Scones I have known – no.2

If I were to say to you the words ‘cheese scone’ you might think to yourself ‘Ah yes, I can imagine the sort of thing she means: a scone with cheese in it.’

You’d be quite right, but the scone featured in this post is not just any old scone with cheese in it. The cheese it featured was the locally produced ‘Anster’ variety, which was incorporated alongside other interesting ingredients, such as mustard seeds.

I was fortunate enough to consume this delectable item on the 30th of January 2013 at the Buttercup Cafe in Fife, part of the St Andrew’s Farmhouse Cheese Company.

I remember the occasion well. It was a cold sunny winter’s day and I opted for a bowl of deliciously chunky tomato and vegetable soup, served with a cheese scone. The scone looked tempting and my hopes were high.

When I sank my teeth into its flavoursome fluffiness I was almost overwhelmed by the completeness of the experience. Everything about it exceeded my expectations. I really don’t know when I’ve had a better cheese scone.


Scones I have known – no.2: cheese, Buttercup Cafe, 30 January 2013


25 thoughts on “Scones I have known – no.2

  1. Oh my God Lorna my mouth watering as I speak . I adore cheese scones . In fact I think I prefer them to sweet ones and with with a chunky tomato and vegetable soup mmm that’s on my menue this week.
    Yesterday my husband and myself were invited to a new and lovely friend for lunch . She lives in an adorable cottage in West Wales , near where I live , but she lives near a ford with her own wood and everything . For lunch she served homemade tomato and red pepper soup with homemade bread roll , then a homemade chocolate and blueberry pudding …we thought we’d died and gone to heaven . Do you want to come on my adventure next time lol

  2. I could go one of these bad boys right now. In my humble opinion there is no finer scone than a really good cheese scone. That being said I feel duty bound to try other kinds from time to time purely to ascertain that my hypothesis still stands.

  3. Gosh that sounds good. I would happily eat something like that for my lunch today! The place is laden with fog, and absolutely freezing.

      • But of course 🙂 We are colonials after all 🙂 We also love sponge cakes, pikelets (drop scones are they called there?), and all manner of other edibles. We tend to do scones with jam and cream quite a bit, but whipped rather than clotted cream. Pretty much a staple for church suppers and morning teas when I was small 🙂 Not sure when you were last here, but you should come back sometime. We have quite the cafe culture now 🙂 (meaning, amongst other things, savoury scones and soup in winter) 🙂

        • I thought it was pretty likely on the scone front, but I don’t remember seeing any during my visit. You’re quite right about pikelets, although I always thought it was ‘dropped’ scones rather than ‘drop’. I do remember going into some smashing cafes in NZ, particularly in Auckland and Napier. I have a particular memory of very good coffee and delicious muffins with gooey centres, the like of which I’d never come across before. It was 2004 that I was there and I would love to return one day. I still need to check out the south island, after all.

  4. Wow! That is one delicious looking scone. I am not a fan of savoury scones but I can say that I am sorely tempted by this one.

    • This business of biscuits and biscuit-scones is one that has been puzzling me, but I see from Christine’s comment below that this does seem to be something like an American biscuit. We call cookies biscuits so it’s all quite confusing. And yes, it is salty, rather than sweet.

  5. Now I am very hungry!!! Sounds and looks divine. (And also, just in case this is helpful, I think midnighthues is using ‘biscuit’ in the American sense, i.e. scone-like savoury baked goods served sometimes with gravy…)

    • Thank you for clearing that up Christine, I’ve been mystified about this biscuit/scone thing for a while now. I didn’t know they were served with gravy though, that’s new to me. It makes me think of dough balls, if you know what I mean by that.

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