53 Years

Yesterday was the delightful assistants’ 53rd wedding anniversary.

Acting as chauffeur, I whisked them off into the county of Angus for a tasty luncheon, an invigorating walk and afternoon treats.

Here they are attempting to gaze lovingly at each other for the camera:


They found this highly amusing.


Delightful assitants in a more natural pose.

Delightful assistant no.1 chose to go to Peel Farm, near Kirriemuir, for lunch:


A welcoming sign at the entrance to Peel Farm.

We arrived nice and early, a little before noon.


The entrance to the coffee shop at Peel Farm, decked out with wreaths and other Christmas decorations.

Due to our fortunate timing the coffee shop was unusually empty, which allowed me to take a photograph of the inside.


Inside the lovely Peel Farm coffee shop, unusually empty of hungry punters.

The delightful assistants wisely chose a table at the fireside end of the room, from where we all ordered a farmhouse special of soup with a roll and butter, followed by a scone and tea or coffee.


Delightful assistants perfectly placed near the fire with bowls of hot soup.

Delightful assistant no.1 and I both chose carrot and parsnip soup, while delightful assistant no.2 had red pepper and tomato.


Carrot and parsnip soup with a crusty roll.

Our soups warmed us up, and when they’d been polished off it was time for scones.

There were three options available: plain, fruit, and raspberry. After considerable deliberation I plumped for raspberry, while delightful assistant no.1 chose fruit and delightful assistant no.2 chose plain.


My choice of a raspberry scone – I was not in any way disappointed.


A fruit-studded scone for delightful assistant no.1.


A beautiful plain scone for delightful assistant no.2.

A delicious jam was delivered with the scones and delightful assistant no.2 felt that his plain scone gave the perfect base for it.

The jam was a new creation by one of Peel Farm’s master jam makers and was a combination of plum and orange. It tasted a bit like marmalade because of the orange, and it had a wonderfully zingy sweet flavour. Delightful assistant no.1 christened it ‘jarmalade’. Here’s a blob of it on my raspberry scone:


Raspberry scone with a blob of jarmalade on it.

I wasn’t too sure how my raspberry scone would fare as a platform for such a sprightly spread, but when I tasted them together I was immediately won over and slathered the rest of my scone with the stuff, enjoying each mouthful with gusto.

When we’d finished our scones and downed our tea and coffee we had a quick look in the Peel Farm craft shop where I spotted the happiest little gingerbread men I think I’ve ever seen.


Cheery wee chaps on a string.


Utterly delighted to meet you.

We got back into the car and drove to nearby Loch of Lintrathen, which has a level road all round it, virtually devoid of traffic and very pleasant for strolling along.

It was grey and chilly but we walked briskly, enjoying the fresh air and the noise of wind in the trees and on the water.


Loch of Lintrathen.

Quite a few branches and twigs lay scattered about after recent high winds; delightful assistant no.2 fashioned one such branch into a walking stick.


Delightful assistant no.2 taking twigs off the fallen branch of a larch tree.


The old chap making use of his newly acquired walking equipment.

On our walk we passed a well constructed bird hide, and I popped in to see what I could spot.


Loch of Lintrathen bird hide – I had it all to myself.

I didn’t see anything particularly unusual, although someone had noted a white tailed sea eagle in the visitor’s book a couple of weeks before.


Gateway to the bird hide at Loch of Lintrathen.

After my bit of birding I caught up with the delightful assistants and we scooted on to the nearby town of Kirriemuir to seek out an afternoon snack.

On past visits to Kirriemuir I’ve been unable to find interesting tearooms, so my hopes weren’t terribly high.

We parked in the free cark park and walked towards the town centre.


Delightful assistants keeping each other upright.

Before we even reached the main street, to my astonishment and delight, we passed this promising looking establishment down a little alleyway:


A side window at The Auld Surgery Tearooms in Kirriemuir.

Just around the corner we found the front door, and swiftly sailed in:


Front entrance to The Auld Surgery Tearooms in Kirriemuir.

The interior had a charmingly rustic farmhouse feel with solid wooden furniture and gifty things dotted about. We perched ourselves at a table for three:


Seated comfortably close to the wooden dresser where there was a selection of tasty looking treats.


A dresser showing off its cakes and biscuits.

Delightful assistant no.2 was the first to make up his mind and went for a mug of hot chocolate and a mint chocolate traybake, which was enticingly decorated with broken bits of fondant-filled mint thins:


Chocolate mints on top of a traybake – a stroke of genius.

Although very fond of mint chocolates, I thought this traybake might be too sweet for my tastes. However, having tasted a piece of the one in the photograph, I would gladly return to Kirriemuir just for a slice of this excellent confection.

