New blog

I’ve started a new blog today, where I can jot down random thoughts and scribblings.

If you’re interested in having a look, it’s called Aided and Abetted by Tea, and you can get to it by clicking here.

I should warn you that there are no pictures, it’s just words, so I quite understand if it’s not to your liking.

To make up for that, here’s a picture of a nice sheep failing miserably to conceal itself behind a few blades of grass:



19 thoughts on “New blog

  1. I like your new blog and will be following it. I am also guilty of accumulating journals, notebooks and nice pens. I am inclined to buy more, which I don’t need but they are just so lovely. Maybe I should have a contest and give one away. It’s a thought. hmm.

    • Thanks, Alison. Stationery is very appealing, isn’t it? I sometimes think that if I was to run a shop it would either be a sweet shop or a stationer’s. I don’t know which would be safer, I suppose at least the stationery shop wouldn’t cause me pain and expense at the dentist.

  2. This sounds promising, and your sheep appears to be winking from some inside knowledge although maybe my eyes are too blurry (too early I guess!) Heading over there right now!

  3. Hi Lorna! I am stealing a precious opportunity to do some blog-reading. I’m so happy to hear about your new blog – I’ll definitely be reading that once I get my PC set up again (in another 3 – 4 weeks, sigh!) In the meantime, I’ve enjoyed squished croissants, Iceland and the invisible sheep!
    Thanks for your continued kind comments on my blog. x

    • Thank you for your support, Christine. I’m amazed that you’re finding time for reading blogs at the moment, life must be pretty hectic. I sympathise with the PC situation, it’s not until you’re deprived of it that you realise how inconvenient it is to be without it. I hope you get up and running again soon and I trust all the unpacking, etc. is going well. It’s a big job!

    • Thanks very much for that, Annie. I have in fact been in touch with Mike about his move to Scotland and I really enjoyed reading all that positive stuff about my country! 🙂 It’s true that there is pretty much always at least one veggie option in any restaurant here now, and I’m noticing more and more that there are vegan options as well as gluten-free, and there are very often several vegetarian choices, even in a small place. I was in a little tearoom in a small town a few days ago that had the usual meat eater’s fare of things like bacon rolls, sausages, etc. but there were also three veggie main meal options and one of them at least was vegan. I was impressed.

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