One of my dear chums gave me a box-shaped gift at Christmas.

When I unwrapped it on Christmas morning and saw that it was indeed a box of something, the dimensions immediately suggested a pair of shoes.

Here is the Christmas box unwrapped on the left, with a rather natty shoe box on the right to show the similarity in size:

Shoeboxes? The Christmas gift box on the left with a natty shoebox on the right for size comparison

The wording on the box, however, suggested something quite different:

Christmas box inscription

This might lead you to believe that there was wine inside. However, this chum, despite being something of a wine connoisseur himself, knows that I don’t drink the stuff. What, then, was in the box?

Something much more up my street:

Menu card inside Christmas box

Menu items described

Having so much other rich food at Christmas, I wanted to keep this special box for a later date. It is definitely a sharing present, and was given to me with the intention that I share it with my delightful assistants.

Inside the box

I’m excited about all of it, but I’m especially looking forward to trying the tea:

Orange Pekoe tea

And the cake:

Christmas cake

And the jelly babies:

Jelly babies

And the pudding:


And the biscuits (which I will be very happy to dunk in the tea, to allow them to fulfil their duty):

Shortie for dunking

I look forward to reporting on the tasting of these in due course.

Having seen what was in the left hand box in the first picture, you might be curious to see what was in the right hand one.

The box itself is rather decorative, with pretty tissue paper covering the the shoes inside:

Decorative shoe box

The shoes:

Decorative shoes

These are in fact the shoes I got married in. The marriage is, alas, no more and sciatica prevents me from tottering around in heels these days, but I do still take these beauties out of the box every now and then to have a look at them.

As you can see, they’re not only decorative on the top, but the soles are covered in rabbits popping out of teapots:


The shoe is lined with turquoise velvet, the outside being finished in pink velvet with tinselly coloured stripes and a big bow at the toe. The heel is chunky, pink and translucent, with a leaf motif and a blue bit at the end:



49 thoughts on “Boxes

    • Sashay is such a great word! I find that thinking about sashaying is better than actually sashaying these days, or maybe just a wee totter about the house to let the shoes know they’re still loved.

  1. Oh my gosh!! Lorna, those shoes have given me a little bit more insight into who you are ;-)! I LOVE them! I now need to see the outfit you wore!

    And what a fantastic gift – sampling will be quite a happy task.

    • Your comment really made me smile Annie, thank you! I was hoping to include a photo of my small niece wearing the shoes on the big day, but unfortunately I have no wedding pictures! I don’t know what’s happened to them, I did have some on my computer but I’ve searched and searched and they’re nowhere to be seen. I must say though that the shoes stole the show, I wore a plain dark green silk dress which was definitely upstaged by the feet.

  2. Those shoes are incredible…how cool! And what a lovely gift…boxes are my thing… I love them and receiving one filled with those goodies is exciting. I too think we need to see a slice of that cake.

  3. Those shoes are off the wall šŸ™‚ I’m trying to imagine the dress now as well. You must have looked amazing. I like food hampers – a gift that keeps on giving for a little while šŸ™‚ Happy sharing.

  4. your shoes literally took my breath away. those are amazing. i have never in my life seen any quite like that. your gift box was so fantastic. i loved everything in it and it was so nicely wrapped and presented. very yummy. i had no idea that jelly babies originated as “peace babies”.

    • Thank you Alison, they took my breath away when I saw them in the shop. I was trying to find something to match my dress of a bluey-green silk but when I saw them they made me feel happy and I decided they’d be perfect. ‘Peace babies’ rings a bell, I think jelly babies were originally called that weren’t they?

  5. What adorable shoes! I agree with the person asking for the entire outfit. I never would have suspected…you’ve always portrayed yourself wearing orange tarps or woods trudging gear. Absolutely perfect in every way!

    • Thanks Marian, I think the orange overalls are more ‘me’ but I did enjoy wearing those shoes. The entire outfit was really all about the shoes, everything else paled into insignificance. Really, given those shoes, I should have gone to town in a big way but they were the last bit of the outfit that I bought.

  6. I am ignoring the food and concentrating on the awesome shoes. Your wedding must have been beautiful. Can you describe what you wore? I would love to know.

    • How strange, I just posted a reply to this but it seems to have vamooshed. Apologies if it shows up in your comments and then isn’t here, I don’t know what happened to it. Anyway, thank you for the comment and although I don’t have any photos (there was no official photographer and sadly I can’t find the photos I did have that were taken by me and some of the guests), I can tell you what I wore. The dress was a dark bluey-green silk, very thin, and because the wedding was in November in Scotland I had to squeeze a few layers underneath it so as not to freeze to death. It came up to a little collar at the neck but the skirt was quite short, just above the knee. It was sleeveless, and had ruffles at the neck and shoulders. It was quite plain really, but an unusual design and nice to wear. I still have it but it doesn’t look like much on the hanger. I did my hair and make-up myself (I say make-up, but all it amounted to was an eyelash tint done by a beautician the day before, and a slather of lipsalve applied by me!), and looking back on it I could have made more of an effort. My betrothed made a much more striking appearance in full kilted regalia. If it hadn’t been for my shoes he would certainly have upstaged me!

  7. These are two lovely boxes with completely different contents! Yet they are both delightful… I admire you for keeping all those tasty treats unopened. And your shoes are really cute too. Great post!

