Word association

For most of this year I’ve been managing to write little bits of fiction on a regular basis. However, a couple of weeks ago I hit a mental block in the inspiration department.


I was mulling over this lack of creativity when I had what appeared to be a brainwave. It may in fact be a very poor idea, but I thought I would try it out. My notion is to conduct a sort of word association experiment.

The idea is that I come up with a word that stimulates someone else to come up with another word. Then a third person comes up with a word that was inspired by the second person’s word, and so on in a chain of words. For example, if I say ‘lemon’, a second person might say ‘yellow’ and a third might say ‘buttercup’.

I thought if I started it all off with one word in a blog post, the first person to read the post might be inspired to enter their own associated word in the comments box. The second person would be inspired by the first commenter’s word, the third person would be inspired by the second commenter’s word, and so on.


In a few days, when I’ve got a number of words to work with, I will attempt to write a short story using all the words that have been contributed, ideally perhaps in the order they were left on my blog. When I’ve written the story I’ll publish it as a blog post.

If you’re feeling kindly and would like to assist in unblocking my creativity, please join in with a commented word inspired by the previous commenter (unless you’re the first commenter, in which case see the next sentence).

The word I’ve picked to start it all off was plucked blindly from the dictionary and it is: house


38 thoughts on “Word association

  1. sheep (that might be a strange association, but I am thinking of the adorable chess set that Lorna posted pictures of)

  2. Glass…love the idea . I do it when writing short stories or poems . I get my down to earth , practical . Joiner/ carpenter of a husband and ask for a word straight out of his head . Eyes in the air he gives me really stupid ones , then smiles and says get your teeth in to that one then. I smile back and do ha ha that stops him in his tracks . Once he said matches ….and my poetry group was really impressed at the outcome . So we did the same thing there…all good fun . Can’t wait to hear the story .

    • Thanks Cherry, and that’s great about your poetry. I’m intrigued to know what you wrote about matches. Yours is the 15th word so perhaps I should get cracking with my story now.

    • Thank you very much for dropping by and nice to meet you, Nancy. I settled for this theme after trying many others when I was wanting to change from the one I’d had before. I would prefer it to have a different background and one or two other tweaks but on the whole I quite like it.

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