Scones I have known – no.5

Last week, on holiday in the south-west of Scotland, the delightful assistants and I revisited an eatery that has always come up trumps on the scone front: Woodlea Tearoom in Sandhead.

We arrived at the tearoom shortly after it had opened on Thursday morning, hoping to find that the scones were as good as they’d been in previous years.

As we walked past the counter, which was full of tempting cakes and traybakes, I scanned the shelves carefully and saw not a single scone on offer.

Gripped by anxiety, I accosted a waitress in order to enquire about this state of affairs.

‘We’ve got plain, fruit and cheese. They’re freshly baked, I just haven’t had time to put them out yet.’

This was music to my ears. Not only were there scones, but they were so hot off the presses that they were still resting in the kitchen after coming out of the oven.

We all ordered fruit scones and they were delivered to the table warm and delicious looking. Butter and jam came with them but I shunned these condiments for my first bite, desirous of enveloping myself in the raw pleasure of the unadorned treat.

It was a wise move. The scone was soft, fluffy, packed with sultanas and utterly delicious. My grateful thanks to Woodlea Tearoom for rounding off my holiday with such a top-rate scone.

Scones I have known - no.5: fruit, Woodlea Tearoom in Sandhead, 25 June 2015

Scones I have known – no.5: fruit, Woodlea Tearoom in Sandhead, 25 June 2015


17 thoughts on “Scones I have known – no.5

    • Thanks David. Sandhead is about 8 miles south of Stranraer. It’s such a familiar place to me that I forget it’s relatively unknown. It’s only a small village but it has that excellent tearoom, a very good restaurant and a surprisingly well stocked village store.

  1. You lucky old thing you ,just when you thought you and the delightful assistants would have to settle for a kitkat , there were some delicious scones cooling in the kitchen . You should should have a licence for issuing your blog it’s makes us all reach for something yummy .

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