Intriguing sights no.7

There is a field near where I live that is surrounded by a wire fence, as pictured below.


I don’t know if you noticed, but attached to a rope near the top of the fence is what looks to me like a snail hanging by its shell.


I’ve walked past the fence innumerable times, and every time I pass this section of it I’m surprised anew to see the snail. It’s been there for years, the same snail in the same position.


As intrigued as I am to think that a snail could a) hang onto a rope in this manner, and b) remain there for years on end, I’m even more intrigued to find that it isn’t in fact a snail at all.



23 thoughts on “Intriguing sights no.7

  1. I used to walk around our estate, where I used to live, most morning and there was a bus stop, and on the glass surround, was an advert pasted on the glass it looked , in half light , like a grumpy lady with her arms folded . It would have been a very tired snail on that fence, if in fact, it had turned out to be one ,

    • There are a lot of peculiar things around if you look out for them. I’m intrigued by the advert that looked like a grumpy lady at the bus stop. Even though I’ve known for a long time that my snail isn’t a snail I still think it is every time I see it. Slow learner.

  2. Oh my gosh, how funny. My eyes have tricked me many times. When I was first looking at the fence I thought it was some kind of bird or butterfly caught in it. It gave me a good chuckle to see what it really was. It does make me question the old saying “seeing is believing.” Maybe not so much, eh? 🙂

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