Revels are a chocolate confection made by Mars.

According to the Revels UK website ‘Revels arrived in the UK in 1967 and still remains a unique product that satisfies our desires for variety and risk’.

The variety comes in the form of six different chocolate coated centres: coffee, raisin, orange, chocolate, toffee and Malteser.

The risk arises from the fact that you can’t be sure what’s inside each individual sweet. The back of the pack helpfully demonstrates the perils involved:


When I set out to test my Revels recognition skills I was feeling pretty confident and reckoned the only risk involved was in not knowing a coffee filling from an orange one.

I laid out a handful of Revels, separating the solid chocolate ones from the rest because the shape makes them easy to identify.


Going by the look and feel of them, I thought the top row contained the following:

toffee, raisin, orange, toffee, Malteser, toffee, raisin, Malteser

I started off well, getting the first four correct, but I slipped up on number 5, and then again on the last one. I had thought that both of these were Maltesers, whereas in fact number 5 was coffee and the last was orange.


My reason for suspecting these two of being Maltesers was that they were the two largest in the line-up, which is usually a good way of telling a Malteser from the others. Prior to doing this test I’d have said that I was able to tell Maltesers by their weight, but this is clearly not the case.

A couple of days ago I rummaged through the bag extracting all the Maltesers I could find. If only I had remembered this I wouldn’t have made the schoolgirl error of misidentifying items that I knew were no longer in the bag.


In my youth there was no raisin option in a packet of Revels, but some years ago raisin was brought in to replace the potentially allergenic peanut. I used to like the peanut one and was sorry it was taken away. The other new kid on the block is the coffee flavour, which replaced the original coconut.

When it comes to small chocolate covered sweets I have a definite preference for Maltesers. However, It doesn’t do to get stuck in a rut, and for that reason I think it wise to include Revels in my diet from time to time.


23 thoughts on “Revels

  1. It’s probably a bit weird, but I love the symmetry of the tooth marks in the toffee there 🙂 Not a thing you often see in daily life – tooth marks – let alone chequerboard-square ones. Now that I have got that out of my system 🙂 … your post reminds me of a lovely surprise I got recently. We had bought Easter eggs, and I was eating part of one and experienced some crunchiness that definitely didn’t belong. Cue email to store. Anyway, a couple of weeks later I got a parcel in the post, explaining that what I had thought must be a shard of glass was in fact clear plastic that had broken off of a mould, and they were very sorry, and here, among some replacement eggs were some absolutely gorgeously delicious chocolate-covered raspberries and cherries. Mmmmmmmmmmm.
    The reference to ‘risk’ by the advertisers cracks me up 🙂 I don’t think I have nearly enough risk in my life. I think I need to address this and I think the answer might be to jumble up all the teabags in the house and then buy an opaque cookie jar and do the same with all the biscuits. Live on the edge, unpredictably.

    • What an excellent result with the Easter eggs, and a great relief that the alien ingredient was plastic rather than glass. You’re a brave woman even suggesting jumbling up all the teabags. Biscuits are one thing but to get the wrong teabag…..I shudder to contemplate it. I must be more risk averse than I thought.

      • Well, to be fair I only ever have about three kinds on hand. I wouldn’t dream of throwing in ‘the so-called fruit teas’ (as that guy said in Three Weddings). I am, alas, uncultured as to different teas for different times of day, so I would just maybe get an Earl Grey surprise out of it 🙂

        • Do you take milk in any of them? I was once given an Earl Grey with milk in it, which was most unexpected, not to mention fairly abhorrent to my taste buds (although not quite as horrific as the time I was given peppermint tea with milk, now that really is a travesty; in fact, I’d go so far as to call it scandalous…).

  2. Loved your post…partially because I spend over 25 years working for Mars in the U.S. and only got to eat Maltesers when one of my associates went to the U.K. and brought back a precious few packages…which we promptly gobbled up. Then I would go to a small English feeling town (Carmel, California) which has a candy store with imports from the U.K….so each November, I bought my own Maltesers and enjoyed to my heart’s content. I actually don’t prefer the “mixed up” risky assorted packages…I like what I like –but now and again, when I do stray to try something new, I get surprised and reminded that tradition is good…but innovation is invigorating and keeps us lively…so enjoy and thanks for the story.

    • I thought of you when I was going the post, with it being a Mars product. I’m sorry that Maltesers are so difficult to obtain in your part of the world, they really should be freely available everywhere for the good of mankind. I completely agree with your wise observation: ‘tradition is good…but innovation is invigorating’. Quite right.

  3. We don’t have these in Australia but I will be sure to try them when in the UK later this year. They sound like just my sweet.

    • They should be easy to find, Heather. I’m not sure how many different sizes of pack they come in but most newsagents/supermarkets stock them alongside Maltesers. I hope they meet your expectations.

    • I was under the impression that these also existed in the US, perhaps under a different name? We are lucky with sweets here, but on the down side I have a lot of fillings to show for it.

  4. I have revels moments Lorna …I see them and have to buy them, h keep them in the car for company on a long drive . Actually they don’t stay in my company for very long …HE HE.!!!
    I love the thrill of wondering what this one will be …after a while I am quite good at guessing . I think it’s shape , smell as I put them in my mouth . But hey I didn’t know the nut and the coconut had gone and been replaced . .. must buy some today to find out .
    Thanks for another reminder of bliss,

    • They’re ideal for a long drive, Cherry, offering a little excitement along the journey. The only trouble with chocolate in cars, I find, is that it has a tendency to melt and congeal. Mind you, if you’re efficient enough about consuming it that shouldn’t present a problem.

  5. Haha, love Revels! It’s ages since I had any, though. You’ve done a great detective job there, Lorna! I would never be able to tell them apart.

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