As it was, I went for a slice of fruit loaf with butter, downed with a cafetiere of decaf coffee:


Delightful assistant no.1 also had coffee, but in the solids department she made a traditionally festive selection:


Delightful assistant no.1’s choice of a mince pie. Such a good girl, she didn’t make a fuss about the lack of cream.

After enjoying our treats we had a quick squiz at a few of the items for sale, some of which were displayed at the bottom of a gracefully curving banister:


One item in particular took the fancy of delightful assistant no.1.

In her youth she remembers having a little wooden rocking horse that rocked very nicely, and when she saw something similar at The Auld Surgery Tearooms she didn’t want to go home without it:


Small wooden rocking horse with teacup: a happy ending to a lovely day.


36 thoughts on “53 Years

  1. Brilliant post Lorna. Had me giggling merrily. Hope the delightful assistants enjoyed their day. After 53 years perhaps they deserved more than a bowl of soup but I’m sure they were as happy as sandboys to have an enjoyable day out with you. Those scones look seriously good btw!

    • Thank you kindly, David. The delightful assistants appear to have enjoyed their day, despite it being a simple soup luncheon (it was very good soup though). The scones were delicious, as was the jam. All round, an excellent day of tasty morsels.

  2. Dearest Lorna! Please send my love to your folks on the marvellous occasion of this wonderful day! Though I don’t know them, your delightful assistants and their antics are such a tremendous part of your blog, not forgetting the teatimes too!

    How wonderful to know they’ve been enjoying a decent cuppa and nice scones together these 53 years!

    • Thank you very much, Alice, they’ve been following the comments on here and were delighted to read that. 🙂 They must have consumed a great number of scones and cups of tea together in those 53 years, I couldn’t even guess at the number.

  3. What a lovely day! And my warmest congratulations to your delightful assistants! 🙂 Both those tea rooms look wonderful, and I am especially glad that I made some carrot & parsnip soup this morning or else I might be even more jealous! I like the look of the chocolate tray bake but the fruit loaf looks delicious. The Loch of Lintrathen is supposed to be very good for water birds – it had a few interesting ducks on it when we visited, a few years ago.

    • Many thanks, Jo, they’re very happy to receive your warm wishes. It was an excellent day for tearooms, and indeed ducks on the loch. I saw eider ducks, mallards, greylag geese and swans, but I’m quite sure there were other waterbirds I couldn’t identify. Unfortunately they weren’t very close to the hide, but there were plenty of them around the loch making quite a racket!

  4. Oh, congratulations to your delightful assistants! It’s wonderful to see them having such a good time on their anniversary. I imagine they had many delightful stories to tell about the last 53 years (not the least would be your own appearance in the world!)
    Wonderful photos as usual and man am I hungry for almost anything on the post-it all looks GOOD.

    • Thank you very much, Kathleen, that comment about my appearance made me laugh. I daresay there have been times when they wondered what on earth possessed them to have four children, especially that last one tagged on at the end (yours trully). It was an excellent day for tasty food, I must say.

  5. What a delightful day and post. A perfect way to celebrate such a feat.
    How fun that you get to be the observer, photographer, and historian for these milestone events.

  6. Congratulations to your delightful assistants. Here’s to many more anniversaries. I’m sure they enjoyed their day out with you. I can’t think of a nicer way to spend a 53rd wedding anniversary than spending the day out with family.

    • Thank you, Heather, I was tempted to write at the end ‘Here’s to the next 53 years!’, but I realise that might be pushing it a bit… We all enjoyed the day and I was lucky to be able to spend it with them.

    • Thank you Annie, we do have plenty of treats, I can’t deny it. There have been reports on the news here recently about the growing problem of dementia across the globe. Although there’s no cure, apparently good food and exercise can help to stave it off, which I take to mean plenty of countryside ambles and visits to nice tearooms. 🙂

  7. what a fun post! congratulations to your delightful assistants. they look like very nice people to spend the day with.

  8. What a wonderful day. Congratulations to your parents! My father passed away 4 months before my parent’s 60th anniversary. How kind of you to take them out for the day and to find 2 wonderful places for refreshments. I have a similar rocking horse Christmas tree ornament. Now I will think of you and your parents when I see it on the tree..

    • Thank you very much, Darlene. Fifty-nine years of marriage is quite something these days, I expect it will be a rare event for future generations. Interesting how things have changed in modern times. I’m very touched that you’ll think of us when you look at your rocking horse ornament, I feel a warm glow drifting across the Atlantic. 🙂

  9. It’s wonderful to see that, after 53 years, the delightful assistants are still enjoying their lives together and having fun. That picture of them gazing lovingly at each other — and the chuckles afterward — says it all. Happy Anniversary!

    • Thanks Lucinda, I think it’s pretty amazing that they can still laugh and joke together, despite driving each other up the wall now and then. Still, you need a bit of both for a balanced relationship. 🙂

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