Scones I have known – no.6

One sunny morning around Easter, delightful assistant no.1 and I tootled up to the village of Braemar in Aberdeenshire in search of mid-morning refreshments.

We stopped outside the lovely tearoom, Taste, and admired some daffodils planted in a tub outside the front door.

Inside there were more daffodils in vases on the tables, and small flufffy Easter chicks dotted about beside a string of fairy lights over the fireplace.

Amongst the treats on offer there were freshly baked plain scones, shaped like stars.

Scones I have known - no.6: plain, Taste in Braemar, 27 March 2012.

Scones I have known – no.6: plain, Taste in Braemar, 27 March 2012.


10 thoughts on “Scones I have known – no.6

  1. I hve never seen star shaped scones before ….did they taste as good as the look ?
    The other day a friend and myself met at the newly renevated castle in Cardigan . They had a coffee shop that we thought we might sample . It was lunch time but I ‘d had a late breakfast and my friend was going off for a picnic , so neither of us wanted much so I asked the waitress if they had cheese scones . The waitress looked at me like I’d just fell from another planet ….so we opted for a dried up, cold toasted tea cake …yuk
    I have not stopped thinking about my cheese scone …. Don’t anyone serve them anymore .

    • They did taste as good as they looked, I’m pleased to say. What a dreadful tale about your Cardigan coffee shop. Cheese scones are a regular option in tearooms here, I think you were profoundly unlucky.

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