What to do on a cold day in January

At the end of January last year the delightful assistants and I took ourselves off to one of the surprising number of large parks surrounding the city of Glasgow. We opted for one of the smaller ones, Calderglen Country Park, in the town of East Kilbride about 8 miles southeast of Glasgow.


One of Calderglen’s many attractions: a play park with impressive wooden structures.

The ‘glen’ in the name refers to a wooded river valley which extends for over 3 miles. The waterway that cuts through the glen is a tributary of the River Clyde that flows through Glasgow. As it passes through the park it goes by the unfortunate name of Rotten Calder River. Undeterred by the somewhat offputting name, we toddled along the riverside paths taking in the glen’s natural wonders.

We crossed bridges,


Delightful assistant no.2 descending the steps towards South Bridge in Calderglen Country Park.

watched water dribbling down rockfaces,


admired clusters of snowdrops,


and bark patterns on trees,


and marvelled at the glen’s interesting geological structures.


Delightful assistants drawn towards big lumps of rock.

It was such a bitterly cold day that we didn’t want to stop moving for fear of freezing to the spot. I did, however, manage to get the delightful assistants to pose in front of a small weir, a place at which delightful assistant no.1 was particularly pleased to find herself feeling taller than usual.

An illusion, dear readers.


Thankfully, there was a cafe close to where our riverside walk ended and we retreated there out of the cold.


We ordered tea and toasted sandwiches.


One particularly joyous aspect of the toasties was that they were triple decker.


I should imagine that in the warmer weather Calderglen Country Park would be a popular place with families. As well as the riverside walks and play area, the park contains ornamental gardens, a small zoo, glasshouses, a golf course and a gift shop.

If it weren’t for the fact that there are so many other parks to be explored I might well go back to Calderglen for another visit. It was certainly a pleasant surprise and an excellent resource for the community of East Kilbride.



37 thoughts on “What to do on a cold day in January

  1. What a wonderful outing in spite of the cold. It is good to make yourself go out in spite of cold weather. It´s too easy to stay in where it is cosy and warm. Love the picture of your mom looking taller than your dad. I try to stand on a step too from time to time to make myself look taller. XO

    • Thank you, Darlene. I’m a bit pathetic when it comes to cold weather, but I do feel better for making myself go out (even if I whinge constantly about the temperature; I have very patient assistants). Standing on steps is an excellent way of becoming instantly taller, I’m all for it.

  2. I like the look of that triple decker toasted sandwich. Don’t think I’ve ever had the pleasure of one of these. Hope you still had room for a scone after it!

    • I’m happy to report that I did indeed have a scone, a bit later on at the National Museum of Rural Life. We had rather a peculiar experience there, but they did provide a highly acceptable scone.

  3. You have such loyal assistants …what lovely times you have together . Now I had just got scones right out of my head and they NOW back there again…where is the flour , butter, milk oh and don’t forget the cream and strawberry jam …there goes the diet lol

  4. I love getting out on cold days. Make sure you’re dressed warmly, and you surprise can yourself-your post should be a wonderful motivator. Nature provides beauty in every season and when it’s cold, you don’t have to deal with throngs of other people! Treating yourself to hot tea and toasties makes it such a memorable experience. Good for you and your delightful assistants for reminding us all that cold shouldn’t trap us in the house! (But oh, it does make our houses so welcome at the end of the jaunt.)

    • Excellent points, it is nice to go somewhere out of season and see a different side to things, and there’s nothing quite as comforting as coming home to a cosy house after a chilly day out.

  5. I remember that the cold weather never deterred us as children when we lived in Scotland. My mother would just make sure that we were dressed appropriately.

    • Thanks Marian, delighted you enjoyed it. I imagine your temperatures aren’t too bad at the moment, at least not freezing like it is in some of the States. I wouldn’t mind a walk in the Texas countryside at this time of year.

  6. What a lovely walk! We rarely get to Glasgow, for some reason. I love your photos and I think your new theme displays them brilliantly! I like the look of those overhanging rocks – very interesting. The food looks wonderful too, and how nice to see snowdrops out. Lovely pics of your mum & dad!

    • Thank you, Jo, I thought you might like the rocks. 🙂 I find Glasgow and environs a bit overwhelming due to the sheer number of people and cars, but there are attractions aplenty that I’d still like to see. Thanks for your positive comments about the photos and blog theme. I’m pleased with this theme although my dad thinks the photos are too big. I agree about that but the next size down is too small, to my mind, and the custom sizing doesn’t seem to work too well.

      • It’s difficult because many themes don’t display landscape pictures at a big enough size in my opinion, while the portrait format pics are fine. Custom sizing is a fiddle!

        • That’s true. I find that custom sizing doesn’t always work. Sometimes the picture looks fuzzy and pixelated for some reason. Ah well, it’s amazing that WordPress is so simple to use really. I wouldn’t have a clue how to change things if I had to do the coding myself.

    • Thank you Annie, it was my mum who spotted that bark. I can’t remember what sort of a tree it was now, unfortunately. There’s nothing quite like a cold walk to make you appreciate a tearoom.

  7. I love the pictures of the arm in arm delightful assistants. I think that at least one of those begs to be framed. The toasted sandwich and tea looks yummy and I can almost feel the warmth of the cafe. Thanks for a nice outing☺️.

  8. A glorious day. Again I’m struck by how much some of your locations look like New England (or is it the other way ’round?) Dan and I love going on nature walks (even if they require snow shoes at this time of year.) And topping it off with a hot cuppa and a hearty sandwich…what could be better than that?

    • I’ve often thought I’d like to visit New England and I suspect it’s because the photos I’ve seen make it look so homely to me. It’s pretty much perfection, isn’t it, a chilly walk in lovely countryside followed by a nice cup of tea and a substantial snack. 🙂

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