Chocolate biscuit tasting challenge

After writing a recent review about the Polish chocolate biscuit sensation, Prince Polo, I felt inclined to set myself the challenge of tasting several wafer biscuits at once. In my review I mentioned the similarity between Prince Polo and the British Blue Riband biscuit. I also mentioned Kit-Kat, the king of wafer biscuits in the UK.

There are lots of chocolate covered wafer biscuits on the market, many of which contain layers of toffee or other flavours. If I were to attempt to include all of them in a tasting I would quickly feel a) overwhelmed and b) sick.

For this tasting, I decided to stick to basic wafer/chocolate combinations and chose the following five biscuits as my tasting treats:

Prince Polo   *   Blue Riband   *   Blue Riband Dark   *   Kit-Kat   *   Kit-Kat Dark

I hunted high and low for the Blue Riband Dark, which proved an elusive beast. After failing to find any, my original five biscuit list was reduced to four. Here are the biscuits, resplendent in their packaging.


A quick description of each biscuit seems prudent.

Prince Polo4 wafer layers interspersed with chocolate cream, all covered in a thin layer of dark chocolate.


Blue Riband 4 wafer layers interspersed with chocolate cream, all covered in milk chocolate.


Kit-Kat Dark3 wafer layers interspersed with chocolate cream, all covered in a thick layer of dark chocolate.


Kit-Kat3 wafer layers interspersed with chocolate cream, all covered in a thick layer of milk chocolate.


To assist me with this challenge I roped in my trusty associates, the delightful assistants. Delightful assistant no.2 has a great passion for biscuits of all sorts and was enthusiastic about participating. Delightful assistant no.1, while less keen on biscuits is decidedly keen on chocolate and particularly partial to a Kit-Kat. Coffee was prepared and the biscuits laid out on a tasting plate.


We all sampled the biscuits in the same order: Prince Polo, Blue Riband, Kit-Kat Dark and Kit-Kat Original.

As we did this, we sipped at our coffees and made tasting notes.


Delightful assistants assiduously making notes on chocolate covered wafer biscuits.

After munching through the biscuits, we read out our notes and were surprised by each other’s comments. For example, we all mentioned the sweetness of our first biscuit, the Prince Polo, but our opinions differed significantly:

Delightful assistant no.1 – “rather sweet”

Delightful assistant no.2 – “not too sweet”

Me – “not sweet enough”

And so it went on, with disagreements aplenty and definite variations in preference.

We each ranked the biscuits from 1-4, with 1 being our favourite and 4 our least favourite. Here are the final results in order of preference:

Delightful assistant no.1: Kit-KatKit-Kat DarkBlue RibandPrince Polo

Delightful assistant no.2: Blue Riband, Prince Polo, Kit-Kat, Kit-Kat Dark

Lorna: Kit-Kat Dark, Blue Riband, Kit-Kat, Prince Polo

One of the few things we did agree on was that the chocolate coating on Kit-Kats was noticeably thicker than that on Blue Riband or Prince Polo. As delightful assistant no.1 put it, the Kit-Kats were more like a sweet than a biscuit, whereas Blue Riband and Prince Polo were distinctly more biscuity.

I don’t suppose all this is of much use to anyone, but if it achieves anything it at least confirms that one really ought to try every possible biscuit for oneself rather than relying on the reviews of others.



36 thoughts on “Chocolate biscuit tasting challenge

    • I’m relieved to hear you have a Kit-Kat to hand and hope you enjoy it when you crack it open. Eating treats at the weekend, or indeed on any day of the week, seems to me to be a good way to spend one’s time.

    • If you have a reasonably big Tesco nearby you might find Prince Polo there. My local Tesco sells them singly in the Polish food section for 25p each. You’re in good company with your favourite, apparently Kit-Kat milk chocolate occupies no.6 on the UK bestselling confectionery list. It’s the top biscuit, and has been for many years.

  1. A lovely idea for a test, Lorna! Hats off to you and your two delightful assistants. I think I would probably prefer the Kit Kat milk chocolate or Blue Riband (but I have yet to try the Prince Polo – think I might like that too). I really only eat dark chocolate when I have no other chocolate in the house and I’m having a ‘chocolate crisis’!

    • Thank you, Jo. I was expecting to put Blue Riband at the top of my list and was surprised by the Kit-Kat Dark. I think I must have been more in a dark chocolate kind of mood. It’s always a good idea to have chocolate of some sort to hand for those desperate moments.

