Sunny Mallorca by the sea

Recently, with the very slow start of spring in Scotland (when I began typing this it was pouring with rain and about 10ºC), my thoughts have been straying towards happy memories of warm sunshine.

I used to have a terrible problem with itchy feet (I refer to wanderlust, as opposed to athlete’s foot-type afflictions which I have thankfully never suffered from).

All through my 20s and early 30s, I had daily dreams about dashing off hither and thither. Every now and then my dreams translated into reality, but before long I’d be back home again cogitating where to go next. I got so used to this state of affairs that I doubted I would ever grow out of it.

Then, when I started working offshore and was miraculously paid to go abroad, I thought my itchy feet problem had been cured. When I was at work I was usually on a boat bobbing about at sea, which satisfied my need for adventure, and when I wasn’t at work I was relaxing at home and perfectly happy not to be popping off anywhere else.

However, it’s now about 18 months since I more or less decided to stop working offshore, and just lately I’ve been aware of an irritation in the soles of my feet. It’s very slight, barely perceptible most of the time, but it’s on the edge of my consciousness.

And so, to the point of this post, which is to relive sunny days of travels past.

Mallorca (aka Majorca) is one of the places I have some sunny pictures of and I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the small Spanish island twice, first with my friend Sheila, and then with my dear mama.

On both visits I stayed in the lovely seaside resort of Puerto Pollensa:

Pier at Puerto Pollensa

Me at the end of the pier looking into the lovely, clear (and surprisingly cold) water at Puerto Pollensa

Lorna at Port de Pollensa

Finding shade is my usual habit when faced with glorious sunshine, even when I’ve gone somewhere deliberately to soak up the rays.

I stayed in the same hotel both times, too; it was pleasantly situated close to the beach with a quiet road and some hills at the back.

View from Mum's room

As always, food was of the utmost importance, and I ate well in Mallorca. The salads were particularly welcome in the hot weather.

A big tomato salad

My delightful assistant with a massive plate of tomato and mozzarella salad with olives

Even in the heat, however, one doesn’t want to forego the option of sweet treats.

Mum's chocolate cake at Sispins

My delightful assistant’s highly understandable choice of chocolate cake for pudding

I couldn’t get enough of the hot chocolate that was on offer at a cafe near the hotel; it was thick, silky and intensely chocolatey:

The chocolate was so thick!

If I was able to leave it for long enough (extremely difficult), a little skin formed on top, which pleased me more than I can say.

Just look at the way it coated this little biscuit:

Thick chocolate coating a biscuit at Gran Cafe in Port de Pollensa

This chocolate was so good that a version of it appears in my novel. I wanted to let my main character experience it, because I know how much she likes her little treats.

In addition to delicious food there were some beautiful buildings, particularly in the old town of Pollensa, a short bus journey inland from the port.

Interesting architecture at Pollensa

Lovely wooden shutters in Pollensa old town

Attractive house in Pollensa

A hot slog up a long flight of steps in the old town was worth it for the view from the top.


Only 365 steps till you reach the top…

View from hilltop at Pollensa

Why isn’t there a tearoom up here?

There were houses all the way up the sides of the steps, many of which had nicely tiled roofs and flourishing pot plants:



One of the things that makes Puerto Pollensa such an attractive spot is the line of pine trees bowing out over the water:

Mum looking out to sea at Port de Pollensa

My delightful assistant alone with her thoughts, gazing out over the blue sea.

In Scotland, evenings on which one can stroll outside without a jacket or cardigan are few and far between. In fact, even on the warmest of summer evenings in this fair country I can’t imagine ever leaving the house to go for a walk without a sleeved covering of some sort.

Balmy summer evenings are one of the things we Brits prize when holidaying abroad in warmer climes.

Port de Pollensa sunset_2

As the sun sets over Puerto Pollensa the warmth of the air is sufficient to allow pleasant cardigan-less wandering along the beach. A treat for all the Brits on their hols.

As I finish this post,  I am delighted to report that not only is the sun shining but the forecast for the weekend isn’t too bad at all.

Perhaps this is indeed the proper start of spring, from which we will move seamlessly into summer.

If this jolly weather keeps up, I can possibly even shelve any thoughts of absconding and content myself with the delights of living in this lovely country.


34 thoughts on “Sunny Mallorca by the sea

  1. I can understand your wanting to go to a warmer climate while waiting for spring, it seems like it’s taking forever to get here in Canada as well! What a beautiful place that is and if it doesn’t have a tea room shouldn’t “someone” consider opening one up?
    Thanks again for reminding me of the lovely things in life!

    • I sympathise with your weather problems and hope that spring is coming to you this weekend, as it appears to be doing here. You’re quite right that “someone” should consider opening up a tearoom at the top of those steps but it would have to be someone considerably less lazy than me! Mind you, I can think of worse places to run a business.

