Award winning fish and chips

There is a small town on the Fife coast that has, for years, been home to award winning fish and chips. Despite having visited this little place on a number of occasions, up until recently I had completely failed to sample the famous food.

I am delighted to say I have now rectified the situation. True vegetarians or vegans look away now:

It was amongst the best fish I’ve ever tasted, very fresh and cooked to perfection:

The town that supplied this fish is called Anstruther, and it was originally a fishing village. It’s home to another award winning business, also connected with fish – the Scottish Fisheries Museum:

On my next trip to Anstruther I would very much like to visit the museum and, as if an extra lure were needed, it boasts a tearoom.

The fish and chips above appeared on a glorious summer’s day a few weeks ago, when my delightful assistant and I were moseying around the Fife coast lapping up a bit of holiday atmosphere. If you want to feel in the thick of things on a sunny afternoon in Fife, Anstruther is the place to be. It always seems to be buzzing with life and the queues for fish suppers (aka fish and chips, I don’t know if this is a Scottish or British expression) never seem to dwindle.

Part of the reason I hadn’t partaken of this excellent fish before was due to offputting queues on previous visits. I suppose there must be a saturation point and some quiet periods, but going by what I’ve observed it would seem that the punters just can’t get enough fish suppers in Anstruther at any time of day, on any day of the week. Providing fish suppers to the people of Fife is, quite obviously, a thriving and profitable business.

As well as excellent fish, Anstruther has a harbour full of lovely boats, including this beautiful lady:

The elegant 70ft longΒ Reaper is what’s known as a herring drifter. She was built in 1902 and spent many years at sea, mainly around the Shetland Islands, picking up herring. She also did a bit of work for the Admiralty in the south of England during the war years, and in 1979 she was purchased by the Scottish Fisheries Museum. She’s been featured in films and on TV, and if you fancy calling her your home for a few hours, you can rent her out for events.

Curving around the harbour are some pretty buildings, many featuring the distinctive red pantiles associated with much of the Fife coast:

It was an unusually warm day for Scotland, with a cloudless blue sky (not all that common on Scotland’s east coast). At least I could remove my outer layers, unlike this fluffy fellow taking respite in a shady spot:

When Anstruther got too much for us with its busyness and bustle, we popped into the car and drove off to a quiet hillside for a little amble.Β If you’ve seen my Capture the ColourΒ post, you might recognise the subject of this next picture:

The foxgloves on top of the little hill we climbed had a fine view over fields to the sea. I was unreasonably proud of myself for managing to snap some without being stampeded by savage equine beasts (my apologies to any horse fanciers, my terror-induced language belies my admiration of the fine creatures):


46 thoughts on “Award winning fish and chips

  1. I didn’t look away – you know – it’s kind of like a car wreck, one feels compelled to gawk despite the horror;-)! And anyway, fish and chips were among my favorite eats, especially when malt vinegar was applied with care.

    • Thanks Lois, I’m sure it would have gone down a treat with the sauce of your choice! I like tomato ketchup myself, if I have anything, but this meal was so good I didn’t add anything to it.

  2. Yeah, you can definitely keep the fish and chips, never really liked fish much.. It is indeed lucky you got that nice weather on the east coast though, it’s really not common from what I’ve seen of it.

    • A Norwegian who doesn’t like fish?! Sorry, I’m sure you get that all the time, but it is quite unusual isn’t it? I remember eating that dried fish in Hammerfest once, more as a dare than anything else and to horrify my workmates. I must admit it was pretty pungent, no doubt a bit of an acquired taste. The weather in Anstruther that day was amazing!

  3. Those Fish and chips look wonderful. We must check it out should we ever visit that area (which we plan to one day) I love the village houses. It looks so charming. Thanks for sharing these pictures.

  4. Morning Lorna! A very stunning post indeed. Really good fish & chips are an absolute delight and a real mid week treat in our household. I say mid-week cause there’s absolutely no way I could queue at our local fish n chips on the weekend as the queue goes on forever and it’s also won the coveted award for best fish & chips in Sydney! These past three years!

    So of course as I write this I’m craving fish n chips on a Sunday! I do remember your beautiful image of that steed from capture the colour. The cottages and that beautiful (heather?) look so picturesque, exactly what I think of when picturing Scotland πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Alice, I think you would very much appreciate Anstruther’s fish and chips. Your Sydney chippie sounds very similar to this, and I can well imagine the massive weekend queues!

  5. you have me craving some fish and chips now! πŸ™‚ great pictures as always. I had great fish suppers in both Oban and Inveraray when i was in Scotland this year. I think Scotland does very well for itself in the fish and chip department. well done!

    • Sorry Alison, I made myself crave them too! Seaside towns in Scotland often have very good fish and chips, as you say. I remember some excellent fish in Mallaig and can easily imagine Oban and Inveraray coming up with the goods.

  6. An Unrefined Vegan’s comment made me laugh. I’ve been vegetarian for 6 years now I think, but if I were ever to go back to being a cornivore, it might be the fish & chips that tempted me.

    Anstruther is beautiful and what a gorgeous day you had. And your photos with the horse are also gorgeous. (I haven’t had any time at all to think about Capture the Colour but thank you again!)

    • Annie’s comment made me laugh too! I didn’t realise you were veggie Christine. I don’t eat fish all that often but I must admit I do quite enjoy it when it’s as good as this was.

      The weather was amazing that day in Anstruther – it really felt like summer! Thank you for your kind comments on my photos.

  7. I love the photos that you take on your rambles! The fish and chips look good – all too often we have been disappointed, and it’s good to know there are still some good places about. That’s a superb view in the last photo.

    • Thank you Jo, I really do recommend stopping in Anstruther for a chippie one of these days. It took me years to get round to it but it was excellent when I finally managed it. It is very disappointing when you get a poor fish supper, but I think that’s highly unlikely in Anstruther.

  8. I will be doing a post later about our visit to Anstruther when we were on our latest travels. Unfortunately we didn’t taste the fish and chips as there was a long queue but we did partake in some other delicious food. You will need to wait for the post to find out what it was. πŸ™‚

    • Ooh, I can’t wait to see your post! Sorry you missed out on the fish and chips, I know the feeling, but if you get the chance to visit again hopefully you’ll get a wee taste of them.

  9. Is there anything better than fresh seafood served up in a quaint and cozy little seaside town? Nope. Positively dreamy. I quite envy you, your delightful assistant, and that sweet little pup catching a wee bit of shade. Ah, summer.
    –Lucinda :0) xo

    • Thank you Meg but I fear this weather is not typical for Scotland! As I sit here now at the end of August the rain is thundering down in sheets and the sky is a mass of uniform grey – that’s more like it! We do get some nice days though, and they’re perhaps all the more special for their relative novelty.

  10. That’s the sceond time in a couple of weeks I’ve stumbled across ‘Anstruther’ – it was the anagram answer to a cue in the Observers Everyman crossword a couple of weeks ago.

    Lovely set of pictures Lorna, and that fish looks really good. I’m not at all sure I’d want to set sail in a boat called ‘Reaper’ though πŸ™‚

  11. There is only one word to do this post justice: yum. I could cry that I’ve read this in the middle of the afternoon when there is still far too long until dinner. I also love the gorgeous photo of the foxglove and the view (hmm, sounds like the name of a pub or a book!)

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