Intriguing Sights No.2

This particular intriguing sight first met my eyes about a year ago, and came into my world again just before Christmas.

One day in December, delightful assistant no.2 (the pater) had been off doing his salesman bit on local tearooms, asking them if they’d like to stock my book, Tearoom Delights.

He had previously left a copy of the book with the owners of the Joinery Cafe in Meigle, and called in again on this occasion to see if they were interested in taking any to sell.

If you’ve got, or seen, a copy of my book you might recall I wrote a review of the Joinery Cafe. In addition to delicious tearoom fare, they also sell various gifts and oddments.

Here’s an exerpt from the book:

“…on the previous few occasions I’ve been here I’ve been very taken with one particular item. I think it’s a draught excluder and is all joined together, but it looks like six toy dogs in a row.” 

Back at the Joinery Cafe, the owner said that although he appreciated the review I’d done of his cafe in my book, books weren’t a thing he was interested in selling. However, to make up for not stocking any, he wanted to present me with a little something.

On his return from the Joinery Cafe, delightful assistant no.2 told me this story and produced the little something out of a box.

Imagine my surprise and joy when I beheld the very thing that had caught my fancy in the Joinery Cafe and that I had written about in my book. I admit, I cried with happiness when I received this lovely gift:

Joinery Cafe dogs

An Intriguing Sight: six little dogs all joined together – a draught excluder perhaps, or simply a decadence of docile doggies?

Not only are they delightful on their own, but they added a bit of sparkle to the festivities at Christmas:

Six little festive dogs


30 thoughts on “Intriguing Sights No.2

  1. They are so cute!! I just love them. I am sure you are the only person with one of these delightful items. (I had to look up draught excluder – what a great word!)

    • Thank you Darlene, I think I might be one of a select few because the chap in the tearoom said this was the last one, as if there had been more. I don’t remember seeing more than one set in the shop, but perhaps the others had already sold. Sorry for the strange wording, I imagined draught excluders were a global thing!

  2. love the doggies! what a lovely gift. i’m sorry he won’t be selling your books but i think you have made a new friend. what a nice fellow.

  3. They’re precious, Lorna. They look darling beneath the tree, and I have a feeling that you’re going to have some fun moving them about the house!
    Hope all is well with you and your writing adventures.

  4. (Doing some long-awaited catching-up!) That’s a fantastic story – and who better to receive the sextuplet puppy draught excluder than you? Still, I wish he had been willing to sell your book as well. The ones I gave as Christmas presents were very well received, with the teabag being a particular hit. Simple, but effective!

    • Thank you Christine, that’s lovely to hear, you’re a great customer! 🙂 It’s interesting to see the different reactions from tearooms, some take to the book immediately and others are not in the least bit interested. Naturally enough, I want them all to be in the former category. I can understand if they don’t want to stock it, and several tearooms have declined but have still wanted a copy or two for themselves. The ones that surprise me are those who are completely indifferent to it. It is, after all, free advertising, but perhaps that isn’t important to them. I suppose if you’ve built up a good customer base already and have no desire to expand, you might very reasonably feel you don’t need any outside assistance.

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