved your description of the Lake of pea soup in Dubai! The image of the white horse b
    was also beautiful and terrifying too. Truly gorgeous stills πŸ™‚

    Thank you for inviting me to participate in the contest (but I might just stick to food snaps & recipes for now.) Hope you’re having a good start to the week and good luck with your entry!

    • Thank you Alice, that pool was very pea soup-like, but I bet it didn’t taste as good. What made me think of you was that post you did about eating the rainbow – you have so many pics of wonderfully coloured food stuffs! I was hoping to put some food in my post but I didn’t have any pictures that were good enough. I could myabe have entered for brown (chocolate) and pink (cakes) if they were allowed. There’s no pressure to enter, but thank you for the good wishes!

    • I think you’ll have lots of colours that are very worthy! I was thinking of all your beautiful flower pics, those are really amazing. No pressure to enter of course, but I think you could do a grand job. πŸ™‚

    • That’s very kind, thank you Meg, I just trawled through my photos as I assume you did too (and yours are superb!). Thank you for nominating me, I enjoyed looking for the colours amongst my photos, it made me see them in a different light.

  5. Amazing photos! I especially love the last one, as I am adore door designs and door ornamentation! Meg also nominated me which is why I found YOU! My photos are in storage so I’ll try to play along if I have time to get out-of-town to get to them! Well played, Lorna! It’ll be quite the challenge to follow your and Meg’s lead!

    • Thank you! I found you the same way, via Meg, and I’m really looking forward to your post on this, if you manage to do one. I felt a little intimidated by Meg’s effort, which was so good, but it was fun to look through pictures and select these, I quite enjoyed it.

  6. The folks with the crossed-eyed lion door knocker must have a great sense of humor. Great photos, I am drawn to each one. I agree that the horse would make a great unicorn. πŸ™‚

  7. From black and white straight into colour! So many interesting takes on this competition and some fantastic photos too. I love that yours tells a story. That’s what I always try to do with my posts. Fabulous red knocker is my favourite and I’m so glad you survived the white beast.

    • You can do so much with photogaphy nowadays, can’t you? It’s amazing. Thank you kindly for the comment, I think it was a great idea for a competition and that door knocker is quite something! I would love to have such a striking fellow to guard the entrance to my house.

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