5 day challenge: the ravell’d sleeve (1)

After reading a post by fellow blogger, Darlene, about a 5 Day photo challenge, I felt inspired to have a shot at it.

The challenge involves posting a photo each day for five consecutive days and attaching a story to the photo. It can be fiction, non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph. Each day you’re supposed to nominate another blogger for the challenge, but rather than do that I’d like to use this post to invite anyone to join in if they fancy having a go.

I had various ideas about how I should select five photos for the challenge and eventually plumped for choosing a theme. We weren’t taught Shakespeare at school (a fact that outrages my dear mama to this day) but my parents attempt to plug the hole in my education by lobbing Shakespearean quotes at me from time to time. Much of it goes over my head but I do like what the bard had to say about sleep and how it ‘knits up the ravell’d sleeve of care’.

Sleeping is, to my mind, one of life’s great pleasures. I like to get into bed early, read for a while and then nod off for a good eight hours or more. I’m also not averse to the odd nap in the afternoon (or, if especially tired, before lunch).

When I was working in a dockyard in Dubai in 2010 it was often extremely hot. My work was mainly outside in a yard or inside a ship under construction which had no air conditioning. As often as possible, I took rest breaks in an air conditioned office on site to recover from the heat.

The dockyard offices weren’t the most salubrious of places but ours did contain a couple of handy benches. Whenever I thought I could get away with it I lay down, put a company t-shirt over my head and dozed off.

On the occasion in this photograph some kind soul threw a few more t-shirts on top of me by way of a blanket.

Knitting up the ravell'd sleeve (1): asleep on a bench in Dubai.

Knitting up the ravell’d sleeve (1): asleep on a bench in Dubai.


25 thoughts on “5 day challenge: the ravell’d sleeve (1)

    • Thank you for inspiring me Darlene. I thought I better start it today because I’m going away on holiday on Friday. That gives me exactly five days from now till Thursday to complete the challenge. I hope I can stick to posting every day, I’ll certainly give it a go.

    • It wasn’t in the least bit comfortable but it was cleaner than the floor and I was less likely to get stepped on there (I did try sleeping under a desk, which was fine as long as no-one was sitting at the desk).

    • The air inside the office was certainly a lot cooler than that outside and you would know what I mean, surviving as you do under the Texan sun. As for Shakespeare, I kid you not. Shocking, isn’t it? I don’t remember much of what we did but it was all modern stuff. There was a phase of that sort of thing when I was at school, but needless to say it wasn’t popular with parents and Shakespeare is back on the curriculum now. I think I was just unlucky. We did one sonnet of Shakespeare’s but that was it.

  1. Thanks to Darlene, I have been introduced to your blog. As a teacher of British literature, I appreciate the allusions to Shakespeare – and to tea. Your photographs are extraordinary!

  2. This couldn’t be further away from slices of cake and scones . Love it Lorna great fun . That photo is a breeze . Shall look forward to tomorrow’s photo .

  3. That photo certainly tells a story! As someone who also needs her sleep, I can totally appreciate your predicament. I do like the analogy of the sleeve being knitted up again! 🙂

    • Heat can be so tiring, and combined with physical work outdoors it can be the giddy limit. You know sometimes you’re just so tired you’ll lie down anywhere? It was like that. It’s a nice analogy, isn’t it? 🙂

    • I was the only girl working there so with those shoes the pink laces were, I thought, necessary. I love to get eight or nine hours of sleep although I don’t always manage it. There’s nothing quite so refreshing as a good night’s rest.

    • I don’t know how much sleep I got, just a few winks I would think. It was more a welcome place to rest the weary bones. I wish I could sleep on aeroplanes but I’ve never been able to sleep upright. Can you do that? It’s a great skill.

  4. Excellent – many sleeves being knitted up in this photo! As for 8 hours, I’m with you there. I rarely get a full 8 hours on a regular basis, and one of my recurrent fantasies is being able to go to bed when I want to, and get up 8 1/2 hours later – for a week, let’s say. My caring duties don’t quite allow that, but someday!

    • I would love to hear that you’d got a week of 8 1/2 hour sleeps, it sounds wonderful. I think a lot of people don’t get as much sleep as they’d like and it can certainly impact on your waking hours. Thankfully, the human body is an amazing thing and somehow we manage in a range of circumstances.

  5. Lorna…well, I must say it would have served me well to start reading your 5 day challenge from #1 versus upside down from #5 to 1 … but it was suspenseful for me as I didn’t know what you meant by “raveled sleeve” until now (and I was an English Literature major in college) oh well.
    So enjoyed all your posts and your descriptions are seriously delightful!!! Thank you. Linda

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