The delightful assistants

After my last post, I was thinking it was high time I did a post dedicated my two most delightful assistants.

Then, I thought, they really should be a more permanent fixture on my blog and so instead I’ve written a separate page about them. You can find it as a tab at the top of the blog, or by clickingย here.

The picture below was taken last May and is a little corridor in their garden, between a fence and a wall, that they’ve left to grow wild.

It reminds me of the house and garden I was brought up in, where they did a similar thing. There was a section at the bottom of the garden that remained unmown and unplanted, and it was chock-full of long grasses, wild poppies and the like. There was a tree in the middle of it, from which my mum hung a wooden plank on two ropes to make a swing. I remember taking an old pan and a wooden spoon down there and mixing up recipes with soil and grass in, lost in my own little outdoor kitchen. Happy days.


34 thoughts on “The delightful assistants

  1. What a beautiful photo and such lovely memories of your childhood. I have similar memories myself, of wild flower meadows in the warm sunshine. That’s a great idea, to give your delightful assistants their own ‘profile’ on your site.

    • Thanks Jo, a sunny meadow of wild flowers is hard to beat! I’m glad you think the assistants should have their own profile, they certainly deserve the recognition, in my view.

  2. We have a bit of a spot like that, beside a path under some trees where nothing else will grow there are violets and bluebells. I’ve always dreamed of letting a whole suburban lawn go like that. That yellow poppy is so pretty.

    • That sounds lovely, and a whole lawn would be amazing! The poppies are a joy aren’t they, so delicate, and when the sun shines through them they glow with vibrant colour.

  3. What beautiful memories and how wonderful that you have such loving relationships that you honor so touchingly everyday. Thank you for sharing your “assistants” with us, it means a lot.

    • Thank you Linda, I took my time to work up to it, but I wanted to acknowledge them properly. They really have done wonders for me and my siblings, and we’re all very grateful to them.

  4. Your assistants rock! Lovely post. Love the natural garden area. I liked your previous post and how you used the scientific method, but you already had 42 responses by the time I got there. My cell requires a login, and I’m too lazy, so I wait till I get to the laptop…in the next room…

    • Thank you Marian, I understand the problem and I think it’s very impressive that you access blogs on your phone. Sometimes when I read other people’s blogs and see all the responses I think I shouldn’t bother leaving one myself, but I must say I do value every one I get.

  5. What a beautiful Picture. Your mentioning of the playing with the “pan and wooden spoon” brought back happy memories.
    I live in a tiny little village near Coupar Angus, a new Tearoom has opened along the road towards Perth on the A94 it is called The Tllted Teapot. Opened on Saturday 3rd March and if is goes the way it was when we visited today it will do very well. Beautiful homemade goodies , and wonderful homemade soup. A wonderful welcome from the mother and daughter combo running it.


    • Thank you very much indeed for that information, Patricia. Is The Tilted Teapot where East Redstone Antiques used to be? I saw a while back that there was a notice up there saying that a new cafe would be opening soon, but since then I haven’t seen any sign of activity. It’s a few days since I’ve been along that road though. I’m really pleased to hear that you had a good experience there and I can’t wait to try it out.

  6. Oh my! I think this natural garden is phenomenal. Isn’t it a wonder what nature can do without our help. Lucky you!

    I really like your blog, especially the “happy times.” Everyone needs a little of that in their life, not excluding yours truly! โค

  7. Hi there, yes that’s the place, they took over Redstone Antiques premises.
    I hope you have a nice experience if and when you manage to call. I will be calling in on my way home from Perth tomorrow at lunchtime to see what soup is in offer. It will save me defrosting some when I get home.


  8. Lorna I adore the page you made about your parents, and also this post with the photo of the wild bit of the garden. I remember when we moved into our current flat, the owner told me, of an overgrown corner in the garden “there should always be part of the garden left to be wild”.

  9. I also used to make recipes with soil and whatnot. I remember adding rose petals to give it perfume. oh goodness, that does take me back a bit. nice to know i am not alone in these memories. what a glorious picture, Lorna.

  10. Hurrah for your two assistants and second hurrah for that beautiful corridor of stunning flowers and green lucious grasses. A nice spot to catch some rays with a cuppa & book if ever there was one!

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