    • Thank you Meg, it’s always nice opening up a box of treats isn’t it, whatever they may be. I’ve only managed to keep these food items unopened so far because I have so much else left over from Christmas. I must say though, after doing this post, their days are definitely numbered.

  8. I LOVE the shoes!! They are delightful and I would also save them and take them out to view from time to time. Your gift package was very thoughtful as well. Thank heaven for friends who know what we like!. BTW the package of tea you included with the Tearoom Book was very good. Where could I get some more?

    • Thank you Darlene, I thought the shoes might interest you. šŸ™‚ I’m delighted that you liked the tea, it came from a Twinings selection pack. I see there’s a Canadian site ( but the tea selection and packaging is different from the UK offerings ( If you can’t order what you want online I could ship it to you from here.

  9. What a great idea to save those Christmas goodies until now! They all look delicious. I will be interested to know what the tea is like. And what incredible shoes! I am sure they stole the show – they are still stealing the show, from the comments above! šŸ™‚

  10. What a great idea to showcase your wedding shoes. I got married 18 years ago, and I’ve looked at my gown and shoes maybe twice since then. (You’ve inspired me to take another peek…maybe I’ll unearth them this weekend.) Your sense of fun shows through in your writing, and certainly in those delightful (may I say wacky?) shoes. I’m sure you looked beautiful. As for the goodies…I, like everyone else, am looking forward to seeing a slice of that cake. It sounds sooooo good! What a thoughtful gift. Happy nibbling!

    • Thank you Lucinda, I think it’s high time to have another peek at your gown and shoes! You’re quite right about these shoes of mine, definitely wacky. They made me smile as soon as I saw them, quite outrageous and just the job. I’m looking forward to opening all the packages in the box, I have high hopes for that cake.

  11. Lorna I have never been able to wear heels, but if those shoes had been made as near-flats, you’d never have been able to get them off me! I think it’s interesting that you’ve kept them – this must mean they will get another outing someday. (Having said that, we still use what’s left of the cutlery my dear auntie gave me for marriage no. 1, many many years ago.) I also love the story about how the shoes made the outfit but you found them last. Destiny! Perhaps you could just wear them while sitting with your feet up? They look like shoes that would just make you happy to have them on.

    Really, box no. 1 pales in significance after the shoes, which is a shame because it’s actually very fabulous! Enjoy.

  12. Thank you Christine, it’s nice to get things that last, such as your cutlery and hopefully my shoes. You’re right that I can still put them on now and then, and I do, just to remind myself of their magnificence. Another bonus of not wearing them is that I can preserve the rabbits on the soles. I hadn’t thought of them as flats, but a flat version would be wonderful, I could wear them no problem. I have several pairs of high heels (one of which has a red Indian girl on the sole, made by the same creative company that made these ones) but I don’t want to get rid of them because I do like to take them out and look at them even if I can’t wear them. I’ll have to give the contents of box no.1 a post all to themselves.

  13. Oh my, Lorna!!! Those shoes! šŸ˜€ I can see you, resplendent in your dressing gown, lolling fabulously on a bed or loung, eating cake, sipping tea and wearing those shoes.

    And what a thoughtful gift, made even better through your wisdom in saving it until all the other Christmassy things were long ago gobbled up and gone.

    Much, much love to you my dear xoxo

    • Thank you, my dear girl. I do in fact have a pink dressing gown, which might indeed go quite nicely with the shoes. Lolling about in it while drinking tea is certainly one of life’s little pleasures.

      I haven’t broken into that box of goodies yet, but it’s just a matter of days, I feel.xoxo

  14. What can I say aside from (I love the contents) inside of both boxes! That’s a very generous friend there and those gummy baby’s, shortbreads and pudding would make any gal swoon. Speaking of *swoon* I’ve fallen in love with your shoes! A) I love their stripey print and that gorgeous rabbit/teapot sole B) I love that they were your wedding shoes! You’ve got style Lorna and I love it!

    • You’re too kind Alice, thank you! One does need to push the boat out now and then in the style department, and it’s not a common occurrence where I’m concerned. I think you would enjoy rummaging around in that other box, I’m looking forward to finding out how tasty the contents are.

  15. What lovely treats!!!!! Much better than wine! We used to be able to buy jelly babies in Canada but then they stopped selling them. However I’ve found two stores that sell British and Scottish items and I’ve been able to stock up on the jelly babies as well as other yummy things. I love your shoes too!

  16. I love this box concept post! I too have a pair of Irregular Choice shoes…not as sumptuous as yours but lovely for a night out…if there were EVER any of these happening any more šŸ™‚ I took the bold step of getting a glass fronted cabinet for my fancy shoes, so I can look at them on the glass shelves as objects of wonder and beauty, rather than having to wear them!

    Where do you stand on dunking? I’m just not convinced…

    • Ooh, I’d love to see your shoes! Irregular Choice are an amazing make aren’t they? I think their designers must love their jobs. What a wonderful idea with the glass fronted cabinet, that’s what I need.

      You’re not a dunker? I must say, I love to dunk – biscuits, chocolate, even bready products occasionally (croissants and the like). If I’m having a cup of tea with a biscuit I find it very difficult not to yield to the dunking. The only problem is if you leave the biscuit dangling for too long. I have many times had to scoop the sludge out with a teaspoon, which is taking it too far.

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