  2. Well done to the delightful assistants for taking their duties so seriously. And it doesn’t even appear that a crumb survives their attentions. I’ve never been a Blue Riband fan but Kit Kat milk chocolate is always extremely acceptable. Mention should also be made of the white chocolate Kit Kat. Sadly none for me while I’m in training.

    • I was very pleased with the serious attitude the delightful assistants had to this task. They truly are attentive and obedient students. A white chocolate Kit-Kat? That’s something that has thus far escaped my attentions. I did notice the other day that there are far more varieties than I remember from my youth, but I didn’t see a white one.

  3. While traveling from the U.S. this week I had a layover in Japan. I’ve been a Kit Kat fan for years, but I had no idea of the various (and strange) flavors in other countries. At the airport in Tokyo I found matcha (green tea), wasabi edamame, and red bean. After reading your post, I wished I would have bought a few and held my own taste testing. But, alas, it would not have been the same without “delightful assistants.”

    • What an extraordinary selection of Kit-Kats. I wonder if you really can taste the green tea, wasabi, etc. in those varieties. Wasabi edamame seems to me to be a most extraordinary choice of flavour for a chocolate biscuit. I wouldn’t mind trying the green tea one. In fact, I’d be game to try them all, they sound so intriguing. A pity you didn’t get some and carry out a tasting, but perhaps there will be another occasion. I daresay the delightful assistants would be slightly suspicious of such exotic flavours, but they’re very good at giving things a go.

  4. I especially enjoyed this one, as biscuits are one of my favorites! The taste-test I want to conduct is between the English and American Kit Kats. For years, I’ve suspected that the English ones were better, but have never tried them at the same time. Thanks for another yummy review! 🙂

    • I didn’t know there was a difference between US and UK versions, although I’m not too surprised. I wonder what the difference is, I suppose it’s likely to be in the chocolate. A taste test between the two would be well worth investigating.

    • We’re really spoilt for wafer biscuits. I don’t know how many there are altogether, but KitKat alone comes in six flavours in the UK. I could spend all year writing about biscuits. There would be worse ways to spend my time.

  5. I am a bit of a Corrie fan and I can’t help thinking of Rita and Mavis in the corner shop
    having their mid – morning cuppa and kit kat in the 1980s amazing . Your assistants look very studious lol

    • You took me back to my youth there, Rita and Mavis behind the counter with their tea. I didn’t remember them eating KitKats though. It wasn’t the sort of shop you could browse in, was it? No space and two chatty women waiting to pounce on anyone coming through the door. Was it called The Cabin? I’m straining my memory here.

    • I had another dark KitKat after doing this post, just to check that I still liked them. I do. You’re quite right that I am a fan of the Caramel wafer, although I don’t remember ever trying a dark one. I must remedy that, thank you for mentioning it.

  6. Oh, how frustrating! NONE of these are available where I live (central USA). I have to drive a half-hour to find ANY British chocolate like this. But occasionally, I do find Jacob’s with the orange and chocolate. Those, and TIme-outs are my favorites….so far.

    • I’m so sorry about that, I wish I could push some through the blog to you. Is it Jacob’s Club you’re describing, with the orange and chocolate? There are lots of flavours of Club and you’ve given me an idea for another post. Oddly enough I bought some Time-outs the other day with a post in mind, and I’m with you there, they are outstanding.

  7. Even though I sold Mars chocolate products for years…I always have been a kit kat fan…I didn’t know they made a dark chocolate version, will have to seek that out…your assistants look to be quite serious about their roles as tasters. What a fun sampling…

    • There are all manner of flavours of KitKat, depending on where you live in the world. It seems that Japan and the UK are good places to find them. Here you can get the original, dark chocolate, orange, mint, white chocolate and cookies and cream. I’ve only ever tried the first two, there are just so many biscuits to get through in life. The delightful assistants take these things very seriously, they’re first class tasters.

  8. I think this was brilliantly funny. This is the illusion of market research. If had had 80 tasters, you would have ended with a statistical preference for one or the other… and where would the rest of us, who really love, say, a dark Kit Kat, have been when it was withdrawn from the market.

    • Quite right, where indeed? I’ve never got over the fact that Neapolitan chocolates were withdrawn from the market, although I don’t know if that was as a result of market research. I believe that market research was responsible for the withdrawal of certain flavours of Roses chocolates, however. I, for one, would far rather have kept the Dairy Milk chunk than have a truffle replacement.

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