Scones I have known – no.1

Blogging has taken a back seat in my life lately, but now and then I feel I’d like to post something, just to keep my hand in. In order to avoid having to spend much time on it, I’ve come up with a cunning plan.

Rootling through my photographs I discover that I have lots of pictures of scones. It is my hope that this will be the first of several posts featuring ‘scones I have known’.

I was inspired to create this new feature after enjoying the exploits of the Dull Men of Great Britain, a splendid institution run by and for men who appreciate the simple things in life. For example, one Dull Man photographs roundabouts, another has his own milk bottle museum and yet another collects traffic cones.

I envisage featuring scones old and new in the coming weeks and months, and I’m sure I have enough photographs to keep me going for a good long time. I admit that I’m prone to starting new things with great enthusiasm only to see them trickle off into oblivion before too long, but you just never know when something enduring will begin.

Scone no.1 is a date and cinnamon delight I consumed on the 24th of April this year at the Macmillan Coffee Shop, Quarrymill, on the outskirts of Perth. I remember it particularly because it was the first scone I had this year at this fine establishment. ‘Quarrymill’, as the delightful assistants and I call it, is only open from April to September, and it is with gladness each spring that we revisit it.

I must admit that I haven’t, by any means, sampled every tearoom in Scotland, but of those I have sampled (and there are a fair few) Quarrymill ranks as one of the very best for scones. I really don’t know how many Quarrymill scones I’ve consumed in the past few years but I do know that every single one has been a triumph.


Scones I have known – no.1: date and cinnamon, Quarrymill, 24 April 2015


23 thoughts on “Scones I have known – no.1

  1. I love your blog Lorna , I don’t care how long it takes for you to send it and what obsession you have at any given time . I wish I lived your way you find the most delicious coffee shops ….what am I saying we have them here in West Wales ….I’ m on the hunt for the scones , small ones, cheesy ones , yummy ones , chocolate ones …just ones I can sink my teeth into any enjoy . Wish I could try a bite of yours . Well it’s up to Perth for me.

    • You’re too kind Cherry, thank you. It’s a delightful thought that there’s a whole country full of scones I’ve yet to delve into. I’ve only been to Wales twice and I don’t think I had a scone on either occasion. How remiss of me.

  2. Great post, and a great idea, Lorna! That looks so good. Looking forward to more scone-shaped offerings. I have never heard of the ‘Dull Men of Great Britain’, but honestly, where else except in the UK would you find such a thing?!

    • Thank you Jo, you’re a great support. I thought exactly the same about the Dull Men of Great Britain, assumed it was a very British thing, but then I discovered that it all began in New York. I have a wonderful calendar produced by the British club that features a different dull man each month. May’s chap is slowly rebuilding a sea wall in Norfolk by hand. He moves 40lbs of rocks a day and has been doing it for the past 14 years. Next month features a chap who takes photographs of postboxes. I can’t wait!

      • Haha, no way! The guy building the sea wall has a vision, I would say – not dull at all! And photographing postboxes – perhaps in 200 or 300 years they will be a thing of the past!

    • He has the postcard book? I’ve heard of it but never seen it myself. It sounds marvellous. I’m delighted if my pictures of scones can provide vicarious pleasure for others.

  3. Your blog really helps me appreciate the “simple” things in life. I do realise a good scone is far from simple…

    • It’s true that a good scone is a work of art, sometimes surprisingly simple in terms of construction, but with a texture and flavour that make you believe it’s been crafted with enormous care.

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