New year, different perspective

I pinched the title of this post from Annie of An Unrefined Vegan, because the post she wrote on this subject rang true with me.

When I started this blog, in January 2012, I was intent on writing about tearooms and little else. For that reason the blog name I chose, Lorna’s Tearoom Delights, seemed fitting. I started the blog in tandem with a book I was writing about tearooms, and my vision for the future was a series of books about tearooms and endless blog articles on the same subject.

Recently, however, I’ve felt rather restricted by this title and that’s probably why I’ve branched out and started new blogs dedicated to different subjects. I currently have eight WordPress blogs on the go, some of which I haven’t made public, but it seems ridiculous and unnecessary to have so many.

Thanks to Annie’s post, I’ve decided it’s high time I stopped feeling restricted by Lorna’s Tearoom Delights. A number of my loyal readers have assured me in the past that they don’t mind what I write about, but I’ve always felt guilty about new people following me and expecting this blog to do what it says on the tin, so to speak.

I don’t want to lose all my followers by closing the door on Lorna’s Tearoom Delights, so I’m hoping a change in perspective won’t put too many people off.

I’ve been writing about chocolate bars on my newest blog, Any old excuse, but from now on I’m going to do my chocolate posts on this blog, along with anything else I feel like writing about.

If you follow this blog for tearooms alone, I apologise for the dearth of them lately. I can’t promise that tearooms will ever be such a feature of this blog as they were in the beginning, but since I do still enjoy visiting such places I’m sure the odd tearoom post will pop up from time to time.

Thank you to everyone who follows this blog, particularly those who’ve been dropping in for years and leaving comments. Getting to know people through blogging has been, and still is, a real pleasure. It’s something I wouldn’t want to give up now.

To finish off this post, here are the delightful assistants on a recent trip to Crieff. After a nice lunch at Crieff Hydro we took a stroll around the grounds. I led them along muddy paths and across a rocky field, made all the more interesting by low angle sunlight dazzling them as they walked. They appear to have enjoyed the element of uncertainty, which got me to thinking that perhaps there’s a gap in the market. If I were an entrepreneurial type I might start up a company running assault courses for geriatrics, but I think I’ll stick to providing the occasional treat for the assistants.


The delightful assistants – shielding themselves from the glare, or not sure they want to see where this blog might be heading?



30 thoughts on “New year, different perspective

  1. I’m not going anywhere – I love blogs that cover all kinds of subjects, it’s the voice of the writer that’s most important and I’m looking forward to whatever you decide to post about! Happy New Perspective Year!

    • Thank you Darlene, your comment made me remember that diversifying is often what’s kept successful farmers afloat in these tricky times. The assistants don’t like to miss an opportunity of a day out, even when it’s really cold as it was that day.

  2. I think that writing about whatever moves you, Lorna, makes for a varied and most interesting blog. After all, you aren’t just interested in tea rooms. You are interested in life😊.

  3. It’s soimportantto staytrue to yourself and Lorna, ilove reading about tearooms,chocolate, books anyday today life. No fear there! Good to see both you & the assistants out, enjoying a day together. I hope there was tasty fare to be found.

    • Thank you Alice, you’ve been with me pretty much all the way and it’s been grand to have your company. Whenever we (me and the delightful assistants) have a day out there’s always food to be found. Tasty fare is a vital part of any day out, as I’m sure you’d agree. 🙂

  4. I only found you towards the last of your tea room delight …loved it …also love your chocolate but can’t see how to make comment . It brings back so many memories . Keep on blogging you do it well .

    • Thank you Cherry. I initially disabled comments on the chocolate blog but then I changed my mind. Only the last two posts on that blog have comments enabled, but once I do the posts on here you’ll be able to comment any time you like. Thank you for joining me, it’s lovely to have you here. 🙂

  5. I always enjoy your posts and think a wider range of subjects more interesting. Here’s to a happier year ahead to you and your parents.

  6. Love your new-look blog, Lorna, and I for one will read whatever you choose to write about because you always make it interesting and entertaining! 🙂 I also love your Dad’s Christmas pudding hat! (or at least, that’s what it looks like!)

  7. I breathed out when I read your post, Lorna. I too have been suffering from needing a change in my blog and it was encouraging to read your thoughts and feelings over starting afresh. I always enjoy your writing and as others have said, it is often the writer who is followed and not necessarily the subject. I will continue to follow you and look forward to the new year blogging with you.

    • Thank you, Alison. In addition to knowing what to write about, sometimes it can be hard to get a blog looking the way you want it. You can spend a lot of time trying out different themes and not finding quite what you’re after. I hope you find new enthusiasm for blogging this year. It’s been helpful for me to read the comments about a bit of variety being a good thing, and I think it’s true that if you write about what interests you, that’s more likely to appeal to readers.than writing about what you feel you ‘should’ be writing about.

  8. Lorna, I will keep reading no matter what you write about. As far as I’m concerned, your blog itself is always a Delight. Perhaps new readers will be reading it in a Tearoom, and therefore it will still be very aptly named, even if you don’t do tearoom posts as much as when you first started out. Your blog itself is a kind of tearoom, in the sense of a meeting place for people, the kind of place you want to stop by because you’re curious as to what you’ll find there.

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