Delightful assistants disappear

One sunny spring afternoon delightful assistants no.1 and 2 arrived at Abernethy Forest for a health-giving walk in the fresh air. They set off to explore the area around beautiful Loch Garten.


A strange thing started happening as they walked through the forest.


Slowly but surely they began taking on the appearance of their surroundings, camouflaging themselves like flounders on a sandy seabed,



until, eventually, they became entirely invisible.


As they moved out of the trees they spotted a rock on a little beach. Maintaining invisibility had been exhausting work and they needed to rest and get their strength back. They sat on the rock and gazed out across the loch in the sunshine,


and revived themselves for the next leg of their adventure.


Back in the forest, delightful assistant no.2 went to take a closer look at the bark on one of the trees. Despite his advancing years, he often doesn’t know his own strength and he had barely laid his hand on it when there was a terrific crash. Delightful assistant no.1, who hadn’t been paying much attention to his movements, was horrified to see the cause of the disturbance.


‘Oops!’ A contrite delightful assistant no.2 owns up to his misdemeanour.

Thinking they’d better leg it pretty sharpish, they moved swiftly away from the scene of the crime.


After a while they became tired and needed to stop for a rest. Just at the right moment an attractive looking seat appeared.


After the tree incident they were slightly nervous about sitting on the seat. Would it stand up to their combined strength?


They decided to risk it, and sat down rather gingerly.


Thankfully, all was well. The seat was made of solid stuff and the assistants were able to relax nicely.


Having had a good rest they got up and made their way back to where they’d left the car.

As they walked along a capercaillie popped up out of the woods. Next to the capercaillie was a small perch upon which a visitor might rest awhile. Very gently, being careful not to knock the poor bird over, delightful assistant no.2 sat down.


He spoke softly to the bird, assuring it that he meant it no harm.


The capercaillie seemed to welcome the attention and the two of them became firm friends.


The delightful assistants arrived home that evening having thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Abernethy Forest, but I think I’m going to cut back on the amount of spinach I give them from now on, just to be on the safe side.



42 thoughts on “Delightful assistants disappear

  1. I did that walk with my local walking group last spring, its such a beautiful area and the loch is amazing. Looks like you had a lovely day. Im sure you found some nice tea shops, i remember a particulary good icecream from the local maker.

  2. I enjoyed walking through the woods with your delightful assistants. Assistant #2 does not know his strength!! Love the attractive bench. Cheers to all. 🙂

  3. What an absolutely glorious day. Beautiful views and photographs. Hope the delightful assistants managed to source a strong pot of tea and some delicious scones to round off their exciting day!

    • Thanks David, we were very lucky with the weather. Although the air was cold it was blissful in the sunshine. I can confirm that tea did follow the walk, but sadly no scones. There were cakes, however.

  4. Thanks for the lovely photos which brought back happy memories having spent holidays near there many years ago. Looks like the assistants enjoyed themselves . ☺

  5. Haha, excellent, Lorna! Your dad is obviously not someone to be trifled with. The Forestry Commission would probably be very happy to make his acquaintance! What a lovely walk – it looks like great weather. Strange, but we are hoping to get up to the Abernethy Forest soon – Colin wants to paint a capercaillie, so we’d quite like to go and see one. I’m assuming you didn’t see or hear any (real ones, that is!?) Although the wooden one looks cute, and I love the pic of your Dad cuddling it!

    • Thanks Jo, I expect he could prove very useful to the Forestry Commission, but I’m not sure I want to encourage his destructive tendencies. The weather was lovely, and we did hear capercaillie(s) but didn’t see any. This keeps happening to me, no matter how hard I look for them when I hear them I never manage to spot one. They must be very good at camouflage, perhaps even as good as the delightful assistants. Now that I think about it, maybe I’ve been looking at them without realising it.

  6. Lorna that is very funny! (Though the post title gave me a start!) I had no idea the delightful assistants were so strong, in addition to being delightful. Keep an eye on those two! I hope I can get to this forest someday.

    • Thank you but sorry for alarming you Christine, I should perhaps have added ‘and reappear’ to the title. I sometimes wonder if I ought to get a couple of sets of reins for them because they have a habit of scooting off in opposite directions and I never know what sort of mischief they’re getting up to.

  7. I so enjoyed your fun post, Lorna. Those assistants are too delightful, and look very well on their spinach diet. I love the photo of them being almost invisible. They blend into their surroundings beautifully. 🙂

  8. What a fun post – but you need to keep those Delightful Assistants under firm control, if you don’t want to see entire forests demolished. The bench and the carved bird are both lovely too. How jolly!

  9. What delightful photographs who says you can’t have adventures in your , shall I say politely , advancing years . I don’t know about spinach I think there must be a few shredded wheat thrown in for good measure . I hope you had a cuppa ready for them when they finally get home . That’s the trouble with delightful assistants they are always having so much fun you can never find them 😀😃

    • Thanks Cherry. There’s no stopping these two, they’re both strong willed. I haven’t seen them scoffing the shredded wheat but you could be right. We found a nice tearoom after the walk, I’m glad to say, and that settled them down for the journey home.

  10. That was quite an adventure. I wonder if their immense strength runs in the family. You might want to test your skills on a tree or two to find out before there is an unexpected mishap!

    • Good point Lucinda, I hadn’t thought of that. I might start by nudging a sapling to see how that goes. I don’t want to follow in my father’s footsteps of creating mayhem in mature forests.

  11. Loved every word and photograph of the Delightful Assistants’ adventure – and also the comments and your replys. Not “only” delightful, but a treat! Cheerio from Switzerland

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