  2. Pretty photos, Lorna, though that size portion of chocolate cake is quite obscene! I’ve only been once, to the south of the island, and if I was to go back it would certainly be to the north. Summer’s here at least till Sunday, so enjoy it. 🙂

    • Obscene? Decent, you mean. I haven’t been to the south, apart from arriving at Palma airport, but I can certainly recommend the north. The sun is shining here at the moment but you’re right, it all goes pear-shaped tomorrow apparently. Better enjoy it while I have the chance, and I hope you can, too.

  3. Gorgeous pictures and it seems like a great place to visit! Sorry to hear that the golden one is taking too long to peak out of his cave out there 🙂

    When is your novel coming out ? Best wishes and good luck!

    • Thanks Aparna, the golden one has appeared here this morning – hooray! He may not stick around for long, mind you, as is his habit in this part of the world. As for the novel, I haven’t sent it to anyone yet (my self-imposed deadline for that is the end of this month) so I don’t even know if I can convince anyone to publish it. I’ll certainly give it my best shot though, it’d be jolly nice to see it in print one day.

    • Thanks Darlene, you might like to pop it on your list, although I know you already have a beautiful vacation location in the south of the mainland. I expect Amanda would get up to all sorts of adventures on Mallorca.

  4. What a wonderful post, I feel like I’ve had a mini-holiday myself! Such beautiful photos. And how on earth did you find such a superb chocolate cake? The food looks amazing. I tend to think of Mallorca as being a bit touristy (not having been there) but the scenery looks fantastic. The photo with all the steps is just amazing. And walking on the beach without a cardigan?? Can’t remember when I last walked on a beach without a waterproof & fleece! Thank you for this burst of sunshine!

    • Thank you Jo, the food was good but you’re right about it being a bit touristy. Mind you, it does depend where you are. Puerto Pollensa caters for holidaying Brits so you hear a lot of English spoken, but away from the coast it feels much more authentically Mallorcan. I think it’s often like that in parts of Spain, if you want to experience something a bit less touristy, just go inland a bit. I was trying to remember if I’ve ever gone out on a beach here without a jacket, jumper or cardigan and I honestly can’t think of a time when I’ve done that since childhood.

      • I meant to say, I think the hot chocolate looks amazing! I wouldn’t mind fighting off some tourists to experience that. I can remember a few times when I’ve walked on a Scottish beach without a jacket of some kind – always very memorable – and then there was the time that I swam off the beach at Eoropie but that was just to say I had (it was freezing!)

        • I can imagine how cold it was, having taken the odd freezing dip in Scottish waters in my youth. I’m not sure I’d be that brave now though. If I could walk on a Scottish beach without a jacket this summer and feel warm enough I’d be very pleased indeed. You never know!

  5. That first building with the little Juliet balcony looks like it would be nice to run away to! And, yes, when can we expect your novel? That hot chocolate looked sublime. I could read some of that!

    • It’s beautiful, isn’t it, that building with the balcony? Very romantic. I wish I could tell you when to expect the novel, or even if anyone is going to publish it. Hopefully somewhere there’s a nice pudding loving publisher who will be keen to get it on the shelves.

  6. Beautiful! May I just add that (your silky smooth hot chocolate) there is a thing of my dreams, wow! Secondly it’s always a delight to go back and view old trips down memory lane, or in this case a never ending flight of stairs in the beautiful Polensa! Ehen thinking of spsin, I definitely think of white washed lime on buildings, beautiful platters of fresh ripe tomatoes and balmy, balmy sunsets. So lovely.

    • Thanks Alice, I wish I could ship you a cup of that hot chocolate, I’m sure you’d love it! You’re so right about memory lane, it’s worth making these sorts of memories for future reminiscing as well as enjoyment at the time. In fact, looking back on things is often the most enjoyable bit of all.

  7. Well, those were wonderful trips…and your photos are gorgeous…I love the buildings…and that stairway…and as always, the food shots. You guys really do know how to eat well anywhere you go 🙂

    • Thanks Linda, I was really delighted by the buildings. As with tasting local food, seeing local architecture is one of the joys of going to new places. I know you’ll agree with me that finding tasty fare is always a top priority! 😉

  8. You had me worried there Lorna when the first food picture was a salad! I was mightily relieved to see the chocolate cake in the next one! And the chocolate drink does look particularly fine. It does look a rather pleasant spot.

  9. You always seem to to be able to jog memories for me. This post reminded me that my mum and dad went to Majorca for their 25th wedding anniversary. It was the first time that my mum had been in a plane. We were left at home with my eldest sister being in charge.

    Your photos are stunning and your description of the hot chocolate had my mouth watering.

    The 365 steps reminded me of a set of steps in the Loire Valley. There was a defibrillator on the wall at the bottom of the steps. I thought it should have been at the top!

    I’m sure your Spring will be there soon. We are starting to have some really cold nights here. Winter is on its way.

    • Thanks Heather, I’m delighted to be able to joy your memories. It does sound as if it’d make more sense to have a defibrillator at the top than the bottom of such a long flight of steps, although perhaps anyone climbing up that many would have trouble before they got halfway up.

      Strange to think of you just going into winter now, as spring struggles to take hold here. It’s not very warm here yet and there’s a cold wind. It’s feels as it it’s been a long time since last summer.

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