Birdhouse Bakery, Muthill

Quite a while ago I drove through the village of Muthill in Perthshire and noticed a very interesting looking establishment:


Birdhouse Bakery: a bakery that looked to me enticingly like a tearoom.

It appeared to be a tearoom, which is always a sight that fills me with joy, but it looked as if it had been closed for a while. It was mid-winter and I assumed that this was the reason, but perhaps it had closed down for good.

Muthill is not a place I pass through very often, but ever since that first sighting it’s been at the back of my mind to have another bash at visiting the Birdhouse Bakery, in the hope of finding it open and serving the punters.

A few days ago, in the company of my two delightful assistants, that ambition was realised.

Since it was about 12:30 and the tearoom looked fairly small from outside, I was worried it was going to be packed out. Luckily, we sneaked in before the lunchtime rush.


Delightful assistant no.2 going to look at the blackboard menu and taking in the cake display en route.

One of the things that immediately caught our attention was the wallpaper on one wall, which was chock-a-block with birdhouses and birds. We found a nice little table for three perched up against it.



Close-up of the Birdhouse Bakery wallpaper

There was a little bird nesting on our table, too.


After perusing the blackboard, delightful assistant no.1 and I ordered the day’s hot special: vegetarian quiche with salad,


while delightful assistant no.2 opted for chicken and avocado salad,


which came with some very tasty home-made soda bread.


We all chose tea to drink, which came in a teapot with an avian chum atop it,

and some pretty teacups.

On this occasion, we decided to pass up the cake counter in order to drive on and see other places, but I have promised delightful assistant no.1 that one day soon we’ll go back just for the cakes. I must say, the scones looked very promising.

I’m delighted to have sampled this tearoom at last, and am looking forward to a return visit. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to include it in my tearoom guidebook because I think it should certainly be in there.



38 thoughts on “Birdhouse Bakery, Muthill

  1. This looks a lovely place – we have passed it ourselves on our way through Muthill, and I have wondered what it’s like. I love the wallpaper! Something tells me I’d feel at home here! Glad to know the food was good – I will look forward to hearing what the cakes are like when you’ve had a chance to return. I think Muthill is a sweet little village, we always enjoy driving through – and I remember the lovely old church and tower.

    • I think the emphasis on feathered friends would certainly appeal to you! I agree that Muthill is a very attractive little place, the only down side is that it seems to be a main route between the A9 and Crieff, and has a pretty constant stream of traffic going through the main street. I believe the church and tower are about 1000 years old, they’d certainly be worthy of a post. Maybe next time I pop into the Birdhouse Bakery to try the cakes I’ll toddle along to the church, too.

      • The traffic must be a real pain for the Muthill residents in that case – it looks as if it should be a sleepy little village. I have indeed visited the old church – what an amazing place!
        I think you commented on this but it is a long time ago – in fact, I think it could have been when you’d just started following. I remember being disappointed that I couldn’t get into the tower so perhaps I’ll try again some time!

        • Aha! Thank you for the reminder, I had a strange feeling of connecting it with you when I was typing my comment to you but I didn’t remember that specific post. When I look at your post again now it does look familiar. My memory is dreadful. I would love to try getting into the tower some time, too.

          • There’s no way I would remember all the tea rooms you’ve visited, either, if that is any consolation! 🙂 But I would be interested to know what you think of the church and tower – it’s lovely.

  2. This might just be the cutest bakery/tea house I’ve seen… I love how they carried the them of birdhouses and birds throughout without being “too much”…it is beautiful. And that vegetarian quiche is so appealing…exactly something I would just love… I really do need to make a trip to Scotland …you have the best tea rooms…what a great post…thanks Lorna for finding this one.

    • It is a lovely theme, isn’t it? There were other birdy things, such as a mirror in the toilets shaped like a bird on a birdhouse. The quiche was excellent, obviously home made and very tasty. I think you would love the tearooms here, but you have some amazing places on your side of the Atlantic too, and I would love to visit them. (I’d really love to go to one of your tea tastings, too. :-))

  3. So delightful and so typically pretty too! I have a friend who is quite mad for all things of the avian variety, in fact she not only has actual birds in the house, but also owns a variety of avian themed porcelain & decoration too.

    Please sample those cakes & soon, then you can tell us all about it!

  4. I suspect from your photo that the scones were one man down after that furtive visit to the cake counter by delightful assistant no. 2. And if so, you can’t blame him – they look rather tempting.

  5. That looks so appealing in many ways! I have just one question: how do you pronounce “Muthill”? Mut + hill, or MuTHill?

    • I should have mentioned the pronunciation, it’s more like your second suggestion although I’m sure people often do call it Mut Hill. It’s one of so many Scottish, or indeed British, placenames that are impossible to know how to pronounce unless you hear someone say them. I’d be completely at sea reading Welsh signposts.

    • It looks good, doesn’t it? I was surprised by the amount of avocado, I could have happily devoured that, minus the chicken. I have every expectation that the cakes will be delicious too. They do a tiered afternoon tea as well, which I think I might have to try some time.

  6. What a delightful little tearoom. Everything looked tasty too…as for this place not making it into your book you’ll just have to start another one!

    • I feel a sense of horror about that because I still have so many copies of the first one to sell! You never know though, perhaps one day I’ll do another one. The ideal thing would be to include my favourite tearooms from all over the country in one book, which would need some serious research.

  7. Love your tea-room reports and I might just buy your book, though the area is adjacent to where I tend to do my tea-room visiting (I’m in Aberdeen). I was just struck by the sight of one of those crinoline-lady teacups, the likes of which I saw at my Granny’s flat as we were clearing it out in January. I opted to leave them to the charity shop, choosing her gold-shamrock wedding cups and saucers instead. There is only room for so many pieces of old-fashioned china in one over-crowded house – but you make me wish I’d snagged the lot. I could have opened a tea-room! So, after your novel will you be writing a book about the tea-rooms of Aberdeenshire, perhaps? 🙂 Do you need a roving reporter?

    • Thank you! Perhaps I could tempt you to stray over the border and try some of Perthshire’s delightful tearooms? I understand the problem of accumulating stuff, I’ve had to get rid of bits of inherited china I’d like to have kept, but you can’t keep everything. I think there’s more old china about than even all the tearooms can make use of, but certainly if you were setting up in business it’d be great to have a collection of bits and pieces to use. I don’t know when I’ll do another tearoom guidebook, I would like to do others for different bits of the country but I haven’t covered the costs of producing the first one yet. There’s nothing to stop someone else doing one though, you could do one for Aberdeenshire. 🙂

  8. My daughter (also Lorna) found your site when we were looking for somewhere to buy a surprise cake for my husband, who was running from Skye to Crieff- now referred to as the Highland Hoof. The owners were amazing, opening the shop on their day off, so that we could collect the cake in the brief window of opportunity we had. And the cake was excellent! You definitely have to go back to sample some.
    Our only disappointment was that the cafe was closed, and we couldn’t have lunch there- it all looked welcoming and cozy. Another time!

    • That’s a great story. I have been back since and I agree with you on the cake front. What a tremendous effort, running from Skye to Crieff, that most certainly deserves a cake. Thank you for leaving your comment. 🙂

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