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To celebrate the coming of spring (and ignoring the hail battering at the window as I type this), my tearoom guidebook has gone on sale today at the new knockdown price of £6.30 (including p&p to a UK address; extra postage costs incurred for shipping overseas).


Fluffy springtime brood watched over by mother in Logan Botanic Gardens

I wanted to sell the book on Amazon, and in order to compete with the low prices offered by other sellers (notably, Amazon itself), I had to cut my price.


To be fair to anyone buying it on ebay, I’ve reduced the price there, too.

It’s nearly 11 months since it was published and I’m still surrounded by boxes of these little red books. I remember a year ago how nice it was to see the fruits of my labours, but after a while the novelty of drowning in tearoom guidebooks wears off.

If you fancy purchasing a copy at the sale price, I’d be delighted to sell you it from Teacups Press on Amazon or ebay. You can get to those pages in a jiffy by clicking on Amazon and ebay or their logos above. Copies are also available from a few shops and tearooms in the Perthshire and Angus area. For a list of stockists, please see here.

Thank you to everyone who’s bought a copy already (including many of my fine blogging chums), your custom is much appreciated.


Splendid illustration courtesy of the magnificent Quentin Blake


14 thoughts on “Bargain books

  1. I can’t believe it’s nearly a year since you published it! Unfortunately the novelty of a newly-published book does tend to wear off, especially when you have to lug boxes of them around! But it is still a great achievement, and one to be proud of. I love your pic of the ducklings – is that a recent one?

    • Thank you, Jo, I do still feel pleased that I achieved that ambition, and it’s alarming how quickly time flies! Ducklings are adorable, aren’t they? These little chaps were snapped last year in April in Logan Botanic Gardens.

  2. When we come to Scotland on our next holiday I will purchase a copy then. I don’t want to add to my luggage weight by getting a copy now. 🙂

  3. Your little book was appreciated by my Brother and sister in law and they plan to explore all your recommendations . Just been up to Scotland and found a nice tearoom at Gartocharn near Loch Lomond and a great scone on The Royal Yacht Britannia at Leith . Very posh .

    • That’s great, Morag, I’m glad the book went down well and I hope they enjoy visiting the tearooms. I keep a list of tearoom suggestions made to me and have noted down the Britannia one to try, thank you. Do you remember the name of the one you went to at Loch Lomond?

  4. My gosh, has it almost been a year? So you’ve written a tearoom guide (that I still enjoy flipping through while sipping a hot cuppa), and a novel in the space of less than 2 years. I’d say your dream of being an author has become a reality, my friend! :0) Lucinda

    • It’s not far off a year. You were my very first online customer on the 2nd of June 2012! 🙂 Thank you for your encouragement on the writing front. The UK tax people asked me the other day what my occupation was and I had to admit that I’m ‘sort of a writer’. It’d be nice if someone wanted to publish my novel, I think if that happened I could say with a bit more conviction that I am bona fide writer.

  5. First of all, you are a writer, and a fine one! Your writings here are enough to prove that.

    Secondly, golly, has it really been a year? I wish you well with your sale. It seems unfair that Amazon has undercut you…

    • Thank you very much, Christine, you’re too kind. Not perhaps ideal on the Amazon front, but then that’s how they do business (and make billions in profit, amazingly). I’d rather sell them at a lower price and get shot of them. If I don’t sell them all in a year or two I might have to resort to leaving them on trains, in bus stations and the like.

    • I ordered too many, based on what VisitScotland said they could sell (and they ended up taking none at all!), so I just want to shift a few now if I possibly can. A bit impatient, perhaps, since it’s not yet a year since it was published, but I have a short attention span.

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