The Wee Blether

Not only is the title of this post a Scottish expression meaning ‘the small talkative one’, it’s also the name of a tearoom that sits in a little village along a dead end road on the north bank of Loch Ard near Aberfoyle in Scotland.


A side wall of the Wee Blether tearoom and post office, Kinlochard.

The tearoom is a most interesting place, with plenty both outside and inside to draw the attention.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALots of teapots hang outside the tearoom, a situation that apparently came about by a happy mistake.

Hoping to make a sculpture from broken bits of pottery, the owner asked people for donations of their old teapots, but was given such a plethora of fine pots in good condition that she abandoned the idea of smashing them up, and instead slung them onto hooks around the building.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere’s seating inside and out, and on a warm sunny day you might imagine you were somewhere a little more exotic than bonnie Scotland.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAInside, the tearoom has a friendly, welcoming feel and, naturally enough, more teapots.



After consuming jacket potatoes with very generous salads, my delightful assistant and I tottered out into the sunshine for a short walk to work up our appetites for sweet treats.


Loch Ard, near Aberfoyle.


Carved owls in a garden in the village of Kinlochard.


Burgeoning foliage, Kinlochard.

Back in the Wee Blether, we turned to the ‘Ye Shouldnaes’ [things you shouldn’t indulge in] section of the menu:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy delightful assistant was particularly attracted by a three-layer Victoria sponge filled with raspberries and cream.

It was served freshly stabbed, giving the fork little chance of sliding off the plate onto the floor.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was very taken with this arrangement, and can imagine how satisfying it must be for the waitress to plunge a fork into each slice of cake ordered. If I worked at the Wee Blether I would go out of my way to recommend sponge cakes to customers.


Scones, on the other hand, don’t come with forks but at the Wee Blether they come in a very decent size (£10 note for scale):


My scone was so large that I initially cut it in two intending to take half of it away in the napkin, but, what do you know, when it was time to leave the whole thing had mysteriously vamooshed.


A large scone – now you see it, now you don’t.



46 thoughts on “The Wee Blether

  1. I love this tearoom displaying the wonderful Scottish sense of humour. Just the name makes me giggle and the signs are hilarious! The ‘forked’ cake is such a clever idea too. I would love Amanda to visit this tea room as she is a ‘Wee Blether’. Oh and I think the teapots hanging around the building is more than clever!!

    • Thanks Darlene, I’m delighted that it tickled your fancy. The owners undoubtedly have a strong sense of humour. It would be a great location for Amanda, set as it is in some tantalising scenery where there are no doubt mysterious goings on afoot. I thought the teapots were a very nice touch.

  2. Excellent report Lorna. The sponge does look good but I don’t like to consider the possibility of spiders falling into the scone mix. Loch Ard looks good too- sounds like you all earned your sweet treats!

    • Thanks David, at least the spiders would be cooked although I admit that’s not a huge consolation. Loch Ard was glorious, I’d never been there before but I’d certainly like to go back again. Aberfoyle was lovely too, I had no idea.

  3. Once again, that was a great description of your outing. Loved so many things about it…the hanging teapots, the recession sign, stabbing the sponge, the ginormous scone, and the entertaining menu. Thanks for the smiles!

  4. Oh gosh, such wonderful pics. You really did take me there or as much as one could without magically transporting me. My great great grandfather came from Scotland and unfortunately I know very little about him. I guess his blood runs through my veins because I love all things Scottish. I do want to visit one day.

    Wendy in NH

    • Thank you Wendy, it’s nice to visit other places without having to get out of your chair, I find. Do you have any idea which part of Scotland your great great grandfather came from? I hope you get the chance to visit some day.

      • Hi Lorna. Thanks for asking about my great great grandfather. Unfortunately I do not know what part of Scotland had been his home. Also, the name is rather obscure. McLeighton was the name. The Mc part seems to indicate by way of Ireland, but older family members (now gone) insist he came directly from Scotland. I have done some searches, and I can find the name Leighton….however, no McLeightons. Well, more than you wanted to know I am sure. Very frustrating to say the least. Thanks for asking and thanks for your lovely blog.

        • It certainly sounds like a Scottish or Irish name (the ‘Mc’ as you no doubt know, means ‘son of’, and is common throughout both countries). I haven’t heard the name McLeighton before, but there are quite a few ‘Mc’s that seem to be rather rare creatures. I saw the name of a ‘Mc’ business recently in Scotland that I’d never come across before but I can’t remember what it was now. I would imagine that your great great grandfather would be related to some branch of the Leighton family, but it sounds as if it might be quite a task to track it down.

  5. What an interesting tearoom and location. Love your photos…the sponge cake looked like a “should have” to me 🙂 and I can appreciate your intentions with the large scone…I often find myself doing that. It’s much better fresh…consumed right there I think.

    • Thanks Linda, my mum would certainly agree with you on the cake front. I did think that scone might floor me, but no, it slipped down a treat with a nice cup of coffee. I should know my capacity for scones by now.

  6. Oh, what a delightful place, Lorna! Look at that sponge cake. Perfect! And the scone is just magnificent! This is what all tea rooms should be like. I’m just wondering, if by chance Scotland has to find its own currency after September, whether scones might be the answer. I think it was your photo that gave me the idea. Who wouldn’t accept scones as payment? I think I might write to Mr Salmond!

    • What a magnificent idea, Jo, I definitely think you should write to Mr Salmond and suggest it. It is wonderful that tearooms like this exist and do such a great job of keeping their customers well fed and watered. A nice Victoria Sponge adds such joy to life, and a large tasty scone is my idea of contentment.

  7. What a great place! You had lovely weather that day. The loch is like a mirror. The perfect backdrop for tea, cake and scones.

    • Thanks Annie, the cake was pretty good by all accounts, and it’s very kind of you to say so about the pictures. I’ve been on a bit of a downer about photos lately but that’s a nice boost, thank you.

  8. I love this tea room. I will have to put it on my list as my husband and I do a lot of kayaking and often vista Scotland. The owl carvings are awesome. Your photos are beautiful. Emma xx

    • Thank you, it would be lovely to kayak on Loch Ard and then pull up outside the Wee Blether for a tasty treat. The owls are great, aren’t they? Such a nice idea to have one carved into the bottom of the wood.

  9. As always Lorna, it’s a delight to read of these charming tearooms in way yonder. Love the teapot installation that welcomes you to this fine establishment, along with that lovely tiered sponge! So lovely 🙂

  10. Hi Lorna! I thought you’d stopped posting because I haven’t ‘seen’ you lately 🙂 Love the teapot display. I will get up that way, one of these days!

  11. I love the sense of fun that this tea room has. I think “shouldnaes” is my new favorite word. It must be lovely to look out across the water while you shouldna eaten this and you shouldna eaten that. I certainly couldna resisted that giant scone — especially with the pay double for one and get the second one free offer. Now that’s a bargain!

    • I’m sure this tearoom makes a lot of people smile, especially when they see the size of the scones. 🙂 It is in a lovely setting and nice to feel a little bit wicked picking things from the ‘shouldnaes’ menu.

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