Hot chocolate and black cows

One of the most delicious drinks I had on holiday in Galloway last week was a hot chocolate. It disappeared down my gullet so fast I didn’t manage to photograph it until halfway through.


I had this tasty treat at the Gallie Craig restaurant, which is located at the Mull of Galloway, Scotand’s most southerly point.


Abundant wildflowers beneath a signpost near the Mull of Galloway.

According to the Mull of Galloway website, this spot is one of the UK’s best kept secrets, although you wouldn’t have thought that the afternoon we toddled down there. The place was hotching with tourists.

It was also quite busy with cows.


As can be seen, the cows were black with glossy coats. Observing them closely, my dear mama was heard to utter the following perspicacious remark: ‘They’re awfully dark, these black ones.’

The delightful beasts were roaming freely across the countryside. As we drove away from the Mull, three of them took it into their heads to progress in our direction on the thin strip of tarmac that constitutes the only road into and out of the area.


Three awfully dark cows engaging in a bit of friendly banter along the road at the Mull of Galloway, seen through car windscreen.

After a while they wandered off and allowed us to continue on our journey back to the cottage we were staying in.


View from Willow Cottage, Culmore Bridge, near Sandhead, Galloway.

On a different topic, in the comments section of my last post Cherry mentioned a writing challenge that begins on 1 July. Anyone can sign up for free and all you need is five minutes a day for 28 days.

“You’ll get one prompt to get your writing juices flowing every day for 28 days. The challenge is to write about that topic for 5 minutes…you will get into a healthy habit of writing every day, which is the number one piece of advice in every single book on writing.”

If you fancy joining me and Cherry and the many others taking up the challenge, you can sign up here.


12 thoughts on “Hot chocolate and black cows

    • There’s nothing quite like a good hot chocolate. Cows are wonderful creatures, although I get nervous if there’s no fence between me and them. I’m delighted to hear that you’ve signed up for the challenge. It’ll be all the more enjoyable to do, knowing that blogging chums are doing it at the same time. 🙂

  1. Love those dark black cows! I kind of see what your Mum means – they are a very dense black! That hot chocolate sounds wonderful, too. I’ve never been to that part of Scotland – guess it’s such a long haul – but from the photos it looks like lovely countryside.

    • She claims she meant that they were glossy, but I know what you mean, they do look a very dense black. That bit of Scotland is a bit of a trek, which is perhaps why it’s relatively under-developed in terms of tourism, but the countryside is wonderfully restful.

  2. Well I feel almost a celebrity having a mention on your lovely blog . I haven’t opened day 1 yet …it feels quite exciting . That chocolate is to die for Lorna . There is a cafe ( probably mentioned it to you ) in Aberaeron called The Hive , it’s right on the quay and after their delicious hot chocolate you can almost forget lunch …ok I did say almost .

    • You hadn’t mentioned that cafe but it sounds wonderful. I’ve just done Day 1 and was surprised by what it brought out. I wasn’t expecting to come up with anything much when I saw the prompt. Hope you get on well with it.

  3. What fun and love the audacity of those cows…
    O.K. Lorna… I actually just signed up for the writing challenge…will see if I am really a writer …

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