Just a quick post to mention that I’ve started a new blog as a gallery for my cards:

Lorna’s Cards

I’ve also recently started selling them in local craft shop, the Laird’s House, in Blairgowrie.


Green bicycle, Pittenweem, Fife


22 thoughts on “Gallery

    • Thanks, Jo. Pittenweem is very picturesque and I don’t know if you’ve seen them but there are bikes all over the place decorated in different ways. There was a bike decorating competition over the summer, I don’t know which one won but there are lots of creative people living there.

  1. Hi again Lorna,
    Are the cards also available online, or only in the two shops? I couldn’t tell from your WordPress Gallery page.

    • They were available on Etsy but I stopped that. I would like to find an alternative way to sell them online but at the moment it’s only from the shops or from me directly. I’ll keep you posted if I come up with an online shop though, thanks for asking.

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