Bargain Books – Only 10 Days Left!

A couple of weeks ago I signed up as a seller on Amazon so that I could flog my book there.

Regular readers may recall that I did a post about this, in which I mentioned that I was reducing the price of the book, due to being undercut by other sellers on Amazon.

Since then, I have been umming and aahing about that decision.

It had been in the back of my mind to put a time limit on the sale, rather than reducing the online price permanently, but for some reason I didn’t do it.

I suppose the reason was that I got very confused about Amazon. It took me a while to work out that if other people want to sell my book more cheaply than the recommended retail price they’re welcome to do that, but I don’t have to compete with them (for one thing, they have to get their copies from me, so I can charge them what I like even if they then sell copies on at a loss – which, believe it or not, they do).

The gist of all this is that my reduced price of Β£6.30 (including p&p to UK addresses – overseas destinations have higher postage costs) will be available online for another 10 days only. After 17 June 2013, I’ll probably stop selling it on Amazon and let the other sellers battle it out, and I’ll revert to selling it at the RRP of Β£7 (plus p&p) elsewhere online (i.e. ebay).

Since this has been a particularly dull post, perhaps I could offer a picture of a nice forest near Laggan in the Central Highlands:

The Laggan area was the setting for the fictitious Glenbogle in the BBC TV drama series, “Monarch of the Glen“. I recall some scenes being shot in woodland like this, so perhaps they filmed in this very spot; it certainly looked lovely in the afternoon sunlight yesterday.


27 thoughts on “Bargain Books – Only 10 Days Left!

  1. Hi Lorna, that’s going in the list of fun facts for Scotland which I didn’t know before! I hope the summer has started so well thus far, it’s quite cheerful to look at sunny meadows and pretty ‘glens’ in your photots. The top header image is delightful too, I constantly think of Brigadoon and mythical towns arising in the distance!

    • Ah yes, I remember you commenting on Brigadoon once before. It’s funny to think that it reminds you of that, although perfectly understandable. I don’t want to jinx things here, but the weather has been fantastic for the past few days and I hope it continues through the summer; that would be marvellous and quite unusual. I imagine you’re enjoying the cosy nights and plenty of comfort food. πŸ™‚

  2. I love Monarch of the Glen and have watched some episodes so many times that I can do the dialogue for the characters as I’m watching it. I wish you all the best with your books! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Alison, I used to love Monarch of the Glen too, and was sad when it finished. Then, when I read about all the midge biting the poor cast had to endure I felt it was fair enough. It looks beautiful in the TV series but it would be no joke getting eaten alive.

  3. Amazon are a law unto themselves, and yes, they will price your book however they choose! But you would be surprised to know how few books we have sold via Amazon. I don’t even bother to check their price any more! Having just typed that, I feel slightly hypocritical because I have just received, in the post, a book that I ordered from Amazon! BUT it’s a mainstream book by a big publisher and that’s where I think they make their money.
    I love the pic of the woodlands – that does look familiar, because I was a fan of ‘Monarch of the Glen’. I hope you are out and about somewhere nice today, enjoying the wonderful sunshine!

    • I’m the same, I do appreciate Amazon from a buyer’s point of view, but I think it’s a bit rough on sellers who do only a small amout of business. At least with ebay I get paid immediately when someone buys a book, whereas with Amazon it’s 3 weeks before I get my first payment after setting up as a seller, and thereafter apparently 2 weeks standard payment time. I think they’ve taken the lead from the banks, holding onto other people’s money for as long as possible. I’m not out and about today but I have been enjoying the sunshine in the garden. It’s raining now, but I’m quite glad because the plants could do with it.

    • Well, this is the thing, I’ve only sold two myself on Amazon so far, although I’ve had a few sales via other sellers. I don’t think there’s any point in me continuing to sell that way, I’ll leave it to Amazon and the big book sellers.

  4. If you are in possession of the books you’re selling, you can sell them autographed as “collectible” on Amazon. That might give you a way to keep the price high. We used to do that as Marketplace sellers and when the order came through we contacted the buyer to see how they wanted it inscribed.
    But we were doing print on demand, keeping a few around the house just in case, so it might not work for you.

    • That’s a thought, I didn’t know you could do that. When someone buys direct from me I do ask them if they want it signed but I didn’t realise I could do it through other Amazon sellers. I quite like the idea that only some of them are signed though, and when I get to send a book out myself I can give that personal touch. Thanks for your comment though, that’s interesting to know.

      • I’m sorry, I meant you can be the marketplace seller yourself and list them as collectible. I don’t think you can do it through another seller unless you know the person and get the signed book to them. It’s pretty easy to be a seller, but you do have to commit to getting the order shipped in 48 hours.

        • Ah I see, thank you for the explanation. I don’t mind being a seller on Amazon, except that Amazon take their time about passing on payment, which is no doubt how they make some of their massive profits. I prefer to use ebay, which I find easier to use generally, and they pay me immediately when the customer pays, which I think is a lot fairer.

  5. Lorna, I am so excited that I finally found your book to order here in the U.S….and yes, via Amazon. When I received your original post about being available via Amazon, I went right to the site and found one copy — a used copy, but the only one that was available so I ordered it…It is going to deliver this week and I can’t wait to get it. I’ve so enjoyed reading your blog for over a year now and am excited to see your book. I check Amazon for it occasionally and if I see more, will order them as I’d like to give a couple to friends who travel to Scotland. I think it is wonderful that you have it for sale anywhere πŸ™‚

    • How lovely, thank you, Linda! I’m very pleased for you, although slightly nervous in case it’s a disappointment when you get it after waiting all this time (it is very small!). Your comment has made me realise that when I mentioned Amazon on this post it was, not I’ve just had a look on the .com site and I see it’s saying that the book is out of print, which isn’t the case. I have sold a copy from the site to someone in the States already though. Are you able to access the site, and can you see copies on there at the lower price? That might be a way to get them to you. I assume the currency exchange happens somewhere in the ether, I’ve certainly bought things in US$ online before and had the amount automatically converted somewhere along the line. It’s a mystery to me how it all happens. I hope the book arrives okay and isn’t in a wrecked state! πŸ™‚

  6. I just ordered mine! Although our trip to Scotland has been delayed (we are going to Germany instead this year), we will want your book for when we come in the next couple of years!

  7. Hi Lorna,
    I’ve just ordered a copy via Amazon, and you might be interested to know it told me there was only one copy left, but “more on the way”. It’s a great little book.

    • Thank you very much, Christine! I really don’t understand Amazon, it seems to take quite a while between an order being made by someone and then it reaching me, you would expect it to be more or less instant in this day and age. I haven’t received your order yet but I’ll keep an eye out. As for there only being one left, how strange! I’ve no idea where they got that idea from. Would you like me to sign it to anyone by the way?

      • I certainly don’t understand it either. I wondered whether some of your books were in the huge warehouse by the road down to Edinburgh… And oh, yes, please, I’d love if you’d sign it to Heather. Thanks! x

        • As far as I know there are none in that warehouse; if they get an order for one they contact me and get me to send it on. I still haven’t received notification of your order but as soon as I do I’ll inscribe a copy to Heather. Thanks again! πŸ™‚

          • Hello again – I’ve just received an email saying the book has been dispatched, so it’s very mysterious! No worries about the inscription, because she will love it even without one.

            • Curiouser and curiouser! I’m mystified about that, because I haven’t supplied Amazon with any. Did you buy it from Amazon themselves, rather than one of the booksellers on the site? Maybe they had a copy kicking around from somewhere, although where they might have got it from I don’t know. Anyway, I’m glad it’s on it’s way!

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