Intriguing Sights no.6

During a country walk a few days ago I happened upon a peculiarly shaped ash tree.


Peculiarly shaped ash tree, with two ‘legs’

It reminded me of a giraffe.


As ash tree that looks like a giraffe.


20 thoughts on “Intriguing Sights no.6

  1. That is really weird!! I can only think that it was cut off or bent over at an angle at some early stage, and it refused to give up! Definitely a very long-necked giraffe! A new species for Scotland – it is your right to give it a Latin name, I think!

    • Isn’t it odd? I looked at it for quite a while to try and come up with a reason for it having grown like that but I’m afraid I drew a blank. I would love to give it a Latin name. 🙂

    • I know you won’t agree with me on this point Scott, but I would suggest that the problem was more of the ‘not enough tea’ variety. I was gasping for a cuppa after my walk and the shock of encountering a small giraffe.

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