Buy 5 get 1 free!

Apologies for yet another post about selling cards, but just briefly…

a) I got very confused with postage prices yesterday, due to the complicated arrangements for posting things with Royal Mail (it’s not just weight that matters, but dimensions) and the fact that my scales were going wonky. Revised postage prices are now available at much more reasonable rates.

b) If you buy any 5 cards you can have another one free, gratis and for nothing (click on the picture below to get this deal):


If only I were a more patient sort of cove I’d have ironed out all these little blips before writing about this business, but alas I am too impetuous for that sort of sensible behaviour.

My heartfelt thanks to Trish, for her patience in helping me with the postage fiasco. I shouldn’t really be left in front of a keyboard on my own.


10 thoughts on “Buy 5 get 1 free!

  1. All this stuff is quite tricky…I applaud your efforts and results…a few glitches and clarifications are part of it. Love your results…think I’m going for the food cards 🙂 I just love food!

    • Thank you, Linda, you have recent first hand experience of the trials and tribulations of technological challenges – and your new look blog was well worth the effort! I kind of had the impression that you were fond of your edibles. 🙂

  2. 🙂 Oh of course you should be, otherwise how would we get to enjoy your stuff! Good luck with your shop! Actually, you’ve now got me quietly mulling over a possible etsy venture of my own. Sometime …

      • I think mostly some original artwork and maybe some craft items right now. Etsy looks great, because they have the whole ‘shop local’ thing, and it’s cheaper than holding a stall every Saturday. Not that I do that, but it’s a thing I’ve thought of doing from time to time. It will give me a push to finish some projects that have been lying around half-done for ages!

        • That sounds great, I’d be most interested to see your shop when it’s all set up. Holding a stall can be a lot of work, especially if you don’t do it often enough to have a good system worked out. I’ve only done it once recently and the experience kind of put me off doing it again. Selling online is so easy and if you’re not a natural seller it’s much more comfortable than trying to get people to buy from you face to face. You have a much wider audience, too, all round the world.

  3. Postage costs are a nightmare! We have the same problems, and the recent changes that involve weight combined with size make them even worse. I hope everything is sorted out now.

    • I’m glad I’m not alone, Jo. It took me ages to work it all out and a page of A4 covered in scribbled numbers. Royal Mail presented me with quite a challenge, I think working out postal prices could be part of a maths A-level. I think everything’s worked out okay now, thank you, although I wouldn’t be surprised if I find I’ve made a mistake somewhere along the line.

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