Spot the pony

Here’s a little game for you.

A few years ago a small stowaway hopped onboard a ship with me in Shetland, and has been my travelling companion on a number of offshore trips since.

I haven’t been offshore for over a year now and my small companion has mysteriously vanished. I think she got tired of waiting for me to go anywhere exciting and has galloped off on her own little adventure.  I could probably lure her back by leaving a trail of Maltesers in the garden.

Agnieszka at the Maltesers

She’s in all of these photos. Can you spot her in each one?

(Some of them are quite tricky, but she’s there all right wearing her little horse blanket, knitted especially for her by a lovely Polish surveyor called Anna).














I spent Christmas 2007 on a boat in Hammerfest, way up in the north of Norway, and my mischievous little chum got herself right in amongst the festivities.


A very merry Christmas one and all, 

and many good things to come in 2013!


46 thoughts on “Spot the pony

  1. What a familiar environment, I can smell the machine oil and sweat just looking at the photos! Thank you for all your posts this year, Have a great festive season and 2013, ax

    • I didn’t know you were a sailor, oil and sweat is quite right. Diesel fumes always make me think of the sea. Thank you for the kind comments Anne and I hope next year is a ceramic-filled feast for you. With any luck I’ll be able to see some of your creations, I was sorry to miss them at The Watermill.

      • Not exactly a sailor, but I have worked offshore on a couple of rigs, it’s a unique environment. Many happy new year wishes to you too. I’ll keep you updated, should be exhibiting in Edinburgh this may, all being well. Best wishes, annex

  2. Some fabulous stained glass in one of the churches in Hammerfest. I saw there for an hour or two a couple of years ago My boat was posher than yours tho’

    Have a great Xmas


    • I have a picture of that stained glass, very nice. I’d feel very sorry for you if you were on a worse boat than this one, it was pretty shabby. Sounds as if you were on one of those lovely Norwegian fjord cruises though, were you? Have a lovely Christmas!

  3. Not a pot of tea in sight Lorna;-)

    Great set of pictures though! And a very happy Christmas to you to.

    I couldn’t help notice the picture on the wall of the refectory (sorry I don’t know the correct term) of the two women in white dresses on the beach. I love that picture and the original is breathtaking – it’s much bigger than I though it was going to be, it’s 1 x 1.5m and the colours are absolutely sumptuous.

    It’s called ‘Sommeraften på Skagen Sønderstrand’ which means ‘A summer evening on Skagen south beach’. It’s by P.S Krøyer and it’s of his wife, Marie Krøyer, and his friends wife Anna Anker. They were all members of an impressionist art school which was created at Skagen at the most northerly tip of mainland Denmark around the turn of the 20th centrury because the light there is so special. Bit of a ramble there, but it is a lovely painting!

    Merry Yuletide to you and pony, wherever she may be, maybe you’ll find her again in 2013.

    • You’re right Finn, how remiss of me with the complete lack of tea in my Christmas post.

      Thank you for all the information about the picture, I hadn’t even noticed it, although I suppose I must have noticed it when I first went on the boat. (You’ve helped me without knowing it by calling it a refectory, by the way. The main character in my book goes on a boat for the first time and I thought she might call it the diningroom, but perhaps refectory would be a better term to use. It’s hard to remember what I thought when I first learned the word, but on boats it’s known as the mess.) You make me want to see the original painting now, where is it housed?

      Thank you for your kind wishes and a merry yuletide to you and yours too, from me and the absent pony.

      • ‘The mess’ – that’s the word I was trying unsuccessfully to remember. Thanks Lorna.

        The picture is housed in my favourite art gallery, with the Musee d’Orsay in Paris a very close second, and is in what was a hotel in Skagen itself. Its called simply ‘Skagens Museum’: I really like the museum and the artwork because the paintings depict real situations, joyous and tragedy, and all the faces are those of the fishermen and their families who lived there at the time the art school was active and they are very evocative. (If you visit the website keep an eye on the banner image at the top of the home page).

  4. Your cute little pony got herself into some pretty interesting situations! Quite close to the edge of a boat, on one occasion!! And that is a bit of a daunting treadmill for a small pony. I hope she returns soon – I would certainly follow a trail of Maltesers! A very happy Christmas to you, and an equally happy New Year.

    • Far too close to the edge of the boat, you’re quite right Jo, she’s a bit of a menace, that one. She coped well with the treadmill, thankfully she has a lot of energy. I hope she returns soon too, but in the meantime I trust she’s enjoying her adventures. A jolly happy Christmas and wonderful New Year to you!

  5. What a lovely idea to include the pony in your pictures. Was the boat taking you off shore or were you working on the boat? I am not very good onboard boats so I don’t think I would have enjoyed it despite being accompanied by a lovely pony. 😉

    • Thank you Heather, truth to tell I’m not very good on boats either, being somewhat prone to seasickness. I was in fact working on the boat, although the weather was bad enough on Christmas Day to keep us in port, which was rather nice as it meant we could go ashore and have a little festive drink.

    • Thank you Ally, she has two names. I gave her the Scottish name Shona, but there were a number of Polish people onboard who gave her the name Agnieszka, so you can take your pick! Her hair is marvellous, excellent for making into a mohawk, as you note.

  6. Hahaha this has made me laugh! 😉 I also particularly like the 3rd one down in the refectory, something about the quietness of the retro banquettes and the colours and then pony and her cheeky mane. Funny, but I just did a post about a toy cow…but it was not as fun!! Though I did have Moo Cow (it would have to be a cow, right) helping me to plant the tulips…

    • Retro banquettes? You make that shabby old tin tub sound so stylish! I love your pictures of Moo Cow, especially the bulbs and the muddy water pics. You have a history with your cow that I don’t have with my pony, but reading your post made me feel about 6 years old again, it was a nice trip down memory lane, thank you.

  7. I love your little pony. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas and a fabulous New Year visiting wonderful tearooms. I look forward to reading all about them.

  8. if you ever need to find me, just put a bag of maltesers out and you’ll find my nose in there also! Merry Christmas Lorna!

  9. What a fun post! I would like a sign in my kitchen that tells people not to sit there in overalls. I’m so sorry your little pony has gone missing, and I do very much hope she will show up soon.

    A very merry Christmas to you, Lorna, and all good things in 2013. I look forward to continuing to follow your adventures on here! x

    • Thanks Christine, I bet a sign like that that might sell well to all sorts of people. I’m not worried about the pony, she’ll turn up some time I’m sure, when she needs a little rest from her adventures. A very merry Christmas to you and your family too, and thank you for all your wonderful posts this year! xo

  10. All those boat pics reminded me of my dear grandfather and the time I spend with him at sea – salt air and diesel fumes = heaven for me!

    I loved this fun post, Lorna. Thank you. 😀

    Wishing you a magical Christmas, and sending you sunshine and mangoes,
    Bless xoxo

  11. Because of the title, “Spot the pony,” I’ll always think of your little friend as “Spot.” (Although, it would have to be “Spot, the pony,” wouldn’t it?) Anyway, I digress…Spot had quite an adventure for herself, and it must’ve been quite an experience celebrating Christmas offshore. Now that you’re back on land, I wish you and your family the happiest of Christmases and a 2013 full of good things. (And tea & cakes, of course.) Lucinda xo

  12. This made me smile on my first day back into the office for weeks. Great job! We once did something similar with a toy monkey (who is now our resident department friend) and have photos of him in many an amusing location. Perhaps I should get around to sharing these soon…..

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