Greetings cards

Just out of curiosity, I’ve put four of my photographic greetings cards for sale on ebay (here).


My sister’s having a stall at her local fayre in August and is kindly going to try flogging some of my creations (“Tearoom Delights” books, as well as cards).

When I was sticking a few cards together today (I make them from matt prints, sliced to size and glued to blank white square cards), I thought why not put a little pack of four different ones on ebay and see if anyone buys them?

These are the pictures I sliced up and stuck on:


House with a thatched roof in Glamis, Angus (next to the excellent Strathmore Arms – well worth dropping in to for lunch if you happen to be in the area feeling peckish).


A window into Aberdour Castle, Fife, with pretty plants around it. The castle and gardens are next to a beautiful little church, all of which makes for a grand day out.


A colourful scene in Anstruther, Fife, home of award winning fish and chips and the Scottish Fisheries Museum. This was taken on a truly glorious day with bright blue skies and lots of people out and about enjoying the sunshine (although I chopped the people out of this picture for the card). Fife is full of buildings like this one in the background with charming pantiled roofs.


Elie, another of the Fife coast’s little treasures, and one of the places my dad used to be taken on holiday by train from Edinburgh as a small boy. Elie has a number of old and interesting buildings on quiet streets, and some of the street names have been rather unusually hand painted onto stone buildings.

At the fayre the cards will be selling for £1.50 each, so that would be £6.00 for a pack of four, but I’ve put the above four on ebay in an auction starting at £1.99 to see what sort of price they fetch, if indeed they sell at all.

There are postage prices for the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA, although I’d happily send them anywhere.

The auction ends in 7 days…


Glamis, Aberdour Castle, Anstruther and Elie waiting patiently to see if anyone bids for them.


31 thoughts on “Greetings cards

  1. These are lovely! (I have a feeling I should have known about them before?! Have I missed a post?) I think it’s a lovely idea to use some of your best photos as greetings cards. I am sure you have plenty more which you could use, too! This might sound like a very silly idea… but you have some lovely china and you have a wide variety of teas – and you are excellent at photographing them – so what about a series of cards (or even a book?) with a theme of ‘Tea in…” various picturesque locations? With a short description of the tea and the place on the back?

    • You are far too kind with your praise, but thank you very much, Jo! I think the tea photos notion is a marvellous one, you always have such brilliant ideas. I have got one card featuring the wee raspberry buns I made for an afternoon tea recently, and I could very easily add to that. I would like to do a book full of tea and cakes, I wonder if I could get someone to sponsor such a project. Cards would be a good start though, I’ll have to look through my many pictures to see if there are any I could use.

      • I would love to see a book and/or cards with your lovely photos and descriptions of different teas, with other delectables as well! Or you could include a recipe, too, on the back? And no, I’m not too kind with my praise! 🙂 But I enjoy your blog posts and I would love to see your writing and images reach a wider audience.

  2. These are lovely cards. If I weren’t downsizing prior to moving house, I would buy some. I completely agree with Jo’s idea – I think the cover photo on your book is lovely, and I can see similar compositions selling well. The recipes idea is also excellent. Would you consider opening up an etsy account? Personally, that’s where I shop for handmade things, not so much ebay. Just a thought, of course. All the best with these.

    • Thank you, Christine. You know, I’m such an idiot, I have an etsy account that my sister and I opened ages ago to sell her earrings, only we never got round to it. I think your idea is an excellent one and I’ll stick my cards on that today! Thank you for that suggestion and your comments on the sorts of photos that might sell, much appreciated. 🙂

      • Oh I’m glad that was a felicitous reminder – but don’t be so unkind to yourself! Good luck with the cards.

  3. I’m very cheapskate (and your natural enemy) when it comes to buying cards, Lorna. I don’t think country scenes capture the eye as well as cakes and all that naughty niceness. (but Elie looks very pretty if I’m ever up that way)
    Good luck with the enterprise. 🙂

    • I quite understand your reluctance to shell out for country scenes, Jo. I picked those four out of a load I had because I thought they were the sorts of pictures I’d buy myself, but of course tastes differ. Elie is lovely, worth a visit if you’re ever in the vicinity, and thank you for the encouraging words.

  4. Lorna, I think your photos are lovely and making them into cards is a great idea. Would you consider making them into notecards, with space inside to write a little something? That way they could be used as stand-alone pictures or as a nice card to send to someone. I, like Christine, would probably look on Etsy before I would look on ebay for something. i wish you all the best.

    • Thanks Alison, I suppose they are note cards really, since they’re blank inside. I didn’t explain that they’re folded cards rather than just flat postcard-type affairs. I’m on the Etsy job today, thanks for your input, it’s great to get feedback like this.

  5. I like the idea of a notecard too. You could use them as gift cards as well as note cards. I also like the idea of using your photos of the delicious afternoon teas you have sampled. I would tend to use etsy rather than ebay. Good luck with your enterprise.

    • Thank you, Heather, I wonder if I should market them as note cards rather than greetings cards, that hadn’t occurred to me. I’m such a balloon not to have thought of etsy before, but all the comments on here make it obvious that etsy is the way to go. I’ll need to look out some more foodie pictures, I think. 🙂

  6. Two things. I really like the window one of these. To me, it really stands out from the others, but then I’ve never really been one for puzzles or anything else with ‘just’ cottages on them – except maybe chocolate boxes, but that’s for obvious reasons. Secondly, that said, that house in the last one would be amazing to live in wouldn’t it?! Sun, sea and sky – what more could you want?

    • Ha ha, you’re spot on with your chocolate box comment, especially for the thatched roof picture. Perhaps if I included a couple of chocolates with the cards they’d sell well? It’s interesting the pictures that appeal to different people, my mum also particularly liked that one with the window. That house in Elie is delightful, I agree.

  7. What a great idea Lorna. And the photos are just beautiful. After reading the other comments, was thinking it might be fun for you to put together a packet of your gorgeous cakes and goodies and see which one sells better 🙂
    Also… Lorna… if you don’t mind, try subscribing one more time to … I think we have out technical difficulty corrected. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience…too bad I couldn’t have just re-subscribed everyone myself…but the system won’t let me (for good reason I suppose). Linda

    • Thank you, Linda, and I’m delighted to tell you that the subscription worked this time – yippee! Well done with sorting all that out, I can only imagine what a headache it might have been for you. I really like your idea of a sort of card competition, seeing which type sells best, I’m going to have a think about that today. 🙂

  8. What a wonderful idea! You have so many fabulous pictures and this is a great way to make them available I love cards like this. Good luck!!

  9. Those are some gorgeous photos, and what a great idea! I am continually amazed by the multiplicity of your talents. I wish I could take even one fantastic pix, but unfortunately, I’m the worst photographer in the history of the world.

  10. They are lovely cards! They’ll sell like hotcakes! Have you ever sold on “Etsy”? It’s like Ebay for artists. I’m thinking of selling some artwork on there but haven’t made the plunge yet.

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